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Love them or not, we’ve decided that it’s time to reinvent the traditional egg buttie. This time, it’s egg meets chocolate in true Easter fashion. Take your pick from white, milk, caramel, or dark chocolate — your chance to experience an egg sandwich the chocolate way, filled with a variety of outside-the-box and classic flavour combinations. ... See More
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This Easter, we’re bringing a twist to the familiar with these quirky and fun Chocolate Egg Sandwiches. Experience the surprise of unwrapping our chocolate Easter treat, mimicking the lunchtime favourite in its ultimate chocolate form. Find the Easter egg you know and love, nestled between slices of chocolate ‘bread’ made from your favourite chocolate — white, milk, caramel, or dark chocolate. Did you know that we even 3D-scanned real wholemeal bread to make sure our sandwiches had a truly authentic shape?

However, the taste experience doesn’t just stop there. Choose your Chocolate Egg Sandwich from an array of classic and unique flavours. Will you be tempted by the classic charm of a chocolate spread filling, or intrigued by the extraordinary Caramayo?

At Hotel Chocolat, we’re proud to cater to every palate this Easter. All of our Chocolate Egg Sandwiches are designed for chocolate aficionados who enjoy a bit of fun, but our Lamb and Mint Easter Sandwich takes the carrot. Between the chocolate bread slices, you’ll find all the fun of this classic flavour combination without the fuss. Rest assured, it’s all chocolate — no lamb involved.

If traditional Easter egg designs have you searching for something more inventive, or if you're on the hunt for funny easter eggs to lighten the mood, our Chocolate Egg Sandwiches are the perfect find. See them as a unique easter offering that combines humour, craftsmanship, and a dash of the quirky unexpected.

Dive into our collection and pick the perfect fun Easter egg that’s sure to crack a smile this holiday.

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