Chocolate Bunnies

These dapper City Easter Bunnies have donned their bow ties and cleaned their whiskers for their first foray into town. We’ve moulded these sweet Easter bunnies in our premium chocolate so that you can choose the right one for you. Our 36% cocoa butter white chocolate has a delectable melt, the caramel chocolate is smooth with malty warming notes of caramelised sugar, and our classic milk blends the mellow notes of cocoa with a satisfying creamy taste. For those looking for a richer cocoa flavour, our dark chocolate bunnies come as a full warren of 16, or a full upstanding gentleman rabbit. Can’t decide? Get them all in our Easter Egg Hunt Bag, so you won’t lose a single one! ... See More

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Get inspired with chocolate bunnies

How adorable are these little characters? Let them bring a little extra joy to your Easter egg hunt. Sculpted from premium chocolate, our bitesize chocolate bunnies are delightfully moreish and the ideal size for kids and adults. Whether you’re a fan of rich dark chocolate with deep cocoa notes or creamy white chocolate brimming with 36% cocoa butter, there’s a warren of goodies ready to share with loved ones (or keep as an Easter treat for yourself).

Perhaps you enjoy our classic milk chocolate with its blend of mellow cocoa and silky-smooth texture or a caramel twist, with a delicate flavour of malty caramelised sugar. Or maybe you adore dark chocolate or always crave white chocolate for its lighter flavour. Either way, you’ll be able to find your perfect pal here. And if you can’t decide? Don’t worry, you can get a mixture in our Easter Egg Hunt Bag — the perfect selection to keep the kids occupied or to nibble and savour.

Our Big City Bunny is bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and dressed to impress for Easter and can certainly take the place of an Easter egg. Donning a bow tie and polished buttons, he’s almost too cute to eat! On the other hand, our mini City Bunnies are ideal bite-size presents for your own little bunnies. Take a look at our long-eared friends and find your fun Easter companion before they all hop away.

Our bunnies have all been nurtured throughout their creation, from seed to wrapper. As we directly grow some of our cacao beans on our St Lucia farm, we have all the necessary knowledge to preserve the rich flavour of cocoa throughout each development process. Plus, you’ll also be pleased to know that at Hotel Chocolat we believe in fairtrade. Our Engaged Ethics programme has transformed the lives of many in Ghana and on St Lucia, giving back to the community. Enjoy Easter to the max knowing your cocoa consumption is doing good for others, as well as your taste buds.

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