Awards & Press




Take a look at some of the awards we have received...

We are always thankful to be recognised for the hard work put in to create an exceptional dining experience, and here you can see some of the awards that dedication has caused us to receive...

  • Harden’s - Rabot. “food for the ultimate gourmand” Financial Times “degree of precision in its cooking was of a level rarely found.”
  • Conde Nast Traveller - Rabot. “Cocoa is used inventively in dishes such as scallops with white chocolate and horseradish dressing”
  • Heart Radio - Rabot. “The restaurant is amazing”
  • Emerald Street - Roast+Conch. “incredible….impressive”
  • Yorkshire Living - Roast+Conch. “for me one of the best things about the Roast and Conch was not just how unique it is, but how eager the staff are to run you through the background to the dishes, and to chocolate production in general.”
  • Yorkshire Evening Post - Roast+Conch. “a visit isn’t just a meal, it’s an experience”
  • Top Table - Diners Choice Awards for Best Overall, Best Food and more.
  • London Evening Standard - “The incredible flavours that emerged from Rabot’s food was unlike any I’d tried.”
  • The Telegraph, Rabot - “Bentham and his team have explored not only the savoury potential of chocolate – already known to gourmets through Mexican cuisine and game cookery – but also the gastronomic potential of the cocoa bean and its surroundings.”
  • In Style, Roast + Conch - “Everything tastes (surprisingly) amazing”