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Chocolate biscuits that are all about the chocolate. Made with less sugar, more cacao. Bite into a Biscuit of the Gods, ignite the senses and escape into a world of pure chocolate indulgence. Luxury biscuits are the perfect go-to when you're seeking a little treat while kicking back and relaxing for a moment or two. ... See More
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Chocolate biscuits that are all about the chocolate — perfect for those moments when you just can’t decide which to go for. And why choose? Our collection of luxury biscuits gives you the best of both worlds. It brings together the ultimate balance of melt and crunch, blending crisp biscuit with satisfyingly smooth chocolate that caresses the taste buds.

Each biscuit is brimming with nuanced cocoa notes, and just the right amount of sweetness. After all, more cacao, less sugar is at the core of all our Hotel Chocolat products, and that goes for our baked goods as much as our batons, truffles and slabs. Opulent, yet light.

Dunk in your tea or coffee and enjoy the gentle melting of the chocolate or nibble solo for an irresistible crunch. Either way, these biscuits are ideal for when you need a little treat to go with your coffee or want a moment to kick back and escape into a world of pure chocolate indulgence. Whether you go for decadent Chocolat Pillows or a delightful Dunking Biscuit, there’s a variety of flavour options to choose from. Perhaps you want to keep it simple with an irresistibly crunchy chocolate shortbread or fancy something with a touch of pecan pie or cinnamon and almond.

Our sumptuous biscuits also make excellent gifts. Whether you’re looking for a delicious dinner party gift to thank your host or a moving-in present for a loved one’s new abode, a box of luxury biscuits is sure to put a smile on their face. If you’re lucky, they may even decide to put the kettle on there and then, and share the treats out. What’s more, we have elegant biscuit tins that not only contain delectable baked goods but also look the part. Effortless style to suit all tastes.

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