The perfect teacher chocolate gift for end-of-year appreciation

14 Jun 2024


Teachers — the guiding lights and inspirational models that shape our lives from a young age. Show your educator how much you care with these unique teacher chocolate gifts.

The end of the school year has come around quicker this year — or at least, it feels like it. It was only a couple of weeks ago that schools went back in for the year… wasn’t it? Final tests and assessments are commencing, the lesson plans are running dry, and summer is on everyone’s mind.

If there’s one thing in life that’s a universal joy, it has to be chocolate. It’s a wonderful way to thank teachers for their hard work over the last academic year.

To help you choose the best teacher gift or thank-you gift, we’ve put together a list of our favourite chocolate gift ideas based on our Love Match Quiz to help sweeten up the primary school teacher in your life, just in time for the summer.

From our Inventing Room to your child’s teacher’s desk

Celebrating those who inspire, guide, and shape our lives is important, and it goes without saying that teachers play a huge role in doing this.

Chocolate offerings have always embodied luxury, gratitude, love and joy — all the sentiments that we should pass on to our teachers. Gifting chocolates is about expressing thanks in a way that is universally recognised across the globe, and each bite is an experience.

For the sweet and kind teacher: Patisserie chocolate gifts

If your teacher is the Miss Honey type (like from Matilda), our Patisserie Chocolate range sounds like the perfect Love Match. From the baked to the beautiful, our Patisserie range includes a variety of classic delights like carrot cake, brownies, and puddings — all of which have been reimagined in chocolate form. The perfect treat for a sweet teacher? We think so.

If you know your teacher’s favourite treat, we’re sure we have a Selector to match. Our Selectors are handy-sized but pack the ultimate punch of flavour, meaning you can pick three or four to make the ultimate gift. Choose from patisserie-inspired treats like Chocolate Fudge Sundae, Lemon Chocolate Cheesecake, and Billionaire Shortbread.

Alternatively, you can skip the DIY approach and go for a box of chocolates bursting with flavour variety. Our Patisserie Sleekster includes 27 chocolates with flavour combinations to delight every taste.

For the fun and bold teacher: Exuberantly fruity chocolate gifts

There’s always that one teacher that makes lessons fun. From outdoor lessons to exciting science experiments, this teacher definitely deserves a chocolate gift that’s as zingy as they are. The only solution? Our Exuberantly Fruity Chocolate range — made lovingly with real fruit, more cacao, and less sugar.

Our Chocolate Orange Tangs or Enrobed Cherries would go perfectly in a gift box with The Everything Hot Chocolate Sachet Collection and our Duo of Podcups. To dip or not to dip? Either way, we won’t judge.

For a taste of all fruits and flavours, we have our Exuberantly Fruity H-box — 18 fruity chocolates nestled in a box, just waiting to be picked out first. Your teacher can enjoy a range of fruity delights based in milk, white and dark chocolate — because we think every chocolate pairs with the zing of fresh fruit.

For the stern but clever teacher: Serious Dark Fix chocolate gifts

This teacher is the one that makes you work hard, but for good reason. They don’t take any nuisance in the classroom, and the same goes for their chocolate taste. The only correct answer? Our Serious Dark Fix collection.

This high-cacao chocolate collection is made with the dark chocolate devotee in mind. There’s something for every dark chocolate lover in here, allowing them to choose their dark chocolate intensity — from the snap and nibble of our 70% Dark Chocolate Batons to the texture and flavour experience of our Dark Chocolate Fruit and Nut 80% Selector. When they open the box, they’ll also find a Serious Dark Fix H-box full of 14 dark chocolate bites, and the surprise of our Sour Cherry Selector.

Turn sour faces into smiles with a “thank you” chocolate gift that plays to your teacher’s chocolate desires.

For the eccentric teacher: Exquisitely nutty chocolate gifts

English teachers, art teachers, music teachers — the ones that make lessons feel not quite so much like a lesson. Their desk is always covered in coloured pens and doodles, and there are always ideas bouncing around. Bring them back down to Earth with our Exquisitely Nutty Chocolate collection and give them the gift of flavour variation, from smooth praline chocolates to crunchy hazelnut chocolate bites.

Give them the gift of chocolate that’s just as vibrant and versatile as they are with our Pistachio and Honey Chocolate Slab Selector. Inspired by Lebanese cuisine, it’s where savoury meets sweet. They can sink their teeth into whole-roasted pistachios, enveloped in honey-milk caramel chocolate.

If they’re running on coffee fumes like many teachers, offer an alternative with our Hazelnut Latte Sachets. These single-serve sachets combine nutty richness with the nostalgia of a classic coffee — the perfect classroom companion for any busy teacher.

Why not pair one of our single-serve sachets with our comforting Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar Slab Selector? Peanut butter folded into salted caramel-milk chocolate, with roasted peanuts sprinkled on top.

For any and every deserving teacher: Tipsy chocolate gifts

The end of the school term means one thing for teachers across the country — the summer holidays. While teachers spend a lot of this time marking and planning, we have a teacher gift idea that could soften the blow just a little bit. With our range of Tipsy Chocolates and Chocolate Alcohol gifts, your teacher can celebrate the end of the school year with a tipple.

Our Chocolate & Fizz Collection allows your favourite teacher to mark the end of term in style with a mini bottle of our signature Prosecco, along with a selection of Pink Champagne Truffles, an Everything H-box, two sachets of drinking chocolate, Chocolat Shortbread, and a box of Chocolate Macarons. The most difficult decision of the summer? Choosing what to sip or nibble on first.

If your teacher prefers a treat to eat rather than a drink, our Tipsy Truffles won’t go a miss, with three classic cocktails reimagined by our chocolatiers.

First up, we have our French 75 Chocolate Selectors — a lemony chocolate bite, muddled with real Mercier Champagne and gin. In fact, it’s even a favourite of our Senior Chocolatier, Kiri for its gentle warmth and floral notes.

Next, the Dark and Stormy Chocolate Selector. Dark rum, fiery ginger, and zingy lime sealed in poppable 70% dark chocolate for the ultimate cocktail chocolate experience. Inspired by the dark and stormy cocktail beverage, we only ever use premium alcohol in our cocktail truffles to ensure an authentic and memorable taste experience.

Finally, the Kir Royale Chocolate Selector. How adorable are these little bombs of juicy blackcurrant? Inspired by the elegant apéritif, our take on the Kir Royale combines Mercier Champagne and Crème de Cassis with real whipping cream and a generous squeeze of blackcurrant juice.

Celebrate your teacher with Hotel Chocolat

As the term comes to a close, we encourage you to start thinking about the kind of teacher you have, and what their chocolate match looks like. Is it fruity? Nutty? Smooth? Either way, we have a chocolate gift ready for them.

Don’t forget — our chocolate delivery service means you can get your teacher’s chocolate gift sent straight to their desk. Give them an end-of-year gift that they won’t forget, and a vibrant flavour experience like no other.