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Our Inventing Room is where the ideas for our chocolates are born. Here, our chocolatiers spend their days melting, tasting and inventing fresh recipes and concepts for pitch-perfect gifts and treats. This Easter, innovation comes in many forms: Hunting for Easter chocolate that tastes just as creamy and delicious as the real deal? Pick up our Unbelievably Vegan* Chocolate Easter Eggs, for Milk or for Dark Chocolate-Lovers. Know someone who wouldn’t even consider a boiled egg, even at Easter? We’ve added a Toast & Marmalade recipe to our Egg Sandwiches selection. ... See More

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Ah, the Inventing Room — the magical space where our chocolatiers come up with exciting new Seasonal recipes. And with Easter just a hop, skip and a jump away, the team have been busy melting, tasting and inventing fresh Springtime treats to keep both kids and grown ups happy over the holidays. Browse our selection of new Easter eggs and chocolate delights.

Mini and moreish or huge and decadent, there’s a little of everything in our Easter collection. Are you searching for a hamper to keep all the family quiet or an indulgent showstopper for your significant other? Whether you’re looking for Vegan* Easter chocolate that tastes just as creamy and delicious as the real deal or the latest addition to our quirky Egg Sandwiches selection, this is the place to look.

From our chocolate eggs to our playful Easter figures, our Chocolatiers spend all year perfecting the designs, moulds, and flavours that go into creating each and every show stopping Easter treat. See our sleek, modern art gallery-inspired eggs and choose between dark mint, salted caramel, brownie milk, ginger dark, and 65% Supermilk. Every year, we always have a range of chocolate characters on offer as an ode to the beloved mascot of Easter — the Easter bunny! Go for a large bunny to snap and share with the family or choose our smaller bunnies to give as a gift. Of course, you’ll also want to keep an eye out for the little eggs we have on offer — like our popular inventive Vanilla Egg Selector inspired by soft-boiled eggs.

Whether you prefer no frills dark chocolate, classic milk chocolate, lighter white chocolate, or need a Free-from option, these treats are sure to put a spring in your step. Discover the range of Easter treats we’ve prepared for you this year and get ready for best egg hunt yet.

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