Mini Easter Eggs

Our delightful collection of mini Easter and small chocolate eggs — featuring vegan and dark chocolate variants. Perfect for egg hunts or a touch of Easter gifting, these mini chocolate Easter eggs are bite-sized treasures that promise big flavour experiences. With their exquisite taste and endearing presentation, our mini Easter eggs cater to all preferences. ... See More
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Easter Egg Inspiration, Delivered.

Welcome to our selection of mini Easter eggs — where every chocolate egg represents our dedication to crafting exceptional chocolate experiences, no matter how seemingly big or small. Our curated selection of mini chocolate eggs offers a delightful and tasteful variety for the whole family to enjoy, perfect for Easter egg hunts, sharing with loved ones, or indulging in a little treat for yourself.

Amongst these mini-yet-mighty treasures, you'll find our chocolates designed to capture the essence of Easter in bite-sized form. Like our Easter Sleekster, Quail Eggs, and Sunny Side Up truffle and praline favourites, these eggs are not only a feast for the eyes with their detailed designs and vibrant packaging but also for the tastebuds.

Our mini chocolate eggs come in a range of flavours, including the Saint Lucia Dark Nibbly Egg — crafted for those who crave the unadulterated, intense flavour notes of high-quality dark chocolate. For those seeking a lighter, creamier experience, our White Nibbly Eggs are the perfect choice, packed with granola and coupled with six Strawberries and Cream tiddly eggs.

However, Easter mini eggs aren't just there to be packed full of flavour (as much as we may love this part) — it’s also a chance for us to create inclusive Easter treats for all chocolate lovers. Our Unbelievably Vegan Nibbly Egg*, paired with six Gianduja praline tiddly eggs, ensure that everyone can enjoy the joy of Easter, regardless of dietary preferences.

This Easter, choose your own selection of mini Easter eggs to make a celebration that's as delicious as it is delightful. Whether you're drawn to the dark, the creamy, or the vegan*, our mini chocolate egg collection has something special for everyone.

*We believe our dark and Nutmilk chocolate is suitable for vegans, however as it is made in the same environment as our milk chocolate, we cannot guarantee it is free from milk.

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