Order pause:

We have paused taking new orders for today as we are up to our maximum daily threshold. As a food producer and distributor, during the current emergency we are using 3 principles to guide us:

1. Follow the latest Government guidance on safety

In our distribution centre, we have taken careful and extreme measures to keep the team safe, putting safety ahead of profit. This means we can handle approximately half the workload of pre-virus and is why we are rationing online orders every day to make sure the team don’t feel overwhelmed.

2. Keep the Hotel Chocolat family together, whatever it takes

However long this lasts, we intend to keep the team together with no redundancies and pay as usual.

3. Serve our community of customers

Chocolate to eat / drinking chocolate are foods that most U.K. households want to have in their homes. But we are also told by customers that it’s about morale; whether that is the joy of sending or receiving an unexpected delivery of our chocolate with a personal message from someone you love or the happy ritual of passing a box of chocolates around your family in the evening.

Doing our little bit to help maintain social cohesion at a distance and morale is valued and important.

Please re-visit at 8am tomorrow. We appreciate your understanding and continued support.

Please email help@hotelchocolat.com if you have any questions.

The Hotel Chocolat Team