Best botanical foot care products and ingredients

1 Apr 2022


The best pamper sessions are head to toe — here are our top foot-friendly natural products

With a tendency to focus on face and body care, it’s easy to neglect our feet. After all, they’re usually hidden away in shoes. So, in this article, we share our top natural ingredients and foot care products to help you achieve full pampering from heel to toe.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll prefer natural beauty products and ingredients over options laden with chemicals and artificial additives. We believe nature gives us the most nourishing (and delicious) ingredients, so why would we look anywhere else. Going for sustainable, natural ingredients is also in line with our Planet Pledge, making it even easier to base our Rabot 1745 beauty range on bountiful botanicals.

Footprint in the sand

Treat your feet with these natural ingredients

A wide variety of botanicals can be used in skincare — trust us, we’ve experimented with quite a few! However, some are better suited to different body parts, skin types, or uses. These are the blissful botanicals and natural ingredients we’ve found to be particularly effective when used in foot care products.


As the skin on your feet can be particularly tough, coffee grounds make ideal exfoliating granules.

Coffee can exfoliate the whole body. But you do need to be careful to choose fine grounds that won’t damage your skin or a specific product for delicate areas like your face. The great thing about using coffee on your feet is that you don’t have this issue. Your foot skin can take it!

Even if you make a homemade coffee scrub to recycle your old Rabot Estate coffee, you won’t need to worry about them being too coarse on your feet.

Coffee grounds

Coconut oil

Thick, rich and intensely moisturising, there’s a reason why you’ll find coconut oil in so many natural skincare products. It’s a great ingredient for intensive moisturisers, masks or exfoliators that need an ingredient to replenish lost moisture and oils from the skin. As feet can get particularly dry and cracked, coconut oil is great for working a little magic in this area.

Shea butter

We use shea butter in a variety of our skin-nourishing moisturisers, and for good reason. Shea butter softens and hydrates skin while protecting it from damage with its beneficial linoleic, oleic, palmitic, and stearic acids.


Honey really packs a punch with its skin-saving properties. A natural antibacterial and antifungal, it is the perfect skin protective ingredient when used in foot care products.

Tea tree oil

If you’re vegan, you might want to give the honey a miss. In which case, an antibacterial and antifungal alternative is tea tree oil. If you’ll be making some homemade foot care products, try adding a drop. It is quite potent and has a strong refreshing smell, so a drop is really all you need.

Essential oil

Our favourite natural foot care products

Truly pampered feet need cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturising. These are our favourite foot-friendly products from our Rabot 1745 natural beauty collection — hand-picked for their sole-buffing, arch-enriching, and toe-cleansing superpowers.

Exfoliating Pumice Pod Soap

Number one on our list is our cacao-pod inspired Pumice Pod Soap. Why? Well, this vegan-friendly soap on a rope exfoliates and nourishes at the same time. This soap can help you achieve soft, nourished skin on most parts of the body. But we particularly adore the way its cacao pod shape fits around the curves of the foot.

It’s gentle on delicate foot areas, yet provides enough abrasion to buff away dead skin. As this pod contains a generous dose of vitamin E-rich coconut oil, your feet won’t feel dry and stripped of essential oils. They’ll be moisturised, replenished, and topped up on TLC.

Honey Pod Soap

If you don’t want to exfoliate your feet with every wash or pamper session, try our Honey Pod Soap. Just like our Pumice Pod Soap, this pod will fit perfectly around the shape of your feet.

Our Honey Pod focuses on cleansing more than exfoliating and contains a powerful natural ingredient — honey! In our opinion, honey is one of the best ingredients for feet due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This chocolatey honey soap is ideal for everyday lathering and rinsing while helping you maintain great foot skin health.

Coffee Body Scrub

Our Coffee Body Scrub is an energising whole-body exfoliator, but it can also be used on your feet. Packaged in a reusable coffee cup, it’s handy for keeping in the bathroom ready for giving your toes a quick buff.

Three Shell Cacao, Almond and Coconut Body Scrub

While our Coffee Body Scrub is perfect for occasional buffing, our Three Shell Cacao, Almond and Coconut Body Scrub will give your feet the deluxe treatment. Free from microplastics, this scrub contains a fine blend of biodegradable cacao, almond, and coconut shells to exfoliate and soften stubborn foot skin the natural way.

Wonder Balm — our skin saviour

Though we don’t recommend slathering our cocoa butter and shea butter-rich Wonder Balm all over your feet (it’s only small, so it’s best to save it!) it quite literally works wonders when applied to pesky extra-dry foot areas. From stubborn cracked heel skin to rough patches on the ball of your foot, enrich and protect with a dash of our multi-use Wonder Balm.

Whether you’re organising a pamper night or just want to give your toes some attention, we hope you’ve enjoyed learning about our favourite foot care products and ingredients.

Enjoy a relaxing pamper session

Why not settle in for the night, whip up a delectable hot chocolate, and treat your feet to some natural beautifying? And if you really want to spoil yourself, light some candles for ambience, and tuck into a box of irresistible chocolates.

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