Chocolate Buttons

Chocolate buttons have the innate ability to take us back to our childhood days — so we decided to take this a step further. At Hotel Chocolat, we’re ready to embrace these sweet treats with mouths wide open. Satisfy your inner child with our selection of rich, luxurious chocolate buttons today. ... See More
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Indulge in our Chocolate Buttons

Our Dark Chocolate Puddles With Ginger showcase a bold fusion of rich dark chocolate buttons and the warm, spicy notes of ginger. This daring combination is perfect for those who appreciate a zesty edge to their chocolate experience. Journey into the depths of dark chocolate, and immerse yourself in the invigorating kick of ginger. A testament to the classic pairing of salt and sweet, our Salted Caramel chocolate buttons are a harmonious blend of smooth caramel chocolate with a hint of sea salt, creating a tantalising balance of flavours.

Our Strawberries and Cream Chocolate Puddles are a delightful twist on traditional chocolate buttons. Infused with the essence of strawberries and the creaminess of white chocolate, these buttons are a celebration of summer flavours — perfect for those with an insatiable sweet tooth.

For white chocolate enthusiasts, we have the White Chocolate Tiddly Pot. Don’t be fooled by its seemingly sweet name — the pot is filled with creamy, smooth white chocolate buttons of the highest quality. The perfect luxury treat for a moment of indulgence.

At Hotel Chocolat, we are committed to bringing you the finest chocolate button experience. Delight your senses today and add a touch of sumptuousness to your everyday moments.

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