Hotel Chocolat’s birthday chocolates: Made for celebration

2 Apr 2024

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Get the party started for your tastebuds. Let’s explore our range of chocolates that are perfectly suited for birthdays, and how they can enhance your celebration to the next level.

There aren’t many celebrations as joyous as a birthday. If it’s a significant milestone like an 18th or 21st, or just another excellent year of memories, birthday celebrations deserve only the best. So, what’s chocolate got to do with it?

At Hotel Chocolat, we want you to be able to gift the “birthday wow” to your nearest and dearest. Not only can the birthday wow be experienced in taste, but it’s also a gift of connection and quality time — all through the means of the chocolate we know and love.

To honour the significance of birthdays, let’s take a closer look at our birthday chocolate collection. It’s your chance to not only experience the birthday wow — but share it.

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The Hotel Chocolat birthday chocolate collection

A special occasion calls for a special gift — and what could fit the bill better than quality chocolate? We’ve introduced a few exciting features to our birthday chocolate range, and we’d love to share them with you.

A wow for every birthday

Take the Hotel Chocolat treats you know and love, and watch as we transform them into unique birthday gifts.

Our Happy Birthday Gift Box features fifteen of our best-loved chocolates, making fifteen ways to wow. Curious about what’s inside? There’s a little something for every chocolate craving — from Eton Mess to refreshing Lemon Cheesecake. On the other end of the chocolate scale, there’s also the high-cacao hit of the Simple Dark Truffle and the rich 70% Dark Baton. Because less can sometimes mean more.

For a token of affection, the Happy Birthday Chocolates box would be great as part of a chocolate birthday hamper or gift set. Eight sumptuous chocolates wrapped in a sleek gift box — ready for gifting. It’s the best-tasting selection for an array of flavours and textures, offering your loved one a chance to experience everything from indulgent nutty chocolates to our zingy fruit chocolates. Just one piece of advice from us for after you hand this chocolate gift over — you might want to hang around as they open it… you know, just in case they’d like to share.

Maybe your chosen recipient would prefer a hot chocolate sip rather than a nibble? Nothing is stopping you from wowing them with The Velvetiser and a selection of our tantalising drinking chocolate flakes instead.

If you already have a birthday gift in mind, you could even enhance it with the help of the Hotel Chocolat touch. Our Happy Birthday Grand Slab and 75cl Classic Prosecco make excellent gift additions, elevating the birthday experience to new, flavourful heights.

Because the finishing touches matter

It’s one thing being able to gift something extraordinary, but there’s so much more to it than that. We realised that to give our birthday chocolates the extra wow factor, we needed to make our chocolates more personalisable.

With this in mind, your chosen birthday chocolates will be presented in a sleek box or gift bag, encased in a unique gift sleeve. You can even add a personalised birthday note or card for your loved one — because it’s the little things that make a birthday memorable.

The new gift creator

Our new gift creator tool is your chance to effortlessly put your own chocolate gift collection together. Simply fill a bag or box with your curated chocolate selection, add a personalised message, and we’ll deliver it ribbon-tied directly to you or your loved one.

Birthday gift cards from Hotel Chocolat

What’s a better gift than a golden ticket, granting the special person access to a world of chocolate innovation? If you’re not sure of their flavour preferences, our Hotel Chocolat gift cards will give your recipient the chance to choose the exact chocolate they’ve been craving. Simply add the amount you wish to gift, and relax knowing they’ll soon be tucking into a few cacao-rich delights. And they’ll have you to thank!

Birthday chocolate Selectors

For an opportunity to create a birthday gift that’s just to your loved one’s tastes, you can now choose any three Selectors for just £13 (or four for £16 if you’re a VIP.ME member). Pick from over 100 of our imaginatively crafted recipes.

Our favourites? We’re so glad you asked…

A bit of this, a bit of that, our chocolate Selectors are renowned for a reason. Try a bit of everything our flavours have to offer — without breaking the bank.

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The Hotel Chocolat classics

No birthday celebration would be complete without showing off our Luxe boxes, H-boxes, tables and cabinets. They’re the best way to showcase a bit of wow and wonder during a birthday celebration.

A cabinet and a table of chocolate? You heard that right. In our Cambridgeshire Inventing Room, there’s a set of dark wooden drawers which house all our working creations. Inspired by those very drawers, these multi-tiered chocolate showcases contain our most celebrated recipes in classic, dark or alcohol-free variations.

Are birthday chocolates still a good gift?

We may be biased, but the answer has to be a gigantic yes. Chocolates are still seen as a delightful gift for many reasons, offering a blend of tradition, indulgence, and sensory pleasure — all within a nibble. But what else can chocolate add to birthdays?

Chocolates are loved around the world

Chocolates are widely appreciated across different age groups and cultures, making them a safe yet undeniably thoughtful gift choice. We’d like to think that not many people would turn down the opportunity to try flavourful chocolate, making it an ideal birthday gift.

Chocolate evokes a sense of luxury

Authentic chocolate has the power to add a sense of grandeur to a birthday celebration. How? Well, it’s a sophisticated flavour experience that the recipient might not typically splurge on for themselves, making the gift feel special and indulgent.

Chocolates can be personalised

As you fellow chocolate aficionados will already know, chocolate comes in a variety of flavours, and this allows for personalisation on many levels. From milk, dark, and white chocolate to the exuberant flavours of chilli chocolate and patisserie chocolate fillings, the chance to create your own chocolate birthday gift means you can speak directly to the recipient’s preferences.

What’s more, our birthday chocolate collection includes all-new finishing touches, including birthday cards and exclusive chocolate box gift sleeves. So you now have even more

ways to build the excitement before they open their gift. It’s the little things that make a birthday memorable, after all.

Block of chocolate broken onto pieces of white paper.

Chocolate creates emotional connections

Chocolates are often associated with happiness and comfort — and for good reason. Did you know that chocolates contain compounds of theobromine, adding to their unique taste and positive psychological effects? In addition to this, gifting chocolates can convey feelings of affection and care, strengthening the emotional bond between you and your loved one.

Elevate a birthday experience with Hotel Chocolat

We all know it’s the thought that counts — that’s why we craft every gift imaginatively. It’s why our chocolatiers blend flavour expertise with pioneering ideas to invent recipes you won’t find anywhere else. It’s also why our designers treat every creation as their own personal masterpiece.

We obsess over every detail, so you can give a birthday gift you know will wow them, effortlessly. Shop birthday gifts from Hotel Chocolat today.