White Chocolate Easter Eggs

Our white chocolate is an honoured member of the chocolate family at Hotel Chocolat, because we make it with 36% cocoa butter, giving it a delectably smooth melt. We’ve looked, but we haven’t found another white chocolate with as much cocoa butter and as little sugar as ours. We’ve crafted our premium white into some adorable shapes this Easter; our City Easter bunnies are ready to leave the burrow, and Woolliam the Sheep is just waiting for you to take him home. We’ve also got our Extra Thick Easter Egg jam-packed with a variety of creamy and zesty white chocolates, or go for the Splat Easter Egg if you just want unadulterated white chocolate decadence. ... See More
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We’re proud to say that our white chocolate is brimming with at least 36% cocoa butter, making it irresistibly creamy. And with its delicate sweetness and melt-in-the-mouth texture, it’s the perfect chocolate for Easter eggs. This Spring, we’ve come up with some innovative ways to craft our premium white chocolate. Each creation looks wonderful and embraces the nuanced flavours that this type of chocolate has to offer. Why not peruse our White Chocolate Easter Eggs and enjoy their subtle sweetness?

In our Easter collection, you’ll find adorable animals in the shape of Wooliam the Sheep and our classic Easter Bunnies. Little ones are sure to love the cute designs, mini sizes, and mellow flavours. And for grownups, there’s our Extra Thick Easter Egg jam-packed with a variety of creamy and zesty white chocolates. Pure indulgence! Browse our white chocolate Easter egg selection for treats and nibbles to savour and share.

Even though white chocolate is typically lower in cocoa than milk and dark chocolate, we’ve decided to do things a little differently with ours. White chocolate may not contain cocoa solids, but we ensure ours is packed with cocoa butter. In fact, we use a minimum of 36%, giving our white chocolate an astonishing melt and indulgently smooth texture. Of course, you’ll be pleased to know that the cocoa we use in our white chocolate is just as high quality and ethically sourced as the cocoa we use in our milk and dark chocolate slabs, selectors, and selection boxes, too.

Whether you’re tempted to discover what premium white chocolate tastes like, have a friend who can’t get enough of it, or want a white chocolate Easter egg to create a trio alongside our milk and dark chocolate options, you’ll find all the delights you’ll need in this section. Have a browse and embrace the light, creamy world of white chocolate.

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