“Just because” gifts: Small chocolate boxes for every occasion

26 Apr 2024

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Sometimes life calls for a “just because” gift to bring a touch of happiness to a loved one’s day. After all, not every gift needs a special occasion. Could a small chocolate box gift be the answer?

At Hotel Chocolat, we offer a variety of chocolate gifts ranging from classic H-boxes and Sleeksters to the grandeur of our Chocolatier’s Table. But today, we’re focusing on the small yet unapologetically mighty in flavour.

Some of life’s surprises call for a heartwarming gift. Whether it’s a colleague who’s finally completed a challenging task or a loved one who’s in need of a pick-me-up, chocolate always seems to tantalise the taste buds and hug the heartstrings in the best way.

White chocolate desserts

The joy of giving “just because”

It’s important to remember that gift-giving isn’t reserved just for grand celebrations. Sometimes, it’s the unexpected presents that resonate the most with people. Gift-giving is one of the main love languages. So we understand how a gift can speak volumes about thoughtfulness and affection — especially between couples, friends, family, and even colleagues.

A small chocolate box has the incredible power to illuminate a regular day into a heartwarming memory. After all, joy can appear in any situation, no matter how seemingly small or mundane. If you’re using our chocolate as a simple thank-you token or a spontaneous expression of love, our small chocolate gifts are perfect for saying what words cannot.

Tokens of affection for partners

Imagine the smile on your partner’s face when they find a chocolate gift waiting on their pillow or a delectable package mysteriously delivered directly to their workplace desk. We believe that it’s these small gestures that make the world go round.

Why not add a handwritten note? You could simply write “I love you” or include a silly joke to make them smile inside your small chocolate box.

Small gifts for work colleagues

Similarly, if your colleague is having a hard time or you want to thank them for their hard work, a little thank you gift of chocolates can uplift their spirits by acknowledging their efforts.

Our Selectors

Our handy-sized Chocolate Selectors are an opportunity for your chosen recipient — be it your significant other or your workplace friend — to try something new, or cosy up with a flavour they know and love. With our Selector chocolates, you can choose to satisfy your loved one’s flavour palate or open their taste buds to new and exciting taste combinations. If you need a bit of inspiration on which to choose, here are some of our favourites:

Carrot Cake Selector

An award-winning formula, consisting of creamy chocolate that’s been lovingly spiced with warming cinnamon and nutmeg. It could only be Carrot Cake. We’ve also given it an elegant finish with a refined white chocolate layer, decorated with shavings of real carrot for added texture.

Mezcal Chocolate Selector

Ever heard of Tequila’s older brother? Enter our Mezcal Chocolate Selector with its riot of smoky, satisfying notes. We use premium mezcal, which we pour with abandon into our signature, mellow 40% milk chocolate to make a luxurious ganache. Wondering about the green spot decoration? It’s a nod to the agave plant used to make the spirit, finishing your bite with a flourish.

Raspberry Smoothie Chocolate Selector

Members of our Tasting Club voted this Raspberry Smoothie Chocolate Selector top-of-the-box a record-breaking four times — and for good reason. Experience powerfully pressed raspberries blended with cream. Tart and tangy, but also light and creamy, it’s the best of both worlds.

Just because chocolate gifts.

A surprise treat for a friend

Did you know you can utilise our chocolate delivery service to send a beautifully packaged package straight to your friend’s doorstep?

To celebrate a personal victory or just to say, “I’m here for you,” our small chocolate boxes are curated to bring a smile. With elegant packaging and chocolate flavours that pack a punch, they offer a thoughtful tasting experience that goes beyond the usual catch-up.

With our gifting service, you can also add a personalised message at no additional cost — we’ll print your kind words on an elegant card and make sure it reaches your recipient.

But which small chocolate gifts are best for your friend?

Everything Pocket Selection

Our Everything Pocket Selection is a beautifully aesthetic chocolate collection of the best-loved Hotel Chocolat favourites. The result? A perfect token of affection for birthdays, dinner parties, celebrations, or “just because”. Within the ribbon-covered Everything Pocket Selection box, you will find an ideal array of chocolates for sharing, sampling and nibbling.

Chocolate Slabs

Straying away from bite-sized nibbles, our Chocolate Slabs allow your giftee to embrace the pure power of solid chocolate. What’s better than a snappable bar, filled with your favourite flavours? Gift the tantalising savoury-sweetness of the Pistachio and Honey Chocolate Slab or the rich delight of the Mississippi Mud Pie Slab.

Small chocolate gifts for family members

Most family members say they don’t need a gift — your love is enough. But what if you wanted to surprise a family member? For family members, a spontaneous chocolate gift can be particularly heartwarming.

You can surprise your children with a delightful treat after school on a Friday, or spend a Saturday morning adventure choosing their favourite chocolates at your local Hotel Chocolat location. For your mum and dad, why not present them with a chocolate box during their next visit for dinner? Serve it as a surprise after dinner accompanied by tea, coffee, or a comforting mug of hot chocolate.

It’s a gift of chocolate but it’s also a gift of time, offering the ability to experience fantastic flavours and new textures together.

A Dozen Chocolate Dapper Dogs

Do you have a little chocolate lover in your life or someone who dotes on their four-legged friend? Made from irresistible 40% milk chocolate, our Dapper Dogs offer a balanced flavour with a design the little ones will surely love. Their wonderfully mellow mouthfeel is satisfying and our focus on ‘more cacao, less sugar’ makes these an excellent choice for children.

The Everything Luxe

A collection of 44 chocolates, this is the ideal chocolate gift for your parents to share. They can make their way through Batons, truffles, and patisserie-inspired chocolates in a range of flavours. Fruity? Nutty? The Everything Luxe does what it says on the box — it has it all. From our most creative of chocolate recipes to the understated elegance of our Milk and White Chocolate Batons, this chocolate box has a taste of everything.

Chocolates at Hotel Chocolat

5 tips on choosing the perfect “just because” chocolate gifts

Selecting the perfect “just because” chocolate gift combines consideration of your chosen person’s tastes with a dash of creativity.

Here are our tips on choosing a chocolate gift that’s as unique and delightful as your loved one:

  1. Chocolate type: Does the recipient have a preference for dark, milk, or white chocolate? This is important to know, as these three classic chocolate flavours offer their own experiences.
  1. Flavour profiles: Are they adventurous with flavours, enjoying combinations like chilli and chocolate, or do they stick to classic favourites or patisserie-inspired treats? If you’re not sure, send them our Love Match Quiz to find out their chocolate flavour match.
  1. Personalisation: With our chocolate delivery service, you can add a personalised message to make your gift even more special.
  1. Consider the occasion: Lighter, fruity chocolates might be perfect for a summer day, while rich, dark chocolates would suit a cooler evening. When are you planning on gifting your chocolate? Let this guide the type of chocolate you choose.
  1. Dietary considerations: Does your loved one have any dietary restrictions or preferences that should be taken into account? Don’t forget we have a variety of Vegetarian and Vegan* chocolates available.

*We believe our dark and Nutmilk chocolate is suitable for vegans. However, as it is made in the same environment as our milk chocolate we cannot guarantee it is free from milk.

Assortment of chocolates on white background.

Small yet meaningful chocolate boxes from us to you

Explore our exquisite collection of small but meaningful chocolate boxes. Slide open the lid to reveal an array of exciting flavours and textures, crafted to ensure a memorable tasting experience for your chosen recipient.

Will your loved one reach for the velvety depths of dark chocolate selections or the whimsical notes of beloved classics? Or maybe they’ll find a new flavour they’ve never considered before…

Whichever flavour their fingers land on, we have chocolate to delight every palate. No matter the occasion, our small chocolate boxes and Selectors are a chance for you to say whatever you need to say with the help of spectacular taste and aroma.

Chocolate is an experience to be remembered, making our small chocolate gifts the perfect “just because” treat. No rhyme, no reason — just pure, unadulterated cacao.

Shop our range of chocolate gifts today. Who knows, they may even share a nibble or two with you if you’re lucky…