Celebrate your springtime birthday in style with chocolate for every party

30 Apr 2024

Celebrations Gift Ideas

If you have a special birthday coming up — either your own or a loved one’s. Make it an experience to remember with the help of our birthday chocolate collections. Elevate the birthday celebration to new levels, and find the perfect cacao flavour to match.

If you were born in spring, then you’re in for a joyous birthday celebration. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and spirits are lifting. This welcome change in season also gives you more flexibility when planning a birthday party. If you’re celebrating a loved one, will you be organising a picnic under the sun? Or, will you opt for a breezy, intimate dinner party in the cool of the evening?

No matter how the birthday celebrations pan out, we’re here to put forward a chocolate offering for the occasion. No matter if you’d like chocolate to be the star of the show at your party or a choice among a selection of delectable nibbles and treats, we’re confident we have the best birthday chocolates in mind for the special day.

Springtime birthday celebration.

Office party chocolates

If the birthday is on a weekday, an office party is never a bad idea. With some delicious treats, a cooling beverage, and some feel-good music, it’s a great way to connect with your colleagues and make the occasion feel extra special.

Our Sleeksters present an ideal gift choice for a spring birthday office party, bringing an elegant and communal touch to your celebrations. These chocolate boxes not only exude style and sophistication with their cacao pod-inspired packaging. But they also cater to individual palates with their range of choice and flavours.

The Everything Sleekster

The Everything Sleekster features 27 iconic chocolates, offering a balanced mix of white, milk, and dark recipes. Every colleague is guaranteed to find a favourite. Within the range you will find a handful of dessert-inspired treats. Will you go for the Chocolate Fudge Sundae, the Neapolitan Macaron, or a classic comfort?

The Everything Luxe

For larger teams, The Everything Luxe steps up the task with 44 exquisite chocolate recipes to set the party mood. It’s a great way for the office to explore our luxurious treats together, sparking conversations and making the birthday celebration a wholesome event.

A Sleekster or two at an office party not only offer a delectable treat, but the sleek design and personalised message card add a personal touch, making the perfect gift. Need us to deliver your chocolate birthday gift straight to your office door? Don’t worry — we’ll ensure that it arrives fresh, well-packaged, and ready to delight for the occasion.

Chocolates for the nearest-and-dearest family celebration

If you’d rather spend quality time with your nearest and dearest, our Large Chocolate Dipping Adventure is an interactive and delectable gift perfect for a family birthday party. Watch as your loved ones satisfy their cacao cravings throughout the day!

What’s included? Four of our premium chocolate pots — milk, dark, white, and caramel — accompanied by a variety of both sweet and savoury nibbles to complement. These include fluffy marshmallows, snappable almond biscuits, and whole-roasted Brazil nuts.

It’s an ideal chocolate gift for family gatherings as it encourages everyone to participate in a bit of dipping fun, allowing all ages to create their own chocolate flavour combinations.

Need a few ideas on how to set up your Large Chocolate Dipping Adventure for all the family to enjoy? No matter if you’re opting for an outdoor soirée or an indoor celebration, here are a few tips…

1. Make sure your treat stand is accessible

Arrange the chocolate pots and nibbles on a low table or a series of tiered stands so they’re easily reachable for both little and big hands. Crowding could lead to cramming and accidents, so make sure there’s ample space around the table for people to move around and grab their fancies.

2. Add a few more chocolate dippers

While our chocolate dipping set includes its own selection of dippable nibbles, why not consider adding more options like fresh fruit slices, pretzels, and biscuits to cater to different tastes and dietary needs? It’s a family celebration, after all, so it’s important to have something for everyone,

3. Assist the little ones

Your smaller family members will naturally be excited by the grandeur of the dipping adventure, but they might need help with handling the pots and choosing their dippers. Assign an adult or older family member to help supervise and assist them to make their experience enjoyable (and hopefully not too messy).

4. Capture your celebration

To add to the festivities, why not set up a photo spot near the dipping station where guests can take pictures with their grinning, chocolate-covered mouths? This adds an extra layer of fun and will give everyone a lovely keepsake to take home with them.

Chocolate lollipop cake sticks.

Kids’ chocolate party galore

Is your little one celebrating their special day? Invite all of their friends over for a kids’ chocolate bonanza. What better way to introduce them to the rich world of chocolate that embraces our more cacao, less sugar ethos?

Smile Milk Chocolate Lolly

A charming and playful chocolate treat with a cheerful design. Why not pop this milk chocolate lollipop in a party bag for the little ones to take home after their busy day of games and dancing?

Crafted from high-quality milk chocolate, their sturdy sticks make them easy for little hands to hold without any of the mess. Plus, the mellow milk chocolate is a universally loved flavour for children, so they’ll be a hit for many.

A Dozen Chocolate Dapper Dogs

These adorable Chocolate Dapper Dogs are a crowd-pleaser. Featuring a blend of silky 40% milk chocolate, creamy white chocolate, and a dash of rich dark chocolate. Almost too cute to eat, right?

Perfect for your little animal-lover, they can be used as big cake decorations or served as part of a dessert platter, or wrapped up and used as table favours. Each bite offers a smooth, balanced flavour of the triad of chocolate types. They make for a delightful introduction to high-quality chocolate for young palates.

​​Salted Caramel Chocolate Puddles

There’s nothing more satisfying than a smooth chocolate puddle. Whether you opt to melt-in-the-mouth or a nibble, it’s a great way to experience caramel chocolate and sea salt.

These thick discs of snappable chocolates are perfect for little ones. They’re a comforting treat that can be shared around during party games or when watching a film. They can add a touch of luxury to a wholesome birthday celebration.

Sophisticated chocolate cocktail party

Our coveted Velvetiser is the at-home hot chocolate system you need to create barista-grade drinks in the comfort of your own kitchen. Did you know that you can also make some sophisticated cacao cocktails? Invite your friends over, assign out the ingredients, and each take a turn crafting a tipple with The Velvetiser. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started…

Tipsy Chocolate Milkshake

Combine Dark with Mint Hot Chocolate Flakes with 220ml of your chosen milk and velvetise to achieve a smooth and creamy hot chocolate. Add the mixture to a cocktail shaker with ice and a dash of milk, and shake until cooled. To turn this into a cocktail, simply add one or two shots of your preferred chocolate cream liqueur, stirring gently to mix. This is a delightfully celebratory drink that can be adapted to be enjoyed warm or cold — whichever suits the occasion most.

Chocolate, Pineapple & Coconut Rum Cocktail

Prepare a tropical, creamy milk chocolate base using the Velvetiser with a sachet of our new Caramelised Pineapple Hot Chocolate and 150ml of your preferred milk. Once the hot chocolate is ready, transfer it to a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add 25ml coconut rum and 25ml dark rum, and shake well. Serve in a pre-prepared glass rimmed with melted chocolate and toasted coconut for a tropical flair.

Chocolate Orange Twist Mocktail

For a refreshing cocktail without the alcohol, add one of our Milky 50% Hot Chocolate Sachets to your Velvetiser along with 220ml of dairy or plant-based milk. Press the button and let the Velevtiser whip up a silky-smooth hot chocolate. Once your chocolate base is ready, pour it over ice into a cocktail shaker, shake it, and then pour the mocktail into a glass of your choice. Enhance your beverage with a non-alcoholic orange-flavoured syrup to taste, typically around 15ml, adding a zesty twist to complement.

Chocolate iced cupcake.

Make your birthday celebration one-of-a-kind with Hotel Chocolat

No matter the plans you have for your birthday or if you’re hosting a loved one’s celebration, we have a chocolate selection crafted to enhance the experience.

Take your pick from our Birthday Chocolates, our Chocolate Gift Boxes, and Chocolate Hampers, and let us make your birthday celebration one to remember.