The best destinations for a winter holiday

12 Jan 2021


Escape the UK’s harsh winter with these winter holiday destination ideas

The days are short and the nights are long. The temperatures are so cold that even a warming mug of hot cocoa doesn’t quite hit the spot. Although a hot water bottle and a blanket can make you feel cosy, the only real cure for the winter blues is a spot of winter sun – but in a hot climate. Whilst we would like to spend the winter months soaking up the sun in our Rabot Estate on St Lucia, there are plenty of other winter destinations to choose from.

A winter getaway is a perfect pick-me-up for when you’re in need of a break. Not only does it offer a much-needed rest from the hustle and bustle of life, but it provides a bout of Vitamin D. This essential vitamin leaves you feeling healthier and more energised – and it’s in short supply during the UK winters. We’ve put together our top picks for a winter holiday to help you beat those winter blues.

Where is hot in the winter?

Although many might associate a winter getaway with snowy skiing holidays, we think a hot winter holiday is so much better. Not only can you bask in the sun, but you can enjoy long evenings drinking cocktails on bustling streets or picturesque retreats.

Beach with palm trees and a boat for winter sun

If you’re looking for a hot winter getaway, then there are plenty of options to choose from…

  • Australia – although Australia can reach scorching temperatures, this is mainly in the middle of Australia, with the east coast offering a much more comfortable heat. The average temperature can be between 20℃-35℃. Whilst the thought of 35℃ heat might be daunting to some, nearly all buildings offer air-con and if you’re near the sea or a pool then you can cool off easily!
  • Thailand – during the winter months, Thailand’s humidity drops and temperatures reach 30℃-35℃, making this a hot but enjoyable temperature.
  • Dubai – Dubai remains hot all year round, but the winter months are definitely the most comfortable months to visit this country, with temperatures reaching the mid-20s.
  • Caribbean Islands – with temperatures of 30℃, the Caribbean islands are a great destination. Bask in turquoise waters to cool off from the heat.
  • Mexico – offering a mouth-wateringly good selection of foods, Mexico promises heat not just in its cuisine, but also in its temperature. Enjoy balmy 20℃ days as you enjoy your own fiesta.

Where is best for winter sun?

The best place for winter sun completely depends on your personal preferences. This is because some countries can reach extremely hot temperatures during the winter months. Of course, if you’re after a bout of heat then Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Florida and Mexico promise sunshine and heat. Just make sure you’re near a pool or the sea to help you cool off!

Whilst the whole of the UK is engulfed in a cold climate during the winter months, there are plenty of countries abroad which remain hot and sunny. In fact, there are so many to choose from that you may find it hard to narrow your choices down!

The Caribbean

Wooden path towards beach with palm trees

The Caribbean holiday is a popular choice for a winter getaway, with 1.2 million Brits visiting its islands in 2015. Barbados boasts a warming 28℃ in the winter months. You’ll find calm waves on the west coast for those who want to relax in the sea and more impressive waves on the east for surf-lovers. Another option for a Caribbean holiday is the stunning St Lucian island, based in the eastern Caribbean sea. This island promises delightful temperatures for you to bask in as you take in the breathtaking mountainous landscape. It doesn’t get more indulgent than that.

Down Under

Australia and New Zealand are also great options for a winter getaway. These countries boast hot climates during the winter. Australia is warmer, so we suggest destinations with beaches nearby to ensure you can have a quick dip in the sea to cool off. The east coast of Australia has plenty of beautiful spots to choose from, and the North island of New Zealand boasts stunning beaches. Or, head to the South Island for stunning mountains and slightly cooler weather.

Southeast Asia

For a winter holiday that allows you to combine both winter sun and culture, Southeast Asia is an experience like no other. The southern islands of Thailand offer crystal blue waters, incredible mountainous landscapes and, of course, endless options of incredible Thai foods to try.


If you’re after somewhere slightly closer to home, Europe can still be a great destination for a winter getaway. The Canary Islands offer a slightly cooler temperature than the aforementioned countries. However, the days are still hot enough for you to bask in the heat by a pool, and the nights provide you with a comfortably cool temperature so that you never risk feeling stuffy. Whilst slightly cooler, Cyprus can reach 18℃ in the winter months. Whilst this isn’t as warm as the other countries, this doesn’t mean you’ll get less winter sun, and sunbathing is still an option when the sun is at its highest.

Where is the cheapest place for Winter sun?

This completely depends on the country you are going to. Although long-haul flights to countries such as Thailand can be expensive, its living cost is much cheaper than visiting the Canary Islands. For example, in Thailand you can feast on street-food for as little as 90p, whilst in the Canary Islands a typical meal out will set you back roughly £15.

man walking past restaurant tables outside in Morocco

If you’re planning a short winter getaway, then choosing a sunny European destination such as Cyprus or the Canary Islands may prove to be more cost effective. This means you can save money on flights, especially if you’re planning on doing a lot of the cooking yourself. However, if you want a longer bout of Winter sun then we suggest going somewhere further afar to ensure you’re getting the most out of your money. Morocco is also a great choice. food and living expenses are relatively low, enabling you to soak up the culture without breaking the bank.

Caribbean holiday in St Lucia

Despite the appeal of all these destinations, our favourite spot to visit is undoubtedly the island of St Lucia. This Caribbean island is perfect to visit between December and June, during the dry season. The temperatures range between 25℃ and 30℃ so that you can get a tan without feeling uncomfortably hot.

As St Lucia is a volcanic island, it boasts a dazzling landscape, lush with vibrant rainforests and golden beaches. In fact, St Lucia is the most mountainous island out of all the Carribean destinations, making it a Caribbean holiday like no other. Dazzling coral reefs make St Lucia a must-see for those who love to dive, and its crystal clear waters are nothing short of bliss.

Rabot Estate

This little spot of paradise deserves to be experienced by everyone. That’s why we felt it was the perfect spot to build our Rabot Estate. Our accommodation overlooks the stunning rainforest surroundings and mountainous backdrop. Relax in our Eco lodges, which provide a sleek and luxurious living experience.

Situated in our estate is our popular Boucan restaurant. Our talented chefs take inspiration from the cocoa trees that grow on St Lucia, crafting cocoa-rich recipes for an indulgent and unique tasting experience. Although chocolate in savoury foods may sound unusual, we promise you they work. We’ve even explored how you can make your own savoury chocolate dishes here.

We’re sure you won’t be stuck for ideas when it comes to things to do on this beautiful island. However, if you’d like to find out more about the cocoa trees that grow on St Lucia, then say no more! Our bean to bar experiences teach you how to make your own chocolate bar, using cocoa beans that we grow on our very own estate. Of course, you might want to just take a breather and relax: our Cacao Spa promises just that, using treatments that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised, nourishing both your skin and mind.

Exotic flavours at home

If you can’t wait until your next winter getaway then don’t worry – get a taste of St Lucia at our Rabot 1745 restaurant. Situated in the bustling Borough Market, London, Rabot 1745 mirrors both the ambience and dining experience of our St Lucian restaurant. Our menu boasts a blend of both British and West Indies flavours, with cocoa running through our menu.

Whilst the winter months may feel a bit gloomy, don’t let this get you down. The prospect of a winter getaway can make even the darkest days feel a bit lighter. Whether you’re planning a last-minute break for a bout of winter sun, or you’re planning in advance for next year’s winter holiday, make sure you choose somewhere that lets you soak up lots of Vitamin D to beat those winter blues. After all, the only thing that should be blue this winter is the sky above you, beaming down rays of sun as you sip on an iced drink by the sea.