What does dark chocolate taste like?

9 Apr 2020

Food + Drink

Too often, dark chocolate is overshadowed by its milk chocolate cousin. Although it’s not as sweet, dark chocolate is packed with flavour!

In Britain, we love our chocolate; research by Mintel has revealed that 1 in 6 each chocolate every day. However, whilst 73% of Britons consume milk chocolate, only 37% reach for dark chocolate. Perhaps this is because dark chocolate is evocative of bitter, savoury notes which some people don’t expect when they open a chocolate bar. .

However, dark chocolate is more than just a low sugar chocolate: it has deep flavours, letting you explore the range of cocoa beans out there. If you’ve never before considered yourself as a dark chocolate fan then let us change your mind – discover the different tastes of dark chocolate.

Why should you choose dark chocolate?

As dark chocolate has a high cocoa percentage, it has a lower sugar content than milk or white chocolate, which use higher amounts of sugar to complement the sweet, creamy flavours. It’s richer, stronger flavour also means that it satisfies your cocoa craving with just a square or two.This lower sugar chocolate also has some health benefits: cocoa solids contain flavanols, which allegedly have positive effects on heart health and blood pressure.

If you have certain dietary requirements, then dark chocolate is the perfect way to receive an indulgent hit of cocoa, without jeopardising your health. Dark chocolate is made from a mixture of cocoa beans, cocoa butter and sugar: no milk is needed, making it the ideal treat for vegans.

Dark chocolate is also suitable for people with some allergies, although if they’re severe you will need to check that they don’t contain any traces of allergens. Our Free From Chocolate is crafted in a free-from environment, so that there’s no risk of cross-contamination with other potentially harmful ingredients.

Does all dark chocolate taste the same?

No! The delicate flavours of dark chocolate can range, based on factors such as the type of cocoa bean used, to the amount of cocoa used. At Hotel Chocolat, we source our cocoa beans from all over the world, so that we can create the best dark chocolate with the most intricate, nuanced cocoa notes.

A dark chocolate which makes no compromises, with no added sugar and focusing solely on the aromatic tastes of the cocoa bean, our Honduras 100% Dark Chocolate uses cocoa beans from Honduras for a full-bodied flavour, comparable to a multi-layered Burgundy. Our Ecuador 100% Dark Chocolate is more on the smoky side, and has a savoury tang to it.

If you prefer a less intense cocoa flavour, then our Saint Lucia 84% Dark Chocolate still packs a punch, yet is slightly sweeter than our 100% dark chocolate. For notes of butterscotch and fruit, our Colombia 75% Dark Chocolate is perfect for those who prefer their dark chocolate on the sweet side.

What flavours go well with dark chocolate?

Dark chocolate is incredibly versatile: its deep, lavish flavours can add indulgence to even the most humble ingredients. We take tender, spicy stem ginger sticks and enrobe them in 70% dark chocolate to temper the fiery flavours of ginger in our Dark Chocolate Covered Ginger. Not ones for modest flavours, our Champagne Cocktail Selector is filled with a champagne cream, stirred with bitter orange liqueur. If you’re still trying to get acquainted with the bitter notes of dark chocolate then our Gianduja Ribbon Bag is sure to pull you over to the dark side: our incredibly smooth praline adds a subtle sweetness to the intensely rich flavours of 70% dark chocolate.

Not only does dark chocolate compliment sweet flavours, but it also works beautifully in savoury dishes. Just as Central and South Americans originally used the cacao bean to flavour meals, you can add dark chocolate to bolognese recipes to add an extra depth of flavour. To enjoy dark chocolate in its rawest form, Cocoa Nibs can be sprinkled on top of avocado toasts, or blended into pesto for a certain spiced nuttiness.

Don’t let your reservations about dark chocolate prevent you from sampling its intricate, lavish flavours. Dark chocolate can be enjoyed in multiple different ways: you just need to find the best dark chocolate for you!