Festive Bites: Chocolate Flavours for December Delights

16 Nov 2023

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Get cosy and treat yourself this December with our exclusive Christmas chocolate range.

When it comes to festive traditions, chocolate holds a special place in the hearts of many. It’s a delectable symbol of celebration, comfort, and connection. As the season covers the world in a chilly embrace, chocolate brings warmth to many, drawing people and their families closer together. At Hotel Chocolat, we understand that Christmas is a time of inclusivity. That’s why we’re super proud of our ability to cater to diverse palates, including vegan and sugar-conscious chocolate choices. After all, no one should have to miss out on the delights of festive cheer.

We’re on a mission to bring you a Christmas chocolate experience rich in flavour, steeped in tradition, and crafted with love. From the classic to the contemporary, our Christmas chocolate range is a testament to our passion for creating chocolate that’s not just consumed but experienced.

Without further ado, let’s dive into some of our most Christmassy chocolate flavours and products. It’s time to get into the festive spirit.

Festive table with speculoo biscuits

Christmas Chocolate Gift Boxes

Each and every one of our curated chocolate gift boxes is a trove of confectionery marvels. They’re perfect for gifting, sharing, or savouring solo under the twinkling lights of the tree.

The Classic Christmas Sleekster

Akin to a jolly Christmas carol, The Classic Christmas Sleekster offers harmonious notes of tradition and joy. Each piece is a celebration of the season, with beloved recipes and exciting new twists. The Treacle Tart, now even more irresistible, joins the ranks of cacao-rich Brownie, Pecan Praline, and the charming Milk Solid Reindeer.

An Espresso Martini bite brings a touch of adult indulgence, while the Champagne truffle holds its own with fruity floral notes. Next, revel in the Caramel Cheesecake Macaron. A delightful confluence of high-cacao salted caramel milk chocolate, paired with a tangy mascarpone-white whip.

The Christmas Pudding chocolate is the pièce de résistance, encapsulating the essence of the holiday with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, mulled wine, and cranberries. This Sleekster is a box brimming with the spirit of Christmas.

The Winter Puddings Sleekster

The Winter Puddings Sleekster is our beloved chocolate collection where each bite is a nod to a classic dessert. With alcohol-free selections, this patisserie-inspired chocolate box extends joy to every family member, making it a shareable centrepiece at Christmas gatherings.

Gooseberry Crumble tantalizes the taste buds with its tart fruitiness embraced by velvety chocolate. The Carrot Cake selector stands out with its walnut and hazelnut praline, infused with cinnamon and nutmeg. The Christmas Mess, our take on the traditional Eton Mess (of course), is a concoction of cranberry and raspberry mousse that dances on the palate.

The Treacle Tart remains a crowd-pleaser. With its blend of smooth caramel, almond praline, and a corn-flake crunch, all encased within a milk chocolate cup. This Sleekster is the perfect companion for festive film nights or as a thoughtful gift that promises to delight with every chocolatey fingerful.

The Classic Christmas H-box

Our Classic Christmas H-box contains a merry medley of truffles. The box includes pralines, and the finest tipples, entwining the worlds of classic and contemporary. A Milk Solid Reindeer offers traditional comfort for the children (or the children at heart), while new flavours such as Raspberry Smoothie and Caramel Cheesecake Macaron await more experimentational palates.

The Treacle Tart, with its luxurious caramel and almond praline, continues to enchant within this collection. And for a hint of merriment, there’s a nod to festive spices and fruits, with cinnamon, nutmeg, mulled wine, and cranberries making a star-studded appearance.

Each box in our Christmas range is a testament to our mantra of ‘more cacao, less sugar‘. This means that every bite is as indulgent as it is responsible. With a focus on natural ingredients and engaged ethics, our Christmas chocolate gift selections are not just treats — they are a celebration of the cacao bean’s journey from our roots to your wrapper.

Festive drinks at the Christmas dinner tables

Our Christmas Chocolate Drinks Selection

At Hotel Chocolat, our Christmas hot chocolate and alcohol range contains a celebration of festive flavours combined with comforting warmth. Perfect for sipping and savouring throughout the holiday season.

Limited Edition: Mint Chocolate Velvetised Cream

Our Mint Chocolate Velvetised Cream is a testament to the timeless allure of mint and chocolate. Crafted by Chef David Demaison and the Cacao Innovation Team, this alcoholic tipple contains a blend of refreshing peppermint with deep cacao notes. This is enhanced by the warmth of vodka and real cream, coupled with rich 70% dark chocolate.

The perfect balance in this creamy concoction is achieved through our rigorous testing process, ensuring a harmonious marriage of flavours and textures. With the commitment to using only real ingredients, the natural peppermint oil provides a cooling backdrop to the bold cacao, creating an after-dinner mint digestif unlike any other.

Mince Pie Hot Chocolate

If you’d like a quintessential Christmas dessert in your cup, our Mince Pie Hot Chocolate is here to deliver. Available in sachets or as a pouch, This luxurious drink is infused with notes of cinnamon, raisin, and citrus, crafting a nostalgic Christmas flavour profile. The addition of real grated chocolate lends a rich, velvety texture that warms you from the inside out.

Designed to be made with The Velvetiser, this Christmas hot chocolate guarantees a creamy, smooth result every time. Even if you choose dairy or plant milk, each sip is a balanced harmony of sweetness, spice, and everything nice. For an extra festive touch, add a dash of our Velvetised Chocolate Cream, turning this indulgent drink into the perfect evening holiday treat.

Limited Edition: Drinking Chocolate Devotee Selection

This limited-edition hot chocolate tin gift set is our festive journey through bold, fruity, and comforting flavours. Inside, you’ll find 12 single-serve sachets from our diverse library of recipes. The new Apple Pie flavour joins favourites like Black Forest Gateau, Salted Caramel & Clementine, and Peanut Butter, offering a sippable celebration of cherished festive desserts.

Each sachet contains nothing but real chocolate flakes, ready for The Velvetiser or to be whisked over the hob with your choice of milk. The sleek collector’s tin, embossed with the Hotel Chocolat logo, serves as a beautiful keepsake long after the last sip. Why not reuse it once you’re finished with your hot chocolates? Or, use it as storage for your next hot chocolate selection.

From the invigorating Orange Supermilk hot chocolate to the nostalgic warmth of Black Forest Gateau, the Drinking Chocolate Devotee Selection offers a luxurious escape into the world of cacao. Indulge in the festive cheer, one sip at a time.

White hot chocolate spoons made with Christmas moulds

Christmas Exclusives: Our Gift to You and Your Family

Our Christmas Exclusives are a dazzling display of festive confectionery artistry. Let’s unwrap the individual charm of these unique offerings, each one a testament to our high-quality cacao and limitless innovation.

The Ultimate Christmas Hamper

Christmas is the season of going all-out — and that’s definitely the case when it comes to The Festive Feast Hamper. This Christmas hamper is an online exclusive, packed with high-cacao delights ranging from macarons and truffles to biscuits, hot chocolates, and tipples.

Overflowing with Strawberries & Cream Puddles, Creme Caramel Buttons, and an assortment of Batons, it’s a celebration that appeals to all ages. The Milk Smiley Lick adds a touch of playfulness, ensuring smiles all around. For those seeking familiar flavours, the Chocolate Macarons, Chocolate Orange Macarons, Chocolat Shortbreads, and the Mini Dipping Adventure offer a delightful taste journey.

Unwrap your hamper and you will find gift boxes like the Everything Luxe, Milk to Caramel Sleekster, and Patisserie H-box. This showcases our most beloved classics and dessert-inspired chocolates. To elevate the festive cheer, indulge in Rum Sultanas, Pink Champagne Truffles, Prosecco, Salted Caramel Vodka, Cacao Gin, and our exquisite Velvetised Chocolate Cream. And for those cosy evenings, the Everything Hot Chocolate Sachet Box provides a comforting array of hot chocolates to warm up the chilly winter nights.

Grand Chocolate Wreath Box

Weighing over a kilo, our Grand Chocolate Wreath Box is an unparalleled festive statement. With 84 chocolates and six festive wreaths, it’s a showstopper that eliminates the need for any last-minute dessert shopping. This show stopping centrepiece includes favourites like Ultimate Milk, Salted Caramel, and Champagne Truffles alongside festive specials like Mulled Wine, Winter Sidecar, and Treacle Tart.

More adventurous palates will also appreciate the daring Chilli Supernova, Vodka and Vanilla, and Custard Tart. The variety ensures that there’s something for every taste, making it a memorable gift or a cheeky personal indulgence to last the entire holiday season.

The Large Vegan Festive Wreath

This vegan-friendly Large Festive Wreath is a marvel in both appearance and taste. Combining the crunchy textures of caramel and cornflakes with the richness of Nutmilk chocolate, it’s a delightful balance of flavours. Tart-dried cherries and cacao butter shortbread biscuits add depth, making it a shared pleasure for everyone at the Christmas table.

Our Nutmilk chocolate, made with finely milled hazelnuts, offers a creamy texture without dairy. This ensures that this vegan option doesn’t compromise on flavour or quality. Presented in a ribbon-wrapped gift box, it’s too beautiful to hide and perfect for gifting.

The Nice Slice: Christmas Edition

A true celebration of patisserie in chocolate form. The Nice Slice contains 50% milk chocolate enriched with hazelnut and almond, creating a melt-in-the-mouth praline, accented with salt to enhance its rich, roasted notes. Topped with our unique caramel-milk penguins, this chocolate slice is a playful yet sophisticated treat.

Inspired by the crispy cakes of childhood parties, The Nice Slice is crammed with texture from puffed rice, corn flakes, and caramel éclat, making it an exciting festive treat or gift. For perfect enjoyment, chill it briefly before indulging and slicing to your liking.

Christmas Chocolate for Kids

Our Christmas gifts for kids are a delightful array of chocolate creations — some may say they’re even more tempting than toys. With an assortment of cheeky Caramel Penguins, Santa’s Reindeer Sleigh Team, Portly Chocolate Penguins, and Chocolate Gingerbread Men. These curiosity-inducing treats bring joy and wonder to the little ones, bringing magic and wonder to the festive season.

Colleagues at a work Christmas party

Our Commitment to You This Christmas

As the festive season unfurls into the warmth of cosy socks and the embers of a flickering fire, our commitment to you shines brighter than ever. This Christmas, we are devoted to making your celebrations not just memorable, but truly magical. 

In every carefully crafted chocolate, in each lovingly prepared gift box, and through every sip of our luxurious hot chocolate, our promise is simple yet profound. To deliver an experience that transcends mere taste. To connect, to bring joy, and to make the festive period a time to be with loved ones. Our festive chocolate range is a reflection of our commitment to you. But also to ethical practices, and to creating moments of joy and indulgence.