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Soft, smooth, and delicately fragrant, marzipan is a much-loved delight around the world. And when enrobed in melt-in-the-mouth chocolate, it takes on a whole new flavour profile. You might think marzipan is just for Christmas but our range of marzipan chocolates showcases how this treat is perfect any time of year. From pocket-sized Selectors to elegant gift boxes, you’re sure to find the ideal marzipan chocolate for any occasion. ... See More
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With its fondant texture and gentle almond notes, marzipan is a popular ingredient in cakes, confectionery and, of course, chocolate. Its soft consistency makes it ideal for sculpting cake toppers and layering over biscuits. However, it’s equally suited to enrobing in cacao-rich chocolate — and that’s how we like it best.

Of course, exceptional marzipan like this requires first and foremost a good almond content. Our recipes are made with plenty of ground almonds for great depth of flavour and perfect texture with just the right amount of bite. While many recipes call for artificial almond flavourings, we only ever use natural extract for an authentic taste. After all, nature provides us with what we need.

As for the chocolate we use? More cacao, less sugar is our mantra, and our Marzipan Chocolate Selector showcases this beautifully. Each bite of the crisp chocolate shell is brimming with 70% cacao for nuanced flavour notes and a balanced profile that’s never too sweet.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated gift for a marzipan aficionado, The Marzipan Chocolate Box is sure to hit the spot. Featuring an assortment of marzipan delights, this selection highlights how the almond confection pairs well with an array of flavours — from a traditional milk chocolate Marzipan Ingot to the citrus notes of our Orange Marzipan truffle. This gift box also contains our Marzipan & Amaretto variety, where Amaretto brings a warming undertone to this dark chocolate nibble.

Our Marzipan & Amaretto chocolates are also available in a Selector pack, so you can enjoy six gorgeous bites. Why not celebrate a friend’s birthday or another special occasion with these tipsy truffles? Pass around the table to round off a dinner party or wrap them up to show a marzipan connoisseur just how much you care.

Whatever the occasion, you’ll find the ideal gift for marzipan lovers right here at Hotel Chocolat.

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