As cacao roasters, we’ve learnt a thing or two about flavour and how to get the best from our beans. Now we’ve applied this expertise to coffee. Introducing five distinctive-tasting blends: delicious on their own, and as you would expect, ideal for pairing with chocolate. ... See More

We no longer stock coffee.

If you are looking for our Latte sachets, you can find these here.

Coffee Pods

Aluminium pods that are 100% recyclable with the Podcycler. Available in 5 blends.

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Coffee Beans

Responsibly sourced from around the world. Expertly roasted and blended to create five unique coffee personalities.

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The Podcycler

Our mission: No pods to landfill. The Podcycler removes coffee grounds, making pods recyclable.

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The Podster

The Podster coffee system: imagined by Hotel Chocolat, engineered by Dualit.

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Our mastery of flavour, brewed into coffee

We’re presenting a new family of five coffee blends with The One, our signature serve, at the epicentre. Five is enough because, when done right, high-quality coffee should be distinctive enough that it's simple to find your favourite. Our talent for bringing out the best flavours from our beans is reflected in every blend, and each – as you’d expect from us – just happens to be perfect for pairing with chocolate. Choose from mellow and comforting Cashmere; fruity and lively Oh, Hello; rich and rounded The One (and The One Decaf) or deep and intense Rocket.


100% Recyclable Coffee Pods

Roasted Whole Coffee Beans

How to become a home Barista

Bring out your inner barista and start making deliciously smooth cafe-quality drinks in the comfort of your own home. At Hotel Chocolat, we love starting off our day with a smooth, delicious cup of coffee. But how can you emulate your favourite coffee at home? Our new range of ethically sourced, sustainable coffee makes it easy for you to make café-quality coffee - from flat whites to espressos - in the comfort of your own home.

Inspired By Nature

Seeing wild coffee growing on our Rabot Estate cacao farm inspired us to turn our passion to another bean - coffee. Our intense love affair with coffee began when we found wild coffee plants growing amongst the cacao groves. Things that grow together go together, we say, and perhaps this is why chocolate and coffee unite so perfectly.

Sustainable coffee — recycling coffee pods

Coffee pods are quick and convenient. Perfectly portioned to lock in freshness, with just the push of a button you can enjoy the bright, vibrant notes of your favourite coffee. But doesn’t individual packaging have a negative impact on the environment? Is there a way to balance great taste and ease of use without compromising sustainability?

Coffee Origin Stories

Want to know who picked your coffee? Find out about where our Rabot Coffee beans come from, from sustainable collectives to family-run farms. Our obsession with coffee may have begun in Saint Lucia, but we scoured the globe to find beans fit to bear the Rabot Estate Coffee seal.

Podster Warranty
Podster Warranty