Use our Love Match quiz to find your Easter chocolate match

8 Mar 2024


Find the best Easter chocolate — tailored to your taste using our Lovematch quiz. Answer a few simple questions, and we will pair you with a flavour profile to guide your Easter egg shopping.

The mischievous Easter bunny is planning his seasonal expedition, and a wide variety of Easter eggs are beginning to hit the market. But, chocolate’s chocolate — right? Well, we’re glad to tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong.

At Hotel Chocolat, we believe that chocolate is an experience. To assist our fellow guests in selecting their favourite chocolate, we’ve put together a handy, interactive tool. The Love Match Quiz. Let’s take a closer look at what you can find out, and most importantly, how you’ll be able to find the best Easter chocolate for your preferences in a few simple questions.

Easter chocolate egg collection.

Introducing: the Love Match Quiz

The Love Match Quiz is an invitation, from us to you, to find your Chocolate Love Match. Over the past twenty years, we’ve been obsessively and passionately learning about flavour, aromas, and the unique preferences of each palate. From this, we’ve learnt of the most distinct chocolate flavour profiles that our guests know and love. You could resonate with any of the following: PatisserieExuberantly FruitySerious Dark FixExquisitely NuttyTipsy, or Milk to Caramel.

Now it’s time to apply your results to our Easter chocolate collection.

A closer look at the Lovematch questions

Ready to learn how we assign you with your personal flavour profile? Let’s take a closer look at the questions you’ll need to answer and how they help us determine your chocolate match.

1. Chocolate taste preference (deep and bold vs. mellow and creamy)

This question is pivotal for us to distinguish between those who prefer the intense, unadulterated essence of cacao. To those who enjoy the smooth, rich creaminess that often comes with higher milk content.

This differentiation helps us cater to the broad spectrum of chocolate enthusiasts. Ensuring the personalised experience that every chocolate lover deserves this Easter.

Your Easter match is…

For lovers of deep, bold chocolate, we’d recommend our Seriously Dark Fix Extra-Thick Easter Egg. It’s masterfully crafted for dark chocolate aficionados, filled with eight of our most flavourful dark chocolate nibbles — including our Dark Salted Almond & Raisin Buche Log, and the Coffee Milk Ganache Egglet.

If you’d rather venture to the mellow and creamy side, our Milk to Caramel Extra-Thick Easter Egg could be just the ticket. It’s a supremely chunky Easter egg, oozing with caramel filling. It’s a one-of-a-kind flavour experience, filled to the brim with our most mellow flavours, including the Caramel City Bunny and our soothing Vanilla Egglet.

2. Flavour preference (chocolate-centric vs. filled and flavoured)

The next question serves to separate the classic chocolate purists from the adventurers seeking a chocolate flavour burst. Those who prefer chocolate to take centre stage are likely to enjoy our range of dark or milk chocolate Easter eggs.

However, individuals who favour chocolates with various fillings and flavours may find their match in our ‘exuberantly fruity,’ ‘exquisitely nutty,’ or ‘tipsy’ Easter range. These options offer a playful and diverse taste experience that goes beyond the chocolate’s base.

Your Easter match is…

Chocolate purists will benefit from our Dark Chocolate Easter Egg range, as well as our 40% Milk Chocolate Easter Egg. No matter if you prefer the simplicity of our Simple Dark Chocolate Eggs or the cracking concept of our milk chocolate egg with a naturally-coloured yolk, high-quality chocolate will always be at the forefront of these choices.

For the adventurous ones, we have a variety of Easter eggs suited to daring tastes. We make our Exuberantly Fruity Extra-Thick Easter Egg from a fusion of strawberry-white and milk chocolate, cramming it with our most vibrant and authentically fruity selectors. Think zingy Watermelon Bombes and tart Lemon Meringue Pie.

If you like a kick with your Easter egg, the Tipsy Truffles Extra-Thick Easter Egg will fulfil all of your desires with ten truffles made from premium cacao gins, whisky, rum, and our Velvetised Creams.

Feeling nutty about Easter? Look no further than the Exquisitely Nutty Extra-Thick Easter Egg. Made with 50% milk, spun with pecan praline — and filled with some of our nut chocolate favourites like Pistachi-oh! and Salted Macadamia.

3. Alcohol preference in chocolate

We know that alcohol isn’t everyone’s first choice, so we use this question to gauge your preference for alcohol-infused chocolates. A niche but popular category.

Your Easter match is…

If alcohol is a no-go in your books, relish in the flavour experience of our Patisserie Extra-Thick Easter Egg instead. We make this chocolate egg from half brownie-inspired chocolate and half cheesecake-inspired caramel milk, filling it with our renowned patisserie-inspired treats.

Alternatively, if you do like an Easter egg with flavour that packs a punch, the Tipsy Truffles Extra-Thick Easter Egg will fulfil all of your desires with ten truffles made from premium cacao gins, whisky, rum, and our Velvetised Creams.

While these are brief overviews of a few of the questions you may come across when completing our Love Match quiz. We hope you can see how they help us gain insight into your flavour match.

Ready for a few more recommendations from our Easter chocolate selection? Let’s see what other offerings we have in line with the six flavour profiles.

Easter chocolate egg collection orange.

Easter chocolates tailored to the six flavour profiles

You’ve found your ideal flavour profile, but now it’s time to find the best Easter chocolate for your tastebuds.

For dessert lovers

Do you like to check the dessert menu before anything else, too? Don’t worry — we get it. For all things baked and beautiful, our Patisserie Easter chocolates are a celebration of everything sweet.

Crack open our Vanilla Panna Cotta Chocolate Eggs, sink your teeth into our Cookie Dough and Ice Cream Sandwich, or go all-out on Easter nibbles with the help of the Patisserie Sleekster.

For fruity chocolate lovers

Unapologetically bold and authentically zingy — our Exuberantly Fruity collection is designed to cause a riot of flavour on the taste buds.

Go outside the box with our Toast & Marmalade Easter Sandwich — a blend of orange and caramel chocolate, sandwiched between feuilletine-filled 40% milk chocolate.

For something a bit more mellow, our Oranges & Lemons Bunny Selectors may appear small, but they’re also mighty in taste with their perfectly balanced kick of natural citrus flavour.

For dark chocolate aficionados

Never too sweet, and consistently powerful, our dark chocolate Easter collection will take you on a journey through its satisfyingly authentic layers,

The Dark Chocolate Cup of Eggcellence is made from our smooth 70% dark chocolate. Did we mention that it’s also vegan-friendly*? This Easter gift set even comes with our Spark Mug — inspired by the organic shape of a growing cacao pod, and perfect for pairing with your favourite hot chocolate.

For those nutty about chocolate

There’s so much to love about a nutty flavour profile. Whole or crushed, nutty chocolate offers huge tastes, unique aromas, and a satisfyingly crunchy texture.

Filled with our super-smooth hazelnut praline, why not try our melt-in-the-mouth Illegal Gianduja Chocolate Eggs? They’re packed with a dramatic 58% ground hazelnut filling, so they’re sure to satisfy your nutty cravings.

For something more mellow, our Easter Edition Nice Slice is made from sumptuously smooth hazelnut and almost praline. An extremely elegant Easter treat if we do say so ourselves.

For those that like a glug of the real thing

When the eve of your Easter celebration comes around, why not pop out the alcoholic Easter chocolates instead of the digestifs?

It’s the perfect opportunity to try our new Mezcal Chocolate Selector. Dubbed tequila’s bolder brother, this up-and-coming spirit offers smoky notes, further complemented by satisfyingly dark milk chocolate.

For those who enjoy alcoholic chocolate with a dash of warming flavour, our Tipsy Simnel Cake Chocolate Eggs are here to deliver. Five of our tiddly eggs, filled with amaretto, brandy, orange, and cinnamon — all sealed within crackable 40% milk chocolate shells.

For caramel chocolate lovers

A classic flavour combination, but anything except forgettable. Our caramel chocolates hold their own against our more exuberant offerings. Brimming with deep, burnt sugar flavours and our classic chocolate creaminess, it’s a taste experience that’s sure to linger on the taste buds.

Try our Salted Caramel Cream Chocolate Eggs, where opulent caramel cream and a kick of sea salt meet in harmony. Or, why not indulge in our Milk to Caramel Nibbly Egg, where you can experience our nibbly salted caramel-milk egg with six Salted Caramel tiddly eggs for your enjoyment?

Closeup: chocolate mini eggs

Choose your perfect flavour this Easter with Hotel Chocolat

Silky or bold, fruity or mellow, bite-sized or downright grand — we have an Easter chocolate offering designed with your flavour preference in mind.

Browse our Easter chocolate collection today. Your perfect flavour match awaits.

*We believe our dark and Nutmilk chocolate is suitable for vegans, however as it is made in the same environment as our milk chocolate, we cannot guarantee it is free from milk.