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What does luxury mean to you? We’ve developed our Easter eggs so that they are lusciously thick - no delicate breakable shells here. We’ve filled some of them to the brim with our lovingly-designed chocolates - packed with truffles, caramels and pralines, the Ostrich Easter Egg box weighs over a kilo! For Our chocolate sculptress has worked outside of the (egg) box, creating a sleek Tate modern-inspired diamond shell with cooling Tasmanian peppermint oil, fiery ginger or smooth praline. Whichever you choose, have a luxuriously decadent Easter this year with our premium chocolate creations. ... See More
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Elegant, lusciously thick, and brimming with truffles, caramels and pralines. To us, that’s what makes an Easter egg luxurious. Our showstopping Easter creations are a far cry from the flimsy breakable shells you may have experienced in the past. Each luxury Easter egg has been lovingly designed and crafted from the highest quality chocolate. Creamy white chocolate, smooth Supermilk and dark chocolate with deep cocoa notes — whatever you’re in the mood for, we can provide a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds.

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful gift to treat a loved one or fancy a little decadence for yourself, make Easter extra special this year. Satisfy that cacao craving and browse our collection of decadent chocolate creations. We think our premium ethical chocolate is the perfect foundation for eggs that taste as good as they look. Our mantra is more cacao, less sugar, meaning our recipes always put the fabulous cocoa bean at the front and centre of every product. Though many find sugar instantly appealing, we believe it overrides the beautiful, complex flavours found in high cocoa chocolate. Just a little sugar perfectly balances the natural bitterness of the cacao — but add too much and those aromatic nuances and unique tones get lost in the mix.

We apply this principle to the chocolate used to make our Luxury Easter Eggs, resulting in wonderfully rich, fulfilling chocolate shells. Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect Easter treat for your partner or looking for a seasonal treat for a colleague, these eggs certainly make a statement. Stunningly designed, exquisitely crafted, and tried and tested by our qualified Chocolatiers, creations like these remind us of the beauty of springtime. Make this Easter the most luxurious yet with Hotel Chocolat. Snap, share, and nibble your way through one of the best days of the year. Have you browsed our signature Extra Thick Easter Eggs yet? They really change the Easter game...

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