Hotel Chocolat Events and Love Match Live

2 Apr 2024

Easter Events Valentines

The fun at Hotel Chocolat doesn’t just stop when our doors close. We’ve hosted two wonderful events where guests can indulge in a session of delicious tastings.

At Hotel Chocolat, it’s important to us that our locations across the UK are inviting and engaging. From the shimmer of our iconic chocolate boxes to the rich aromas of our in-store cafes. Every visit should be an experience — one that you want to return to again and again.

Last month, we decided to open our doors for two exciting events — one of which was after-hours. Let’s take a closer look at how they went.

Valentine’s Love Match Live 2024

Loyal followers of the Hotel Chocolat story will already be aware of Love Match. It’s our way of uniting twenty years of flavour expertise with your individual preferences. When you take our Love Match Quiz, you’ll be paired with a chocolate flavour profile that ticks all of your boxes.

If you’re the type of chocolate lover that checks the dessert menu before anything else? Our Patisserie Chocolates are your perfect match, each one showcasing a best-loved cake, pudding, or dessert — reimagined in chocolate form. Maybe you like to push the boat out and revel in Exuberantly Fruity flavours that are as bold as they are authentic? Or perhaps the nuanced depth of our Serious Dark Fix is what you’re after. These are only a handful of the flavour profiles you could be matched with, so why not take the quiz for yourself?

Love match event graphic.

The event

On February 10th, 11th, 16th, 17th, and 18th, we opened our doors for an in-person Love Match event. We welcomed chocolate lovers into 98 stores across the UK so they could sample different chocolate flavours while learning more about our in-house processes.

Most importantly, this guided chocolate-tasting experience also had a personal element to it, as attendees were able to book their own thirty-minute time slot. The result? 30 minutes of tailored chocolate chatter and nibbles, enhanced by a delightful sample of Velvetised Creams. Attendees also had the chance to choose their own Selector chocolate to take home with them from our iconic Wall of Chocolate. What could be more lovely?

Love match live chocolate displays.

The objectives

You may already know that we take pride in welcoming visitors into all of our Hotel Chocolat locations. But why was it so important for us to turn the Love Match Quiz into an interactive in-person experience?

The thing is, every chocolate lover should have the opportunity to find that one flavour profile that makes their taste buds sing. And they should be able to do it in person, and at the very heart of chocolate innovation in our locations.

To us, Love Match Live was a chance for chocolate fanatics to gather together for a session of delicious chocolate tasting. It was also a chance for attendees to learn a bit more, gaining insight into contrasting and complimenting flavour palates. All of this wouldn’t have occurred without the help of our passionate chocolate experts, ready and waiting to share their expertise with the attendees.

As a bonus, many attendees even found a few new favourite chocolate flavours that they may not have considered before. And that’s what this event was all about. Stepping out of your (cacao) shell, and introducing your taste buds to some new and thrilling chocolate flavours.

The results

Our first Love Match Love Event received positive feedback with flying colours, including some heart-warming five-star customer feedback. Over 4000 chocolate lovers joined us behind the doors of our locations to connect over the thing we love the most — irresistible cacao.

There was plenty of chocolate to go around, with over 25,000 selector chocolate samples being nibbled across all of the event locations.

Due to the amazing feedback we received, it’s clear that there’s scope for us to host more events like this in the future. So, keep your eyes peeled for future Love Match events!

Love match live of chocolate display.

After-Hours Easter event

Easter is a time for new beginnings, quality time, and exciting experiences. As such, we decided to make a meal of it. If you haven’t already seen our Easter Chocolate Collection, then now’s your chance.

From Extra Thick Easter Eggs filled to the brim with satisfyingly smooth chocolate to the Easter Sleekster for a snap and pop of zingy flavour. Easter has never been a season that we take lightly.

The event

On February 28th and 29th, we welcomed cacao aficionados to join us at 51 UK locations to experience our After-Hours Easter Event. We saw this as a chance for our loyal guests to get ahead on their Easter shopping, with the option of chocolate tastings and a celebratory tipple if they so wished.

If you’re like us, we were just waiting for the chance to bring out our spectacular array of chocolate eggs — and this event was just the start. Sample treats were aplenty, and attendees tested and tasted our Easter chocolate offerings.

As well as this, guests also enjoyed:

The objectives

At Hotel Chocolat, Easter is one of our favourite seasons. There is so much that can be done with Easter, from its recognisable pastel hues and delicate flavours to the show-stopping wonder of The Easter Bunny himself.

Our Easter After-Hours event gave us a chance to connect with our fellow guests — an opportunity for us to share our passion for chocolate and the wondrous Easter collection we have on offer.

Chocolate easter display.

The results

From the feedback received, we’re proud to say that our Easter Event was a hit. From the attendees to our in-store chocolatiers, the old-style lock-in element added a fun and engaging way for our guests to try and shop delicious Easter chocolate treats.

With the added Prosecco tipple, it was even said that ‘it felt like a party!’ — and this is a feeling that we want guests to keep experiencing in all of our locations.

The communicative power of chocolate

There’s no denying that we strongly believe in the transformative power of chocolate. Not just as a treat, but as a medium that brings people together in a variety of celebrations.

These interactive events further epitomise this belief for us. We’re so glad that we can host these immersive experiences, fostering a sense of community and connection among all attendees.

The After-Hours Easter event provided a unique, magical experience, allowing guests to indulge in the world of chocolate. It was an evening where friends and chocolate aficionados alike could explore and enjoy the rich, diverse flavours of our finest offerings.

Our Love Match Live event, on the other hand, took a playful approach to pairing chocolate with various flavours. This was to showcase the versatility of chocolate as a culinary delight. Participants engaged in lively discussions, shared laughter, and discovered surprising matches, highlighting how chocolate can be the perfect social catalyst.

The main takeaway from these events? At Hotel Chocolat, we’re determined to continue creating spaces and events where the love for chocolate unites us.

Shop our chocolate collection today, and be the first to find out about our future events by becoming a VIP.ME member with Hotel Chocolat.