5 reasons chocolate makes the best graduation gift

25 Jun 2024

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Celebrate a loved one’s academic success with chocolate graduation gifts from Hotel Chocolat.

Student life often involves a lot of fun, but a huge amount of hard work also goes into getting an education — be it A-Levels, a degree, or a PhD. If a loved one in your life is coming to the end of their studies, why not mark their achievement with a thoughtful chocolate graduation gift

Graduation gifts showcase how proud you are that your friend, partner, or family member has put so much time and effort into gaining their qualification. They offer a sense of recognition — you’ve seen the hours spent revising, the sheets of notes and the countless dissertation drafts. A graduation gift also celebrates what’s to come next. Perhaps your giftee will head straight into a graduate job or maybe they’ll take a well-earned break before plunging into the world of work.

Either way, a graduation present lets your recipient know that you’re excited to see them flourish in whatever they have lined up next. But what makes a stand-out graduation gift? Well, in our humble opinion, you can’t go wrong with chocolate. And if you need a little convincing on why it makes the best graduation gift, don’t worry — we have just the answer.

Read on for our take on chocolate graduation gifts and peruse our suggestions for a little bit of gifting inspiration.

chocolate gifts for graduation

When do students graduate?

Graduations take place at various different points in the year, depending on the education level, the institution, and the qualification type. However, for most universities at least, graduation ceremonies usually take place in the summer. What better time to don the robes and gather outside impressive buildings for a group photo?

With this in mind, now is the perfect time to think about what you might like to gift the graduate in your life to say “well done”.

Why is chocolate a good graduation gift? 

But what to gift? Should a graduation present be lavish and expensive? We don’t believe so — sometimes, the most thoughtful shows of affection and appreciation are petite yet impactful, and affordable yet opulent.

So, what makes the ideal graduation gift? Chocolate, of course.

1. Universal appeal

Why is graduation chocolate the ideal treat for recently accomplished students? Firstly, it has universal appeal. When it comes to chocolate, there’s something for everyone. From those who adore the delicate vanilla aroma of creamy white chocolate to those who can’t get enough of the cacao depth that 100% Dark Chocolate has to offer, you’re sure to find a gift to suit.

2. Personalisation

This takes us on to the next point — you can find a chocolate gift that aligns with your recipient’s tastes, lifestyle, and more. With so many chocolate varieties available, you can tailor your gift to their unique personality.

Does your recipient appreciate a variety of different chocolate types or do they have a particular favourite that they go for every time? Do they tend to enjoy their chocolate as a comforting drink or prefer something to nibble? Perhaps you’re looking for a gift for a friend who lives a plant-based lifestyle. In which case, our Unbelievably Vegan* Sleekster could be the ideal way to show you care.

With chocolate, you can mix, match, and curate a gift that your loved one is sure to adore.

*Please note: We believe our dark and Nutmilk chocolate is suitable for vegans. However as it is made in the same environment as our milk chocolate, we cannot guarantee it is free from milk.

3. A symbol of respect

Far from a modern phenomenon, chocolate has a long history, dating back to ancient Mayan and Aztec civilisations. The Mayans and Aztecs revered chocolate, considering it a gift from the gods. Cacao beans were so valuable in their cultures that they were often used as currency and were a significant part of religious ceremonies. As such, a gift of chocolate carried with it sentiments of respect and high regard. What could be more appropriate for a graduation present?

While the application of chocolate may have changed over the years, becoming part of everyday life and sharing rather than being reserved for rituals, it still holds significance. And by choosing a chocolate graduation gift, you can honour its history as a symbol of respect, success, and the celebration of achievement.

4. Celebratory connotations

Indeed, there’s something undeniably celebratory about chocolate. Lifting the lid from a Sleekster or H-Box brimming with truffles, caramels, pralines, and more, can be a special moment to savour.

From birthdays and anniversaries to Christmas, chocolate often plays a central role in the festivities. Its rich, indulgent flavours and luxurious textures evoke a sense of joy and celebration. What’s more, the act of sharing and enjoying chocolate with loved ones creates a sense of togetherness and happiness.

With this in mind, it makes sense that chocolate can be the perfect treat for marking significant milestones — including graduations.

5. Elegant presentation

At Hotel Chocolat, we focus on ensuring every bit of our chocolate is packed with nuanced flavours, sumptuous textures, and irresistible aromas. Using authentic ingredients and high-quality cacao helps these come together.

However, we also appreciate how visual presentation can make chocolate all the more impactful. From the shape of our snappable Batons and the natural colourings used in our dessert-inspired Patisserie truffles to our sophisticated packaging, we like to create visual appeal.

This attention to detail makes our chocolate boxes, small chocolate packs, and generous hampers impressive gifts. 

Thoughtful graduation gift hamper ideas

In fact, Chocolate Hampers might just be the ultimate graduation gift. Containing an array of chocolates, drinking chocolate, tipples, and more, these gift collections bring a touch of opulence to the occasion. Find the ideal selection for your loved one.

For the dark chocolate devotee

Showcasing the best of dark chocolate, the Taste: Serious Dark Fix Collection is a love letter to cacao. From the deep earthiness of our 70% Dark Chocolate Batons to the delicate balance of richness and tart fruity notes of our Sour Cherry Chocolate Selector, this gift collection certainly isn’t short on flavour. You’ll also find the Serious Dark Fix H-Box in this hamper, offering up 14 of our best-loved dark chocolate recipes.

Presented in a beautiful, plastic-free box, it’s ready to give — the perfect ‘well done’ for those who appreciate the decadence of dark chocolate.

A little bit of everything

If your recipient enjoys trying a range of different chocolate types and flavour profiles, the Taste: Most Wanted Collection is a surefire winner. Featuring a bountiful selection of our most popular recipes, this gift box covers all of our chocolate genres.

Your lucky recipient will be able to whip up a velvety-smooth hot chocolate — or pour it over ice for a revitalising iced drinking chocolate. Mellow yet nuanced, our Milky 50% Hot Chocolate Sachet is the ideal introduction to our drinking chocolate flakes. This gift collection also offers a 70% Dark Hot Chocolate Sachet for that moment when a little more cacao is needed.

Meanwhile, the Patisserie H-Box provides classic desserts reimagined in bite-size chocolate form, and our 70% Dark Chocolat Shortbread brings the perfect blend of crunch and melt. Our elegant Chocolate Macarons and sophisticated Caramel Chocolate Bar Selector join the party.

A celebratory tipple

Graduation is a celebration — so why not let your giftee toast to their achievement with the Tipples & Treats: Chocolate Velvetised Cream & Macarons Collection? Not only does this selection include our silky-smooth Velvetised Chocolate Cream — a blend of premium vodka, cacao-rich chocolate, and decadent cream — but it also includes our chocolatier’s take on a Parisian classic: Chocolate Macarons.

Going all-out

For the recent graduate who adores creating barista-grade drinks at home, there’s nothing more celebratory than The Velvetiser Experience Chocolate Hamper. The ultimate show of affection and appreciation, this graduation gift hamper will express just how proud you are of the academic in your life.

The Velvetiser is here to revolutionise drinking chocolate. Designed by us and engineered by Dualit, it gently heats, stirs and whips our hot chocolate flakes into a cloud-like consistency for satisfaction in every sip. Paired with the Velvetiser, you’ll find a selection of drinking chocolate sachets, so your recipient can explore our different flavour combinations — including our Mocha Lattes, which seamlessly meld premium chocolate with high-quality coffee.

Your giftee can enjoy their beverages from our tactile Pod Cups and nibble a Dunking Biscuit to enhance the experience. But that’s not all. This hamper also contains an array of our sleek chocolate Batons, from mellow Milk and the dulce de leche notes of our Caramel-Milk chocolate to the deeper flavour profile of our 70% Dark Chocolate Batons.

All of these treats arrive nestled in a beautiful, reusable wicker hamper, for a graduation gift that makes a statement. 

Velvetiser gift hamper

Celebrate success with graduation gifts from Hotel Chocolat

Graduating is a wonderful achievement. From completing a college course to finishing up a PhD, it takes dedication — and a graduation gift helps recognise all that hard work. No matter your recipient’s taste preferences, chocolate makes a thoughtful gift to mark the occasion. Explore our collection of chocolate graduation gifts and celebrate your loved one’s success.