Too special to hide: Our Easter egg chocolate collection

27 Feb 2024


Easter has finally arrived, and it’s time for our Easter egg collection to take centre stage as a gift to a loved one, as a treat for yourself, or even as a grand dessert centrepiece for your Easter feast. No matter how you choose to enjoy your Easter chocolate, we at Hotel Chocolat can promise you an experience to remember — and flavours that will be on your mind for a long time after.

The seasoned chocolate aficionados among you will know that our Easter egg collection grows each year. As we research and develop new textures, tastes, and aromas, every Easter is an opportunity to showcase what we do best. Chocolate that is full of character, effortlessly lavish, and comforting to the heart and the taste buds.

Let’s take a closer look at what we have to offer you this Easter, starting with our different types and sizes of Easter eggs — suited for all appetites, big or small.

White bunny beside Easter eggs

Hotel Chocolat’s Easter egg types and sizes

From the quaintest of mini eggs to the most grand of our Ostrich eggs, our Easter chocolate range covers all bases and preferences — but we’ll start with the small but mighty, working our way up to the most show-stopping of Easter chocolates.

Which one will you choose? Take a look at the individual personalities of this year’s Easter range, and find out which one you’ll be taking home.

1. Mini Easter eggs

They may be small, but they still pack a flavoursome punch. Perfect for feeding little mouths or savouring one by one, our mini chocolate eggs carry a variety of flavours to keep your Easter celebration rousing with every nibble.

The Easter Sleekster

The bite-sized Easter chocolate box that keeps on giving — filled with 30 chocolate tiddly eggs, caramels, pralines, and tipples. Choose from mellow Vanilla, sharp Simple Dark, tangy Raspberry Supermilk, and many more. Perfect for sharing (or not).

The Easter H-box

The Easter soiree is dressing up our signature H-box and getting it ready. Will you be reaching for the spiced Tipsy Simnel Cake first or the sinful Illegal Gianduja?

2. Speckled Easter eggs

Our speckled chocolate eggs are here to keep your chicks as chirpy as ever. Inspired by a real bird’s egg, you’ll find a crisp chocolate shell covering a smooth, velvety hazelnut praline. Packaged in a mini bag, they are perfect for nibbling on the go.

3. Chocolate quail eggs

Open up the lid of our sustainable egg box to reveal A Dozen Quail Eggs, filled with caramel, praline, and more. Crack the chocolate shell to reveal the buttery caramel and creamy macadamia of our Salted Caramel, or reap the benefits of our Ghanaian 85% Simple Dark.

4. Nibbly eggs

Fancy the best of both worlds? We cast our Nibbly Eggs in caramel-milk chocolate and load them with a crispy caramel e’clat for a satisfying crunch. The best part? Our Nibbly Eggs come with six of our tiddly chocolate eggs, catering for any and every type of chocolate craving. 

We have a variety of Nibbly Eggs available for you, including:

5. Kids’ Easter eggs

The time has come for the Easter Bunny to make his entrance. We have a variety of witty chocolate characters, crafted from the imagination of our Chocolate Sculptress — the ultimate Easter experience for the little ones.

Speckled chocolate eggs in a nest

Elizapeck Hollow with Tiddly Pot

This caramel-milk chocolate chick is perched on top of mellow milk chocolate drops, keeping them safe until they’re ready to be nibbled on.

Vegan* Chocolate Rabbert Hollow with Tiddy Pot

We don’t believe that dietary preferences should limit your Easter chocolate experience. However, there’s no need to fear — Rabbert Hollow is here to provide your little ones with our Unbelievably Vegan* Easter chocolate, made with 45% Nutmilk.

*We believe our dark and Nutmilk chocolate is suitable for vegans, however as it is made in the same environment as our milk chocolate, we cannot guarantee it is free from milk.

Chocolate Pen Pals

Elizapeck, Wooliam and Rabbert have joined forces to take your Easter celebrations by storm. These cute chocolate characters, each cast from premium, high-cacao chocolate, are the perfect addition to any Easter Egg hunt.

Sunny Side Up Eggs

A cheery Easter egg collection of truffles and pralines — half the egg, with double the flavour. These chocolate eggs are just the right size to nibble on alongside a mug of hot chocolate, packing a whole lot of chocolate happiness for your mini clan.

Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs in a row

6. Chocolate bunnies

It’s about time we expanded our chocolate bunny burrow. You may already know of our dapper City Easter Bunnies, but now they have an even bigger following. Introducing our Bunny Selectors, available in a range of tantalising flavours — from zingy oranges and lemons melded with white chocolate, to nutty pistachio.

If you’re looking for a chocolate showpiece, look no further than our Milk Chocolate Big City Easter Bunny — wide-eyed and bushy-tailed as ever. Made with our 40% milk chocolate, it promises a taste of bold cacao, tempered with a hint of creamines.

7. Easter egg sandwich

Your lunchtime favourite — transformed into a chocolate Easter delicacy. For those who appreciate a touch of welcome humour over the holidays, we’ve reinvented the traditional egg butty into something more exciting.

We even used real slices of 3D-scanned bread to achieve the authentic sandwich shape and texture. Packaged in a traditional sandwich box, you only need to take a little nibble to realise it’s a cacao-fueled treat dressed in a witty disguise.

Experience the chocolate egg sandwich flavours we have on offer, from the classics to the experimental:

  • Caramayo: white sunny side up half-eggs sandwiched between caramel-milk chocolate bread slices.
  • Chocolate Spread: 40% milk praline half-eggs, sandwiched between 50% milk chocolate slices.
  • Toast and Marmalade: orange and caramel chocolate half-eggs, nestled between feuilletine-filled 40% milk chocolate.
  • Lamb and Mint: a fluffy, white chocolate lamb, cocooned between minty and nibbly 50% milk chocolate.

8. Extra-Thick Easter eggs

If you’re looking for decadence, we’re happy to tell you that you can find it between the extra-thick chocolate shells of our aptly-named Extra-Thick Easter Eggs. These lusciously chunky eggs are filled with goodies from our chocolate selector range, with each egg having its own genre.

Milk to Caramel

From cookies and puffed rice to pralines and caramels, our Milk to Caramel filled easter egg is a one-of-a-kind flavour experience for gooey caramel lovers.


Made from half brownie-inspired chocolate, dusted with pecan pieces, and half cheesecake-inspired caramel-milk — this filled Easter egg is packed with French patisserie-inspired treats.


Do you like a bite of every flavour all in one go? We do, too. To satisfy your cacao-fueled needs, we craft our Everything Easter egg with a fusion of half milk-dark chocolate and half milk infused with hazelnut praline.

Serious Dark Fix

Our most indulgent of extra thick Easter eggs. Made from half 70& dark and half 85% dark, you’re sure to receive your dark chocolate fix. It’s piled high with truffles and pralines, placing cacao at the centre of the stage.

Exuberantly Fruity

Our chunkiest and fruitiest Easter egg. Sink your teeth into the Lemon Meringue Pie, and experience the flavour explosion of our Watermelon Bombe — as well as many other fruity chocolates.

Exquisitely Nutty

Divinely chunky, this filled Easter egg is packed with our nuttiest of chocolates. Try the Gianduja praline egglet, or indulge in the wildflower notes of spring honey and deep hazelnut. The choice is yours for the making.

Tipsy Truffles

Tucked inside each chocolate half of this tipsy truffle Easter egg, you’ll find a generous medley of our most-loved chocolate truffles, made with real alcohol — of course. Bite into the crumbly Rum Truffle, or feel uplifted by the tang of our Mojito-inspired bite.

Unbelievably Vegan*

Made from our Unbelievably Vegan* 45% Nutmilk, this lavishly thick vegan chocolate egg is packed full of vegan truffles, pralines, and caramels. Discover a range of textures, from the Crunchy Peanut Butter & Nutmilk Buche to the polished Salted Caramel & Nutmilk selector.

Chocolate ostrich Easter egg

Finally, the showstopper of our Easter egg collection — the giant chocolate ostrich egg. We even measured a real ostrich egg to get the authentic dimensions for this chocolate marvel, making sure that every inch of our ostrich Eggs is crafted from high-cacao chocolate and made with top-quality ingredients. Every mouthful is an experience for the senses. 

And did we mention that there’s over a kilo of chocolate to enjoy here? We can barely believe it either. Within the thick shell, you will find a range of chocolates suited to your preferred taste.

Choose from the following chocolate Ostrich Easter Eggs to get your Easter celebration started in full swing:

Make this Easter one to remember with Hotel Chocolat

Fruity or nutty, chunky or not, we hope that you’re able to find something spectacular within our Easter chocolate collection.
Browse our Easter chocolate collection today. Celebrate this holiday with chocolate that’s too good for hiding, but definitely worth sharing.