Wedding Gifts for Couples: 8 Ideas They’ll Both Love

15 Jun 2016

Gift Ideas

We’ve picked out our favourite wedding presents for the newlyweds to enjoy together…

Gone are the days when wedding gifts were as simple as a set of side plates or a casserole dish. Now that most couples have crossed the threshold of their first home long before they tie the knot, the mark of the best wedding presents is that they bring the two of them together. But how to appeal to both of their tastes and help them make some memories? You won’t find these at the back of a drawer or consigned to a box in the attic…

The adventurers

There’s a reason they call it ‘the honeymoon period’: that back-to-normality feeling when you step off the plane can bring you down to earth with a bump. Banish the post-nuptial blues for your favourite couple with a date in the diary they can really look forward to: a Tasting Adventure or Bean to Bar experience with our expert chocolatiers.

At their Tasting Adventure, glass of Prosecco in hand, they’ll learn how and when to taste chocolate, what to look for and which factors affect flavour and texture. Was the ‘terroir’ the source of those smoky notes? Could the dull appearance of the bar they left in their glovebox have something to do with ‘tempering’? Our expert chocolatiers will even furnish them with a goodie bag to take home – an essential aide memoire, we’re sure you’ll agree!

Foodie or craft-loving couples, meanwhile, can get hands-on with a Bean to Bar experience. As they grind their own cocoa beans into cocoa butter – stopping for the odd sip of their glass of bubbly – your newlyweds will learn how cocoa grows, what happened to the sweet pulp of the cocoa pod, what difference it makes to roast the beans and more. By the time their bar is complete, they’ll have tried their hand at the art of tempering and brought a delicate touch to hand-piping. And if their bar doesn’t last the trip home, they can dip into their goodie bag – with a whole new appreciation!


90-minute Tasting Adventure, £50pp, or Bean to Bar experience, £65pp. Book online or contact our Tasting Team: or 03444 93 23 23 (Monday – Friday).

The homebodies

If your happy couple like nothing better than to cuddle up on the sofa with a boxset or five, make their evening-in an event with a Hamper Made for Two or Chocolate Dipping Adventure. The Hamper Made for Two will see them through to the early hours with a mini bottle of Sparkling Rosé, a bottle of our porter-style, small-batch Cocoa Beer, six Beer Truffles, our chocolate twist on Oysters & Champagne, the Nano Slab Gallery with its nine classic Slabs in all our chocolate grades and a keepsake filled with wit and wisdom: our book, The Meaning of Chocolate.

The Chocolate Dipping Adventure, meanwhile, is just that: available in classic or dark, mini or large, it comes with pots of chocolate to melt and all manner of sweet and savoury treats for dipping and sharing – think nuts, biscuits, breadsticks and more. They may never reach for the popcorn again…


A Hamper Made for Two – £50

Chocolate Dipping Adventure – £20 or £35

 The polar opposites

‘Opposites attract’ is all well and good until you have to keep them both happy! If one’s into dark chocolate while the other adores white, or one loves a praline while the other plumps for fruit fillings, opt for the Classic Cabinet or Chocolatier’s Table – showstopping selections of some of our best recipes in caramel, white, dark and milk chocolate.

The Chocolatier’s Table is available in two sizes, or you can gift them our Cabinet – on its own or in a chic ribbon-tied bag with a bottle of our perfectly taste-matched Prosecco or Port. Once they’ve made their way through those elegant little drawers – inspired by the box our chocolatiers hide their new inventions away in – they can replace our little treasures with a few of their own: will she keep her jewellery safe inside or is it time his man drawer got an upgrade…?


The Chocolatier’s Table – £65 or £100

The Classic Cabinet – £50 or £70 with Prosecco or Port

The favourites

Whether it’s your best friends or you child and their partner who are making things official, our grand gestures will show them just how much you care. First up, the Bliss Chocolate Hamper: keep the celebrations going with cocoa for eating, drinking – even spreading on their crumpets – long after they’ve exchanged rings. Think everything from Classic Champagne Truffles to our Milk Sleekster via Prosecco, Malty Munches, a snap-and-share Wham Bam Giant Slab, Chocolate Hazelnut Spread and then some.

Want to wish them a whole year of happiness? Take them from ‘I do’ to anniversary with a 12-month subscription to our Tasting Club. They’ll get a glimpse into our chocolatiers’ inventing room with a box of our brand new and best-loved recipes every month, as well as access to exclusive selections, events and competitions, the chance to score our chocolates and influence which recipes make it onto our shelves – and 5% off everything we do, from our chocolates to dining at our restaurants.


The Bliss Chocolate Hamper £155

Tasting Club Subscription 3 months £60 / 6 months £110 / 12 months £195