Dark Chocolate Easter Eggs

Delve into the darker side of chocolate with our dark chocolate Easter eggs. We use high levels of cocoa to capture the bitter, savoury tones of the classic cocoa bean, making our eggs all the more opulent. Vegan friendly, our eggs can be enjoyed by all. Although our eggshells don’t contain any milk, this doesn’t mean that we’ve compromised on texture: our dark chocolate eggs have an impressive snap, with a velvety finish that melts exquisitely on the tongue. The darker the chocolate, the brighter the cacao bean shines, which is why we’ve created 100% Dark Chocolate Hard-Boiled Easter Egg. We won’t judge if you decide to sin a little this April by indulging in your dark chocolate desires. ... See More
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Dark Chocolate Easter Egg Inspiration, Delivered.

Are you a fan of deep chocolate notes? Delve into the dark side this Easter with our array of dark chocolate eggs. High levels of cacao bring nuanced, slightly savoury tones for ultimate opulence and really let the cacao bean shine through. But don’t worry, even the darkest of our chocolate is never too bitter — we pride ourselves on perfect balance.Our elegant and sophisticated dark chocolate eggs are the perfect way to satisfy those cocoa cravings this Easter.

If you fancy something especially bold, why not explore our 100% dark chocolate options? Even though our dark chocolate Easter eggs are vegan-friendly, they have an irresistibly creamy texture all the same. The shells have a crisp snap and yet each bite melts exquisitely in the mouth.

One of our favourite dark chocolate Easter eggs is our Seriously Dark Fix. Filled with truffles, pralines, caramels and more, there’s much more to this egg than its undeniably delicious 70% dark chocolate shell. We weren’t going to ruin the surprise about what’s inside… But we can’t resist! Expect goodies like our Gin Truffle, Almond Marzipan, Chilli Praline, Simple Dark Truffle, and 80% Dark Praline. This is a well-rounded array of dark delights hidden in an edible shell.

As our mantra is more cacao, less sugar, we firmly believe that dark chocolate effortlessly captures the deep, rich accents of the cocoa bean. It’s chocolate for those who have more than a sweet tooth — a genuine appreciation for the subtle flavours and aromas found in different cocoas from around the world. You’ll be pleased to know that at Hotel Chocolat, we’re committed to fairtrade and ethical standards. Supporting the communities that help us produce our cocoa is hugely important to us, which is why we have our own Engaged Ethics programme to give back to workers and residents.

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