Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs

It’s one of the most loved chocolate types for many — and it's here to stay. Indulge in the ultimate Easter delight with the help of our Milk Chocolate Easter eggs. Each of our milk chocolate eggs blend rich and creamy flavours with the joy of the season, from our mellow Cup of Eggcellence to our Milk Chocolate Easter Egg that breaks the mould. ... See More
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Easter Egg Inspiration, Delivered.

Step into a world where the everlasting charm of milk chocolate always takes centre stage with our collection of Milk Chocolate Easter eggs. Each of our meticulously crafted milk chocolate eggs are a celebration of smooth, creamy cacao flavours — designed to bring joy and indulgence to your Easter festivities.

Our range of Milk Chocolate Easter eggs cater to all tastes, from the simple pleasures of a pure milk chocolate shell to innovative combinations that promise a sensory adventure. Perfect for young chocolate aficionados all the way up to seasoned cacao experts, our milk chocolate eggs are for anyone who appreciates the timeless appeal of milk chocolate.

The Milk to Caramel Extra-Thick Easter Egg is a testament to the purity and versatility of our high-quality milk chocolate. Its supremely chunky shell, combined with a depth of flavour and packed with truffles, pralines, and caramels, makes it a favourite among traditionalists and experimental chocolate connoisseurs alike.

For something a little different, our Classic Ostrich Easter Egg takes the joy of discovery to new heights. Inside its thick, indulgent shell, you'll find a selection of miniature chocolates, each with its unique flavour profile, from silky caramels to crunchy pralines — adding up to over a kilo of chocolate.

Each milk chocolate egg in our collection is created with a commitment to quality, using only the finest ingredients to ensure that every bite is as satisfying as it is delicious. This Easter, choose from our exquisite range of milk chocolate Easter eggs and experience the joy of a classic Easter treat reimagined with the sophistication and craftsmanship of Hotel Chocolat.

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