Luxury Easter Eggs & Gifts

No need to find a hiding spot this year. These Easter treats were made to be seen – and nibbled. Think gloriously grand Ostrich Eggs, satisfyingly snappable Extra-Thick Eggs, and a tasteful twist on traditional Egg Sandwiches.

Size matters

Extra-Thick Eggs...

Some rules are made to be broken. When we first started making Easter eggs, the received wisdom was to make them as thin as possible. We did the opposite. Lavishly thick shell, satisfying snap. Brimming with filled chocolates, these rebels have earnt their place in the spotlight.

Egg Sandwiches

We 3D-scanned real wholemeal bread to create these textured slices, then served them in a sandwich box – all for extra authenticity.


Charming chicks, bouncing bunnies and beyond, straight from the imagination of our Chocolate Sculptress. Brimming with joy and designed to raise a smile – they’re simply too good to be hidden away.