How to use chocolate flakes to make luxury hot chocolate

8 Sep 2021

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Find out how to make velvety-smooth hot drinks from irresistible chocolate flakes

Chocolate is beautiful in all forms. Slabs, truffles, batons — you name it, we love it. And if you’re looking for a great way to create unbelievably smooth hot chocolate (and maybe even decorate cakes and desserts), then chocolate flakes are an excellent choice. With a vast array of high-cocoa milk, white and dark chocolate flakes, our Hot Chocolate range has everything you need to make dreamy, barista-grade drinks at home.

Chocolate flakes

What are chocolate flakes?

Chocolate flakes are finely sliced shavings of solid chocolate — however, they are different to curls or grated chocolate. All three of these have varying textures. Chocolate curls are more solid and hold a distinct spiral shape. Grated chocolate, on the other hand, is ideal for delicate dusting.

Chocolate flakes sit somewhere in between. They tend to be chunkier than grated chocolate but are also soft and crumbly.

In our humble opinion, there’s nothing quite like a creamy hot chocolate made with real chocolate flakes. That’s why all our hot chocolates and latte sachets contain delectably smooth shavings of high-quality solid chocolate. This element leads to a drink that has far more depth of flavour than traditional powdered hot chocolate, which can taste overly sweet and gritty.

Pair your chocolate flakes with our revolutionary hot chocolate station, the Velvetiser, and you’ll have a profoundly fulfilling barista-grade beverage at the touch of a button…

Chocolate flakes and the Velvetiser: a match made in Heaven

You can use our delectable chocolate flakes on the hob. As you swirl the delicate pieces into hot milk, you’re sure to marvel at the way they dissolve and turn the liquid into silky, chocolatey goodness.

However, if you really want the ultimate hot chocolate experience, we recommend giving our Velvetiser a go. We’re rather proud of our at-home hot chocolate machine. The Velvetiser heats, stirs and whips the ingredients together for unbelievably smooth results.

All you need to do is add some milk to the Velvetiser, pour your hot chocolate flakes in, and press the button. The Velvetiser heats up, dissolving the flakes and rotating quickly to whip up cloud-like beverages that will make your taste buds sing. It lets you serve your hot chocolate like a pro, at precisely 67°C — the perfect temperature to enjoy immediately. And did we mention how quick it is? After just 2.5 minutes, the Velvetiser will have worked its magic.

With the Velvetiser, there’s no need to worry about keeping an eye on the hob (we’ve all turned away for a second and returned to overboiled milk and a scorched saucepan, haven’t we?). After use, it’s also quick and easy to clean. You just need to remove the whisk and rinse the non-stick interior with water.

To top your hot chocolate with an extra touch of indulgence, we suggest saving a pinch of chocolate flakes to sprinkle on at the end.

Hot chocolate with cream and chocolate flakes

What else can you use them for?

As you can see, chocolate flakes have a fine consistency that means they gently melt into hot milk to deliciously rich hot choc. However, they can also add the perfect finishing touch to desserts and cakes.

Whether it’s a gentle scatter or a thick layer, they add a wonderful texture variety as well as bringing those delicious cocoa flavour notes. The thin shape means each chocolate flake melts in the mouth for a truly satisfying tasting experience.

You can add chocolate flakes to ice cream sundaes and use them to decorate cakes. You can even bring a bit of luxury to your morning porridge. Why not try a sprinkling of our Ginger Hot Chocolate flakes for a warming dash of spice? Or perhaps some Black Forest Gateau Hot Chocolate for a hint of juicy cherry?

How to make chocolate flakes from chocolate slabs

Did you know you can make your own chocolate flakes? Whether you’re looking for the gentle vanilla-sweetness of white chocolate, creamy milk chocolate or dark chocolate with deep cocoa notes, you can use rich chocolate slabs to carve your flakes from.

To make your flakes, you’ll need a sharp knife, a chopping board, and a slab of your favourite chocolate. If you fancy something with a bit of extra crunch, why not try our Supermilk Hazelnut Slab?

You want to make sure your knife has a smooth blade rather than serrated. It’s also a good idea to have a cloth nearby to clean up any melted chocolate on your hands!

To create your flakes:

  • First, chill your chocolate in the fridge so it stays firm.
  • Once chilled, place your chocolate flat on the chopping board — preferably a plastic board. (Wooden ones may retain moisture and affect your chocolate).
  • Hold the chocolate down with one hand. With the other, carefully glide the blade of your knife across the chocolate, scraping it into fine shavings.
  • Use a spatula or other flat tool to scoop the chocolate shavings into a bowl. You can then sprinkle to your heart’s content.
Cookie with chocolate flakes

Perfect proportions

It’s worth noting that the Velvetiser has been calibrated to work specifically with our graded size and weight of real chocolate flakes. Our chocolatiers have come up with the perfect measurements to get the most satisfying tastes and textures.

We have a variety of delectable hot chocolates that will give you perfect results with the Velvetiser every time. From refreshing Mint Hot Chocolate to a subtly sweet Salted Caramel offering, there’s a flavour for every mood. Pre-portioned, single-serve sachets will ensure you get just the right level of chocolatey richness in each cup.

You can even use the versatile Velvetiser to make heavenly Iced Chocolate Milkshakes and creamy White Chocolate Russian Cocktails.

Whether you try your hand at making your own chocolate flakes from a high-quality chocolate slab or embrace our precisely measured hot chocolate sachets, we’re sure you’ll get the smoothest, most satisfying beverage possible.