Create a Chocolate

The Create-a-Chocolate Competition

A chance to have your chocolate idea brought to life!

You look like the kind of person who has good ideas. If one – or more! – of them is for a chocolate, you could be in with a chance of having your creation brought to life! That’s not all: the lucky winners will also receive 20 Selectors of their creation to share with friends and family (oh, go on – and to show off a little bit as well!).

Eton Mess, Mint Royale, Cara-sel… Some of our most popular chocolates started life as Create-a-Chocolate collaborations between guests and our expert chocolatiers – and some have even gone on to win awards. Now it’s your turn.

Insider tips

It’s all about innovation. We’re looking for ideas that surprise and excite us – maybe it’s an unusual flavour pairing, an intriguing alcohol, a fresh take on a beloved bake. But it has to be new: before you get started, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with what’s already on our Selector Wall of Chocolate.

Mint Royale ticked all the boxes for our chocolatiers – read about its journey from sketch to chocolate to learn what they loved about it.

When to enter

Entries are open from December until the end of March (other T&Cs apply see below). If our chocolatiers make your chocolate a reality, you’re a winner – we’ll announce the full list by the end of the year! To add to the excitement, if you’re a part of Hotel Chocolat Subscriptions you could see your chocolate feature in forthcoming Tasting Boxes, where they’ll be scored by other subscribers.

Hotel Chocolat Subscriptions delivers brand new innovations and best-loved chocolate recipes to your door, on your terms. Subscribers can also score what they try, influencing the development of new recipes, with the highest rated often going on to grace Hotel Chocolat’s shelves.

How to enter

Complete the downloadable PDF, check the T&Cs, then enter by post, by email or by handing in the printed form at any Hotel Chocolat. Make sure your name and contact details are on the form so we can let you know if you win!

Some things to think about to get you started…

• What goes into your chocolate? What ingredients would you use? Molten caramel? Raspberry ganache? Amaretti biscuit? Is it a single or double layer? Have you added a topping for texture?

• What does it look like? Sketch a cross-section to help us understand your vision. Don’t forget labels!

• What would you call it? Like the greats – Dizzy Praline, Going Nuts, Apple of My Eye – have fun with your name!

• What makes it special? The splash of small-batch whisky? The twist of guava? Why is your creation the best?

Where to send your entry

By post

Create-a-Chocolate Competition

Hotel Chocolat

3 Redwongs Way


PE29 7HF.

By Email

Please scan the completed form, title your email your chocolate name and your name (e.g. Lady Marmalade by Kiri Kalenko), then email it to


Just hand to one of our team at any Hotel Chocolat.

Please find Terms and Conditions to the Create a Chocolate competition here.