Beyond April Fools’ Day: Why gentle farming matters

2 Apr 2024

Chocolate Knowledge Events

We had a chuckle seeing everyone’s reaction to our ‘Immersive Cacao Rainforest Experience’ in Cambridge.

While we relish the fun of a good April Fools’ prank, our real aim is deeper. It’s all about shining a spotlight on the importance of gentle cacao farming — a cause close to our hearts.

This April, our team at Hotel Chocolat decided to take everyone on a sweet journey with our April Fools’ campaign: The Immersive Chocolate Rainforest Experience in Cambridgeshire.

From cacao groves ripe and ready for picking to chocolate-infused rain showers, we invited chocolate lovers into a fantasy that seemed far too delightful to resist. But beneath the laughter and the light-hearted April Fools’ joke lies a truth we’re deeply passionate about — and this is the significance of gentle cacao farming.

A sweet illusion, rooted in reality

Our April Fools’ prank wasn’t just about crafting a joke that’s too good to be true — well, that was part of it. However, we also wanted our campaign to act as a pathway for discussing something more on the serious side.

The detailed cacao forest weather simulations, the invented cacao plants, and the imaginative chocolate cascades were all part of a story designed to enchant and intrigue. But, it also served as a chance to discuss our ethical approach to chocolate making.

Our gentle farming approach

At the heart of our jest lies our commitment to gentle cacao farming. After all, it’s something that we have always been passionate about from the very start of our business journey.

Gentle farming is our method of producing the highest quality cacao while benefiting the planet, our farmers, and the wider community. Gentle farming places sustainable practices, and biodiversity at the forefront, ensuring the land remains fertile and healthy for generations of farmers to come.

Saint Lucia and the Rabot Estate act as a testament to this philosophy. It’s a wondrous environment where we not only grow our own cacao but also foster an environment where nature and farming coexist.

You can still have your immersive cacao experience…

Whilst our April Fools’ campaign fooled many of our fellow guests, you’ll be happy to hear that there is some truth to it. For those yearning for an authentic cacao adventure, our cacao experiences at the Rabot Hotel in Saint Lucia offer guests a genuine immersion into the world of chocolate.

If you haven’t heard about the Project Chocolat experience, then now’s the time to get researching. Explore the lush cacao groves, learn about the intricacies of chocolate making, and understand the importance of sustainable farming practices first-hand. The only thing that could make cacao taste better? When it’s enjoyed with awareness and appreciation for its journey from bean to bar.

Hotel Chocolat cacao greenhouse.

Enjoy ethically sourced cacao from Hotel Chocolat

With April Fools’ Day behind us, we invite you to join us on a journey of savouring chocolate with the knowledge that it was made with its growers and the planet in mind.

Explore our ethically sourced chocolate and become a part of the story that goes beyond the bar with The Better Way Bar, where 100% of proceeds go towards our gentle farming initiative.