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If you’re looking for an epic Easter gift this year, then look no further! Our Extra-Thick Easter Eggs have everything you need for a fabulously decadent bank holiday weekend. If you’re sharing with a family or you’re part of a chocolate-loving couple, then you’ll want more than just a delicious chunky egg made out of high quality chocolate. That’s why we’ve packed these eggs with even more goodies from our chocolate selector range; from zesty strawberry cheesecake in white chocolate to a salted caramel in dark chocolate, you’ll find something to satiate your cravings. These Extra-Thick Easter Eggs are the ultimate display of chocolate opulence. ... See More
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Easter is a wonderful time to indulge in your favourite chocolate treats. And if you’re looking to make somebody’s Easter even more special, then you’ve come to the right place. Our Extra-Thick Easter Eggs are the ultimate display of chocolate opulence. Open them up, and you’ll find a luxurious surprise...

When we developed our first Extra-Thick Eggs nearly two decades ago, we were told to make them as thin as possible. Happily, we did the opposite and continued to create unbelievably thick yet snappable shells brimming with chocolates. Packed with goodies from our Selector range, and presented in a beautiful keepsake tin, these Extra-Thick Eggs make the perfect gift for families and couples — though we wouldn’t judge you if you wanted to tackle it by yourself. Which decadent delight will you go for? The Patisserie Collection? Rocky Road to Caramel? The choice is yours.

Why extra thick? Well, while we firmly believe that the quality of cocoa is always more important than quantity, when it comes to Easter… More chocolate is certainly merrier! Of course, the chocolate we use to make our cracking eggs is still the same high quality, high cocoa, ethical chocolate you’ll find in our other treats. So it’s a win-win in our books. We’ve always been of the opinion that our premium chocolate is the most indulgent on the market, so creating an even more extravagant version of the classic Easter egg was an irresistible step further for us.

While our Rocky Road to Caramel Egg features a wonderful knobbly texture (making it rather true to its name) our fabulously glamorous Champagne Easter Egg is a unique hybrid of two perfectly balanced halves: one 40% milk chocolate and the other strawberry-white and milk chocolate. It’s a matrimony of flavour that could have been made in heaven. Explore your Extra-Thick Easter Egg options today and crack into your own nest of chocolatey paradise.

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