Rabot 1745


Rabot 1745 Update - London Borough Market

We are now open on a takeaway basis only, serving Hot Drinks, Cakes and Morning Goods.

Temporary opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8am until 5pm.

Saturday & Sunday, 9am until 5pm.

Thank you for your support and understanding.


Rabot 1745, London


A unique restaurant with a bar, cafe and terrace overlooking the bustling Borough Market, Rabot 1745 has the rough-with-the-smooth charms of a Saint Lucian plantation house transported to the heart of London. Alongside a dazzling array of inventive cocoa cocktails, Rabot 1745 offers a menu of contemporary dishes drawing on the best culinary traditions of the Caribbean, West Indies, and Britain, using freshly roasted cocoa as a subtle savoury spice. Rabot 1745 brings to Londoners the cocoa-centric cuisine of its hugely successful sibling, the Boucan Restaurant, launched on our 250-year-old Rabot Estate cocoa plantation in Saint Lucia in 2011.


4.4 Stars on Open Table