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We all have our go-to mug, don’t we? It just feels right. Each of our cups are made from vegan-friendly Noble Bone China, and expertly glazed for a satisfyingly smooth exterior. Perfect to wrap your fingers around on chilly mornings, they’re all perfectly imperfect - just the way we like it. ... See More
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Finding your perfect coffee cup or mug...

The perfect mug just makes your coffee drinking experience that little bit more special, doesn’t it? And when you find the right fit, it just feels right! With this in mind, we’ve curated a collection of carefully designed cups and mugs that just ooze comfort and elegance. Each one has been crafted from vegan-friendly Noble Bone China, and expertly glazed for a satisfyingly smooth exterior. Inspired by the cacao pod (the heart of the Hotel Chocolat collection) each cup has a satisfying ridged texture, making it incredibly tactile. The organic irregularity of the cacao ridges contrasts beautifully with clean overall lines for a pleasing aesthetic. Delicate yet robust, they’re all full of character and perfectly imperfect — just the way we like it. Guests are sure to be impressed by the sophisticated yet quirky designs. Perhaps you could even treat your mug admirer to their own cup come next birthday or special celebration…

Our original Pod Cups are handleless, ideal for wrapping your fingers around on chilly mornings. Go big with these vessels or opt for our duo of Petite Pod Cups when you fancy an espresso or a smaller portion of a long coffee, like a latte. They’re the ideal way to split a Velvetised drink with your favourite person. Alternatively, there are our Hug, Spark, and Chat designs. Each has its own unique aesthetic. However, they also come together and complement one another to create a stylish collection, so why not mix and match? Comfortable, comforting handles make these cups a joy to hold. And, of course, you don’t have to limit your gorgeous mugs to coffee, either. If the caffeinated beverage isn’t your cuppa, you can certainly present your favourite hot chocolate or cup of tea in one of these delightful mugs. Happy sipping! , decorate your tree with yummy chocolates and get ready for the most wonderful time of the year.

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