How to Plan the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

13 Apr 2017


One of the most egg-cellent things about Easter (besides the inordinate amount of chocolate, of course) is a cracking Easter Egg Hunt!

But sometimes the Easter bunny is busy using his magic to levitate eggs around the UK, so it’s down to you to hatch a plan for the chocolate hunt. If you’re feeling a bit scrambled at the prospect, don’t worry. Beau Bunny has cracked out his top tips for organising an egg-citing Easter Egg Hunt.

The first decision you need to make is what kind of Easter egg hunt you want to run. Will it be hide and seek? Or a cryptic clue treasure hunt? Perhaps a race on horseback? The options are endless. Age and ability are the two key things to think about. For toddlers, a hide and seek type hunt could provide enough of a challenge. Teenagers might prefer some clues to solve.

Tips for a Hide and Seek Easter Egg Hunt

Beau Bunny’s Top Tip: Make sure you count your eggs as you lay them out. Otherwise, you’ll have hard-boiled fans searching egg-stra late into the evening.

A hide and seek hunt needn’t be only for toddlers. Sometimes a bit of exercise is exactly what older children and adults are after. Just make sure to align the hunt’s difficultly levels with the age of the players.

It’s always a good idea to define the boundaries of your Easter Egg Hunt – you don’t want to lose any egg hunters. By bundling a number of Easter eggs together, you also turn the hunt into more of a team activity; players can travel round in groups sharing the prizes out between them. Our Hide & Cheep box is just what you need – 80 individually-wrapped and filled Easter Eggs.

Keep a fair balance of eggs by getting each child to collect only a specific type or colour of egg or to return once they’ve collected a certain number of eggs to collect a special prize.

One fun idea is to have a bonus golden egg – one special treat for the most intrepid egg hunter. To avoid egg envy, it might be best to pick a big egg that can be shared round all the children in the group, such as the Extra Thick Rocky Road Easter Egg which comes with some smaller chocolates to share

Tops for a Cryptic Clue Easter Egg Hunt

Beau Bunny’s Top Tip: If in doubt, make the clues relatively easy. Everyone likes to feel like a genius for solving a clue egg-ceptionally quickly, but getting stuck is no fun.

Who doesn’t enjoy a treasure hunt? They make adults and children alike feel like Indiana Jones. Clues could be riddles, picture clues, word jumbles, or even physical challenges. You’ll need to make the clues age appropriate, but a mix of several types of clues keeps the game interesting.

You’ll need to know the area fairly well to create the clues, so it’s better to use your house than a public space. Get the children to make egg baskets around a craft table to give yourself time to hide the eggs and clues. Otherwise, you might find there are only wrappers left!

Again, you’ll want to make sure there’s a fair split off eggs to go around, so plant at least one egg per person in each hiding spot.

For a big finish, try hiding a piece of a puzzle along with every clue. Building the puzzle at the end reveals the final location where all the biggest and most egg-citing Easter Eggs are hidden.