Size matters

Our Extra-Thick Eggs turn 18 this year – so what is it that has made them so iconic?

Experts told us to make our Easter eggs as thin as possible. We did the opposite, opting for ridiculously thick shells that epitomise indulgence. They can be broken by hand – with a thrilling snap – but some of you prefer the drama of a hammer! But the theatre doesn’t start there: it begins with the striking hat-box, finished with a hand-tied ribbon. There’s an egg for every taste, too, from tipsy to family-friendly and astonishingly creamy white to single-origin dark. And every one is brimming with expertly paired filled chocolates. Put simply, they’re eggceptional.

The best thing since...

Know someone who wouldn’t even consider a boiled egg – Easter or not? Show them you know them with a witty alternative. NEW for 2019: Caramayo, Chocolate Spread and Cookie Dough & Ice Cream!

For the Kids...

We never use off-the-shelf chocolate moulds. Straight from the imagination of our in-house Chocolate Sculptress, these cuties started life as a sketch, before being painted, then sculpted in chocolate. Too adorable to eat? You decide.