Luxury Easter Eggs & Gifts

How do you like your eggs? Hard- or soft-boiled (or even in a sandwich), bold or crowd-pleasing, fun-loving or a work of art: however you take yours, we’ve got an egg for every appetite – not to mention Easter hampers, adorable animals and more…

Size matters

Our Iconic Extra-Thick Eggs...

When we created our first Extra-Thick Eggs nearly two decades ago, we were told to make them as thin as possible. We did the opposite, opting for ridiculously thick shells that are satisfyingly snappable – and brimming with chocolates.

Now presented in a beautiful keepsake tin, inspired by the shape of a growing cacao pod.

Chocolate Egg Sandwiches

Know someone who wouldn’t even consider a boiled egg – Easter or not? Show them you know them with a witty alternative. Choose from Caramayo, Lamb & Mint, Chocolate Spread, Cookie Dough & Ice Cream and the new edition for 2020: Toast & Marmalade.

Animal Magic

Straight from the imagination of our in-house Chocolate Sculptress, these cuties started life as a sketch, before being painted, then sculpted in chocolate. Too adorable to eat? You decide.