What is the best chocolate to give as a gift?

15 Apr 2020

Easter Father's Day Food + Drink Gift Ideas

If you want to buy a gift for family or friends, but aren’t sure what to get them, then chocolate gifts are a great fail-safe – but what is the best chocolate to give as a gift?

In the UK, we just can’t seem to get enough of chocolate: it has been estimated that the average Brit will munch through 1.5 tonnes of chocolate worth over £12,000 in their lifetime. It’s no wonder we have such an insatiable appetite for cocoa: not only is it incredibly diverse as it can be baked or decorated with, but it comes in endless flavours, so that even the fussiest eaters are sure to find a chocolate product they enjoy.

White, milk, or dark; each type of chocolate suits a different palette. This is why it’s sometimes hard to find the best chocolate to give as a gift: the different flavour combinations of chocolate seems to never end, and you’re always left wondering if they would have preferred the other option as they unwrap their present. However, we’re here to help you buy the perfect present for a loved one, so that you don’t have to worry about picking the wrong chocolate gift.

Make it personal

A gift with thought and care behind it is priceless – thinking about what flavours your loved one adores ensures your chocolate gift will be a winner.

Buy a gift which you know they’ll really enjoy: if, for example, they prefer dark chocolate, then why not build your own chocolate hamper which contains all the luxuries that a dark chocolate-lover could ever dream of? Our award winning Honduras 100% Dark Chocolate lets you take their dark chocolate addiction to the next level by letting the nuanced, rich notes of cocoa shine through, with no distractions.

Or, if they have any dietary requirements then putting together a chocolate hamper which is safe for them to eat really shows you’ve gone above and beyond in buying them the best chocolate gift. We’ve created both milk and dark chocolate in a free-from environment, so that you can put together a chocolate gift which will assure your loved one they can indulge, without having to tediously check the ingredient lists on each product.

Create a theme

Who doesn’t love a themed present? Get creative with your chocolate gifts by basing your selections off a certain characteristic of your loved one, or a fond memory that you both share.

Perhaps they’re a well-known dessert lover who would much rather opt for sweet over savoury? By putting together a bundle of patisserie chocolates, presented beautifully in a chocolate box, you’re giving them a chocolate gift which can’t be found in just any old shop, making your gift all the more unique.

If you’ve noticed they’ve been more on the stressed-side recently, there’s no better way to show your appreciation for someone by giving them a gift that allows for a bit of self-indulgence. Our A Little Bit of Me Time Hamper contains all the essentials to let them fully relax with our cocoa-infused beauty products, whilst treating themselves to luxurious chocolate morsels.

Create a chocolate bouquet

Whilst the name is a little unfamiliar, a chocolate bouquet is far from complicated – essentially, it is a bouquet made from chocolate. Rather than opting for the traditional bunch of flowers, a chocolate bouquet lets you have more fun when it comes to buying a chocolate gift.

Arrange your loved one’s favourite chocolate treats in the shape of a bouquet, and finish with a ribbon. A romantic gesture which will last longer than a week (with some self control, of course), a chocolate bouquet is a gift which shows you’ve put time behind crafting the best chocolate gift for them. The easiest way to build your chocolate bouquet is by picking chocolates which come in similar shapes and sizes, so that you can tie them together easily – our batons and slabs are alike in size, but incredibly varied when it comes to flavour.

Although chocolate gifts are a fail-safe option, the best, most memorable chocolate gifts go the extra mile. Whatever the occasion, we’ve put together some of the best chocolate gifts, so that you can treat a loved one, the right way.