Hand care gift set ideas; the perfect kit for pampered palms

11 Aug 2022


Hard-working hands need nourishment. Give the gift of soft, supple hands

If you have a loved one who works with their hands, they’re bound to experience bouts of dry skin from time to time. Whether they’re a healthcare worker, gardener, or cook, a whole suite of professions can cause serious wear and tear.

Why not surprise them with the perfect kit for pampered palms? Here are our Rabot 1745 hand care gift set ideas for nourished skin and cuticles.

Person in a beige t-shirt applying hand cream

Cacao and Wild Honey Hand Cream

Our Cacao and Wild Honey Hand Cream contains the ideal blend of ingredients for a well-rounded moisturiser.

Cacao butter brings a sublime aroma and delivers a powerful punch of vitamins and oleic acid. With the addition of hydrating shea butter, this cream is a force to be reckoned with. Intense, rich, and utterly nourishing, this is the perfect hand cream for dry, overworked skin.

And how could we forget the sweet wild honey? Just a hint of this cream’s natural honey aroma will transport you to the blissful isle of Saint Lucia. Fun fact: this honey is harvested from our very own Rabot Estate cacao farm. We adore its heavenly smell and healing antibacterial properties.

The two iconic scents in this hand cream come from real, natural ingredients, so they aren’t too overpowering to layer with our fragrances.

Your loved one can keep this bottle on their desk or carry it with them in their bag. Whenever they feel their hands need some TLC, they’ll be able to nurture their palms with a quick pump.

With effortless absorption and a soothing feel, they’ll soon be saying goodbye to chapped fingertips, wrists, and nail beds.

Spoon drizzling golden honey

Complete your hand care gift set with…

Why not curate a bundle of gifts to present with our Cacao and Wild Honey Hand Cream?

If it’s winter, add some cosy gloves, a warm scarf, and our Honey Chocolat Lip Balm to keep chapped lips at bay. Some gorgeously smooth hot chocolate might be appreciated, too. Our drinking chocolates (made with real chocolate flakes) are just what you need on a dark, chilly night.

In summer, complete your gift set with some high-quality nail polish, a new Rabot 1745 summer scent, and some of our summer gifts.

Cacao and Coconut Hand Cream

Switching wild honey for tropical coconut, our Cacao and Coconut Hand Cream takes inspiration from the coconut palms growing around the vibrant island of Saint Lucia. Just one pump will transport your loved one across oceans to a land of sun, sea, and divine natural scents.

Of course, we had to include our precious cacao bean in this hand cream too. It’s at the centre of everything we do! With deeply moisturising and nourishing properties, it never lets us down. It provides the perfect foundation for so many of our luxurious skincare products.

This cacao and coconut hand cream is a true botanical hero. Emollient coconut sinks deep into dry skin and locks moisture in all day long.

This is a great option if your loved one adores fragrant, exotic smells. Whether they keep their pump bottle at work, at home, or in their bag on the go, they’ll never be without a handy dose of natural nourishment.

Plus, this hand cream is suitable for vegans. So if they can’t use our Cacao and Wild Honey Hand Cream, this is a fabulous alternative.

Rabot 1745 Cacao and Coconut Hand Cream from Hotel Chocolat

Complete your hand care gift set with…

Our Cacao and Coconut Hand Cream would work wonderfully in a gift bundle. Why not pair with our Coconut Lip Balm? Alternatively, our Wonder Balm is a skincare saviour you can use anywhere on your body or face.

Our Coconut White Drinking Chocolate Sachets and Chocolate Coconut Truffles will also go down a treat!

Travel hand creams: on-the-go nourishment

Is your loved one always jetting off on their next holiday or business trip?

Would your giftee appreciate a smaller-sized hand cream for their travels? Take a peek at our mini hand creams. You can nab both our Cacao and Wild Honey Hand Cream and Cacao and Coconut Hand Cream in smaller sizes.

If they’re due to travel soon, why not create a little bag of goodies to wish them a great trip? Add some of our petite Rabot 1745 items. Our Avocado and Rosehip Face Oil is a perfect pore nourisher after a long flight. Perhaps you could also add some small Hotel Chocolat treats to keep them going on their next car journey.

They’ll adore a parcel of on-the-go skin care remedies and scrumptious nibbles away from home.

The Rabot Collection gift bundle

Sometimes, you don’t have time to create your own gift bundle. If you’re looking for a pre-made hand care gift set, consider gifting our Rabot Collection.

It contains our sublime body butter – did you know you can also use this as hand moisturiser? The bundle also includes our blissful Saint Lucia face mist, some 45% Nutmilk Batons, our Gianduja Bombes, and a Fruit & Nut Slab.

It’s the perfect collection of some of our best skin care products and chocolates. In our opinion, it’s a flawless gift.

Rabot 1745 skincare

Why not explore the rest of our Rabot 1745 skincare range? Here you’ll find plenty more natural skin care products for gifting or treating yourself.

We only use the best natural ingredients in our beauty products. This means they’re as vitamin-rich, botanical-packed, and sensitive skin-friendly as possible. There’s something for every step of your skincare routine and more.

Nourish your pores, feel empowered with our gorgeous fragrances, and set the scene for your next pamper session.

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