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The red fruit draws out the deeper flavour notes in our dark and milk chocolate. Cherry chocolate favourites include kirsch cherries and the cherry deluxe selector. ... See More
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Vibrant, juicy cherries pair beautifully with chocolate. The red fruit draws out the deeper flavour notes in our dark and milk chocolate offerings, for the perfect balance of sweetness and tart tones. The beautiful colour of this fine drupe adds an extra element of appeal — a treat for the eyes as much as the taste buds.

Our Cherry Chocolate collection explores the nuanced flavours this fruit has to offer, from its rich, subtly-sweet tones in our indulgent Black Forest Gateau Hot Chocolate to the tanginess of our irresistible Sour Cherry Chocolate Selector. Small but mighty, these truffles pack a punch. Tangy cherry is tempered by white chocolate, then surrounded by our rich 70% dark chocolate to give you a multilayered truffle filled with just the right balance of sweet and sour.

Some more of our cherry chocolate favourites include our Kirsch cherries and the Cherry Deluxe Selector. Each one really puts cherry at the front and centre of each bite. Or for simple chocolate and cherry pairing, opt for our stunning Enrobed Cherries — succulent, candied cherries double-coated in milk, then dark chocolate. Is there any fruity-chocolate combo quite as satisfying? They’re perfect for passing around the dinner table after a meal or to nibble on for an afternoon treat.

Perhaps you fancy a tipple? Our Cherry and Raspberry Gin Liqueur lets zingy hints of raspberry and cherry flavour shine through for a delightfully sippable drink. Enjoy it on the rocks or mixed with a refreshing tonic. We never use artificial flavours in our chocolates, and that includes our cherry creations. We adore the bright, tart tones of natural cherry, which is why we only use the real thing in our chocolates, gins, and hot chocolate sachets.

Whether you’re looking for some chocolate to indulge in yourself or the ideal gift for your cherry-loving friend, you’ve come to the right place.

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