19 Mar 2018

Easter Gift Ideas

Picture characters taking off, bouncing and leaping off a page. It may sound like a storybook fantasy, but this is how our farmyard friends came to life.

First our terrific trio featured on our Easter eggs for kids, you’ll find them illustrating our 40% milk or vegan-friendly 70% dark. Too good to waste in flat 2D, our chocolate sculptress granted them a new lease of life as real, rounded characters when she wielded her magic wand (or chocolate carving tools) transforming them into three original Easter icons, our bouncing bunny rabbit became Rabbert, our chirpy chick became Elizapeck and springing into action Woolliam our woolly white sheep.

Looking for the perfect Easter gift? Pen Pals rounds up all our chocolate farmyard friends in one.


With so much energy and bounce, Rabbert couldn’t be contained.

Of course a bunny had to be a star player this year in the Easter egg hunt. Move over Peter Rabbit, this bunny has more strings to his bunny bow. Searching for Easter basket ideas for kids? Rabbert’s ready….

Found! Where the Easter hunt began

The story you’d recognise as our well-loved Easter bunny originates from German Lutherans dating back to 1600. Like all things bountiful and spring-like, rabbits are a symbol of new life.

Legend has it that the Easter bunny (originally a hare) would lay, decorate and hide eggs which children would leave bonnets out for to collect. Just like Santa Claus, only good children qualified.

You might prefer your Easter eggs cast in chocolate rather than laid by judgemental rabbit!

Looking for Easter gift ideas for kids?

Beyond lost and found on the Easter hunt, Rabbert hops up on our new Easter egg cup, nestling inside, our 40% milk chocolate egg. All gone? The ceramic cup is ready to house you soft-boiled year round. Dip in.


Woolly and wonderful.

Rabbert may lead the hunt, but Woolliam follows. A bit of a liability holding Easter eggs, as often prone to leaping like a lamb. Result? Eggs no longer in one basket.


A bit skittish and prone to take off.

Liable to peck and flap, but often the key Easter egg finder. Will persist, after all, if anyone is qualified to spot an egg, that will be Elizapeck.

Find our true originals, hopping, popping and perching across our Easter kids’ range.

Ready for the hunt? Pictures please! We’d love to see your Easter snaps on social.

Happy hunting!