Chocolate Bunnies

You may already know of our dapper City Easter Bunnies, but we thought it was about time we expanded our chocolatey clan. They have a big season ahead! To help them on their journey, treat yourself to our range of solid Easter rabbit chocolates — from zingy oranges and lemons to nutty pistachio, and everything in between. ... See More
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Get inspired with chocolate bunnies

How adorable are these little characters? Bring extra joy to your Easter egg hunt with these little chocolate rabbits and their much bigger personalities. Sculpted from premium, luxury chocolate, our bitesize chocolate rabbits are delightfully moreish and the ideal size for kids — and adults, of course.

Whether you’re a loyal lover of milk chocolate or you’re looking to expand your horizons with hazelnutty gianduja, we have a variety of Easter goodies ready for you to share (or not). Perhaps you enjoy our classic milk chocolate with its blend of mellow cacao and silky-smooth texture or possibly a caramel twist with its delicate flavour of malty caramelised sugar. Either way, you’ll be able to find your ideal chocolate bunny match here.

There’s no denying that our chocolate bunnies have all been nurtured throughout their creation, from roots to wrapper. As we directly grow some of our cacao beans on our Saint Lucia farm, we have all the necessary knowledge to preserve the rich flavour of cacao throughout its development process.

Are you ready to make a statement this Easter? Tip your hat to our Milk Chocolate Big City Easter Bunny — dressed to impress for Easter, and so much so that he could definitely replace a standard Easter egg. Donning a bow tie and polished buttons, he’s almost too cute to eat! But, only almost.

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