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We’ve created a fresh, simple take on quality, artisan coffee that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. The beans have lovingly been roasted and blended until they gave a flavour as rich and multilayered as our chocolate. We can trace each coffee bean from the farm it was grown all the way to your cup. Ethical, sustainable - and delicious. ... See More

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Enjoy artisan, barista-grade drinks in the comfort of your home with our fresh coffee beans. We can trace each coffee bean to the conservation-minded farm it came from — whether that’s Brazil, Colombia, Rwanda or Ethiopia. Once carefully selected, our Rabot Estate beans are lovingly roasted and blended until they offer a flavour as rich and multilayered as our chocolate. Our coffee is ethical, sustainable, and delicious — just the way it should be. No matter what sort of brew you like, our beans provide the perfect base. Whether you like black filter coffee or want to whip up a creamy latte with a core of punchy espresso, we’ve got you covered. Simply grind the beans to your desired consistency, prepare your drink, and savour each sip.

Our unique Rabot Estate coffee blends have been carefully curated to ensure you always get the cuppa you need. Are you a fan of mellow coffee with delicate sweet notes? With its hints of crème caramel and freshly baked brioche, our sumptuously smooth Cashmere could be your new go-to. Alternatively, if you need a coffee with pep, go for our Oh, Hello option. With its lively blend of dark chocolate, peaches, blueberry jam and tangy cranberry, it’s perfect for those who adore vibrant, fruity drinks and ideal for an invigorating morning cup. Or perhaps full-bodied notes of milk, caramel, and warm fruit are more up your street. In that case, go for The One. And for moments when you’re looking for a delightful flavour without the caffeine hit, we’ve got The One Decaf. Need a boost? Our turbo-charging Rocket blend has a complex flavour profile of oak, leather and tobacco to really put a spring in your step.

Whichever blend you go for, let our coffee beans revive and delight. For the ultimate luxury, why not pair a shot of your favourite with our revolutionary Velvetiser? It heats, froths and mixes your milk of choice into a delicious cloud-like consistency. Professional coffee in the comfort of your own home.

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