Redefining Hot Chocolate with The Velvetiser

19 Sep 2023

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When nights begin to draw in, it’s time to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate. But not just any hot chocolate…

As the end of summer creeps in and we start to welcome the changing of the seasons, it’s time to swap out our chilled evening beverages for a cup of warming hot chocolate. And what could be simpler, or more indulgent, than a cup of our game-changing hot chocolate using The Velvetiser?

Our Velvetiser is turning 5 years old. Why is this innovative device has become such a sensation and why is it the ultimate choice for cacao aficionados? 

hot chocolate next to pumpkin spice

The birth of Hotel Chocolat’s Velvetiser

We created The Velvetiser in 2018 when we realised that there was a demand for the perfect, indulgent hot chocolate. People were looking for ways to recreate cafe quality hot chocolate in the comfort of their own home.

After several trial and errors over a year-long period, The Velvetiser came into existence and has been a household hit ever since. But where exactly did we get the inspiration for The Velvetiser from, and why is it so popular?

The Mayan legacy

The Mayans, with their deep appreciation for the cacao bean, recognised that crafting frothy hot chocolate was an art form. However, their quest for the perfect cacao foam was no easy feat. It required strenuous effort and the skilful use of the ‘molinillo,’ a handcrafted wooden tool. This device was designed to create that luxurious froth.

At Hotel Chocolat, we took inspiration from the Mayan method of making hot chocolate to create The Velvetiser. Particularly to recreate the wonderful froth that we’re accustomed to as part of the quintessential barista experience.

Dualit’s patented velvetising technology

Compared to your usual run-of-the-mill milk frothers, The Velvetiser comes out on top. And whilst we may be biassed, we’ve got the science to back up our Velvetiser.

At the heart of the Velvetiser’s success lies Dualit’s patented “velvetising” technology. Our expert, cutting-edge Velvetiser device froths the milk and melts the chocolate simultaneously. This results in the decadent, chocolate-y froth that makes our velvetised hot chocolates so special. It’s this wizardry that transforms simple ingredients into liquid gold. 

Add your choice of Hotel Chocolat’s real chocolate flakes into the mix, crafted with less sugar and a high cacao content. And finally, add your preferred choice of dairy or plant milk. After that, all you have to do is let the Velvetiser work its magic at the push of a button. The result? A velvety, indulgent hot chocolate that’s second to none, all in under 2.5 minutes. 

What made The Velvetiser so popular?

Hot chocolate is a common favourite amongst chocolate lovers. Whilst there are so many powdered hot chocolate products on the market – many of them fall short of quality, leaving a flat, over-sweetened drink. 

Whilst simplicity and convenience are paramount in today’s fast-paced society, the barista-level hot chocolate of our Velvetiser speaks for itself when it comes to quality taste. We think that the reason why The Velvetiser is so popular is that hot chocolate lovers can appreciate the taste and texture of a barista-grade beverage in the comfort of their home. And with our 12-month warranty, rest assured that you can expect full parts and labour on your Velvetiser.

The Velvetiser understands the everyday need for a little dose of luxury and caters to these needs impeccably; it’s designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life but don’t have the luxury of time to spare.

Decadent melted chocolate bar

The versatility of The Velvetiser

The Velvetiser isn’t just for making a cup of your favourite hot chocolate, it can be used to whip up a crowd-pleasing cocktail, or a barista-grade mug of cappuccino too. Take a look at our range of Velvetiser Recipes if you require a touch more inspiration.

Barista-grade coffee at home

Are you a coffee enthusiast who craves that perfect cup to kickstart your day? The Velvetiser can transform your mornings. Say goodbye to long queues at busy coffee shops and hello to barista-grade coffee in the comfort of your own kitchen (or even your bed – no judgement here!).

Steamed milk is the secret behind barista-grade drinks, but achieving that perfect texture at home can be a challenge. The Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser takes care of this effortlessly. It whips, froths, and heats milk to the ideal temperature and foamy consistency required for lattes, flat whites, and mochas. 

Fancy something a bit sweeter with a caffeine kick? Why not make a mocha using our Caffe Latte Sachets or our Caramel Latte Sachets? Better yet, try all of our coffee chocolate flavours in The Everything Selection. Simply prepare your coffee shot, add your choice of milk (dairy, plant-based, or water), push the button, and let the Velvetiser do the rest. It’s a game-changer for those who crave that perfect cup of coffee.

Cosmic cocktails made easy

Catching up with friends over a delicious cocktail is a joy, and with The Velvetiser, you can take your mixology game to the next level. Many cocktails require a bit of froth in one way or another, and what better way to put your favourite cocktails together than with the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser. You can even get creative and add one of our Velvetised Creams to the mix if you wish.

Whether you’re a mixology newbie or a seasoned pro, this Velvetiser makes crafting cocktails quick, easy, and effective. Plus, it might even save you a few pennies!

From the Velvet Pistachio Cocktail to the Velvetised Chocolate Espresso Martini, the options are limitless. Imagine sipping on a White Chocolate Martini or exploring a universe of milkshakes and mocktails that benefit from a spin in The Velvetiser.

If you’re planning a special occasion, consider creating a theme for your cocktail gathering. How about a White Russian Cocktail for a swinging sixties theme or a Velvetised Eggnog to make the festive season extra merry?

We’ve got a plethora of Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser recipes that you can browse here to level up your entertaining game at your next dinner party. 

How to make the best cafe quality hot chocolate?

If you’re looking to achieve cafe quality hot chocolate, there’s no better way to get the perfect cup of high-cacao delight than with The Velvetiser. And what’s better, it’ll take you no more than 2.5 minutes.



Indulge in the most decadent hot chocolate on the market within minutes by following these quick and easy steps.

Prepare the milk

Pour your desired amount of milk into The Velvetiser. The Velvetiser is designed to accommodate both dairy and plant-based milks. This will allow you to customise your hot chocolate to your preferences. You can adjust the amount of milk to suit your desired serving size.

Add the hot chocolate flakes

Measure out the appropriate amount of Hotel Chocolat’s Milky 50% Hot Chocolate Sachets (named The Best Luxury Hot Chocolate in The Evening Standard). The exact quantity may vary depending on your taste, but a typical serving might be around 35g (approximately 6 heaped teaspoons) of hot chocolate flakes for a standard-sized mug.

Combine the ingredients

Gently pour the measured hot chocolate flakes into Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser with the milk. The precise ratio of flakes to milk can be adjusted to your taste, so feel free to experiment until you find the perfect balance between rich chocolate flavour and creaminess.

Activate the Velvetiser

If you’re usingThe Velvetiser, press the button to start the magic. The Velvetiser’s patented technology will heat and expertly mix the milk and chocolate flakes to create a smooth hot chocolate.

Wait for perfection

Allow The Velvetiser to work its magic… The result will be a creamy, cafe-quality hot chocolate with a rich and indulgent flavour profile.

Pour and sip

Once The Velvetiser has completed its cycle, open the chamber and pour your fresh hot chocolate into your favourite mug. Take a moment to appreciate the aroma and velvety texture before indulging in your cafe-quality creation.

Optional garnishes

If you’d like to take your hot chocolate to the next level, consider adding some optional garnishes like whipped cream, chocolate shavings, or marshmallows. These extras can enhance the presentation and flavour of your hot chocolate.


Find a cosy spot, take a seat, and savour your perfectly crafted cafe-quality hot chocolate. You can enjoy it as a comforting treat or share it with friends and family, the Milk 50% Hot Chocolate Sachets from Hotel Chocolat are sure to delight your taste buds.

You can easily create a hot chocolate experience that rivals what you’d find in a high-end cafe. The balance of high-quality ingredients and the convenience of The Velvetiser make for an indulgent treat that can be enjoyed anytime you desire a moment of pure chocolate bliss.

Espresso martini close up

A kitchen centrepiece statement

Not only is The Velvetiser the perfect tool to create cafe-quality hot chocolate, but it’ll also elevate the look of your kitchen  tenfold. It’s a statement with incredible modern design. Clean lines, a sleek aesthetic, and a sturdy handle make it a kitchen centrepiece that your guests will adore.

If you enjoy a velvety hot chocolate, a punchy coffee, or a sophisticated cocktail, The Velvetiser, with its patented technology, has the power to elevate your delightful drinks to the next level. It’s a kitchen companion that transcends ordinary hot chocolate makers, adding a touch of luxury and creativity to your everyday life.

Explore The Velvetiser range with Hotel Chocolat

We’ve got a whole range of sophisticated Velvetiser products to satisfy your chocolate cravings. From a frothy coffee in the morning, to a hot chocolate in the evening – our Velvetiser is your perfect kitchen companion.

From our three colours, you can choose from our Charcoal Velvetiser, Copper Velvetiser, or our Stellar White Velvetiser. So there’s an option to blend perfectly into any kitchen. Experience indulgence like no other with one of our Hot Chocolate Sachets, our flavours range from decadent Black Forest Gateau to Salted Caramel – we have something for everyone’s taste buds. 
Browse our Velvetiser and Hot Chocolate range today.