What makes a great graduation gift?

8 Jun 2022

Gift Ideas

Celebrate success and show them how proud you are with a great graduation gift.

Graduation is an incredibly special event. It’s the culmination of the entire student experience: the late nights studying, rushing to meet deadlines, and all that reading… It all leads to this. The degree is something of a reward in and of itself, of course. But you might want to congratulate your loved one for their success and all the effort they put in with a thoughtful graduation gift.

Here comes the hard part though — what makes a great graduation gift? If you need a little bit of inspiration, we’ve put together our favourite gift ideas for graduation.

Group of students at graduation, throwing their caps in the air

What makes a great graduation gift?

Whether it’s an undergraduate degree, a masters, or even a pHD, graduation is a time to celebrate. Treat your friend, family member or loved one to something they’ll love.

Something special they can keep

There are some gifts that last forever, and whenever you catch a glance of them, they remind you of that special moment. Jewellery has traditionally been a way of commemorating special occasions, including milestone birthdays, marriages, and more. And graduation is certainly an important milestone!

Alternatively, a decorative photo frame can be a nice way to display that all-important graduation picture.

Something delicious

Some gifts are just destined to end up in the loft or tucked away in a box somewhere. But if you want to avoid that fate, why not give them something they can eat? Guaranteed to be enjoyed, an edible gift is a great choice of congratulation gift for that special person.

And what better way to celebrate their success than with a chocolate graduation gift? Luxury chocolates add that extra touch of class that they deserve after working so hard. And with such a huge variety to choose from — from Summer Sundae-inspired treats to nutty pralines — there’s sure to be something they’ll love.

A tipsy treat

Is an alcoholic gift a bit stereotypical for a student? Perhaps, but there’s no denying that tipsy treats are a popular gift option — and for a good reason! Sophisticated and delicious, these gifts are sure to be appreciated by someone who enjoys a tipple every now and again.

Ale lovers might enjoy our Cocoa Beer, brewed with cacao shells for delicious chocolate undertones. Or for a more classic celebration gift, why not pour out a glass of bubbly? Refreshing and crisp, our Classic Prosecco is perfect for those looking for something more refined. Share a toast together for all the good times they’ve had during their studies.

Celebratory Prosecco glasses

An experience

Experiences are a really special kind of gift. It’s not just the physical item, but the memories and the time spent together — and we think that’s an amazing gift to give. Whether that means a relaxing spa day, dinner at their favourite restaurant, a visit to a museum, a concert, or even a chocolate making experience, the gift of an experience is truly a gift to remember.

Something useful (but lovely!)

Practical gifts are sure to get a lot of love — they really are the gift that keeps on giving. Fragrant candles, coffee mugs, and beauty products are just some ideas for gifts that are both functional and lovely. Now’s the perfect time for them to wind down with a gently flickering Cacao & Vanilla Candle and some Argan & Cacao Body Butter after the stress of exams.

Luxury homeware

Most (but not all!) graduates will be starting to reach the age when homeware suddenly looks a lot more appealing than it used to be. It’s a strange time when a rice cooker transforms from “ an appliance that adults buy” to “the thing that would make my life a lot easier” — but such is the world of the graduate.

For people who may just be dipping their toes into the financial freedom of the world of working adults, luxury homeware could be the kind of gift they would absolutely love but would never buy for themselves.

For coffee fanatics, the Podster is the perfect way to set them up with barista-quality coffee at the push of a button. And for the eco-conscious, the Podcycler will ensure their waste is kept to the minimum, too.

And how could we forget the Velvetiser? A hot chocolate machine isn’t everyone’s first thought for a kitchen appliance, which is what makes it such a great present — the gift of indulgent hot chocolate, Velvetised to perfection every time.

Woman drinking from a polka dot mug

How to choose a graduation gift

Here are some other considerations to help you find the perfect graduation gift.

Make it personal

Forget graduation gifts — what makes a good gift? There’s nothing better than getting a gift that you know the giver put a lot of thought into, and when it feels like they know and understand you well enough to get you something you love. But that’s easier said than done!

If you’re getting them something edible like chocolate, consider their favourite flavours. Have they mentioned being a fan of salted caramel chocolate in the past? Maybe they’re always the first to reach for the white chocolate in the tin. If so, the choice is simple.

Whether the graduate of the hour is a cat lover, an avid reader, a sports fan, or a film enthusiast, there’s bound to be the perfect present out there for them. And if you’re not sure, why not ask someone else who knows them well?

Will they need to carry it at their graduation ceremony?

This is an easy concern to overlook, but can end up causing quite the hassle if you don’t plan in advance! As much as we all love a big box of chocolates, it’s not everyone’s graduation dream to be carrying a big box of chocolates around — or off-loading it onto their family. You might want to give them their gift before or after the day of the ceremony if it’s something a bit bigger.

Graduation gifts from Hotel Chocolat

We hope these suggestions have managed to get the ideas flowing. Now’s the time to celebrate, whether that’s with a nice glass of fizzy or some scrumptious chocolates.

And if you still need a little more inspiration, take a look at our Graduation and Exam gift collections.

Most importantly: the Hotel Chocolat team wishes a very big congratulations to everyone graduating this year!