Press Reviews

Press Reviews

Rabot Hotel, formerly known as Boucan

Reconnecting with nature by way of open-air architecture, sustainable earthy materials and organic, eco-conscious practices is all part of the ethos of our Saint Lucian idyll. And so it was that as of July 2020, we found ourselves unifying under a moniker that captured this spirit.




Vogue Polska

Hotel Chocolat: Ecological and Cozy

"The interior design is minimalistic, but very cozy, with elements of Scandinavian style. The most important places of the hotel are the Rabot restaurant and the infinity pool with a view of the Petit Piton and the jungles. The hotel operates according to the principles of sustainable development." 

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New York Times Online

In St. Lucia, a Celebration of Chocolate

"Some St. Lucia properties such as Boucan, a boutique hotel on a cocoa plantation owned by the British chocolate manufacturer Hotel Chocolat, offer cocoa-related activities regularly." 

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The Independent 

St Lucia: The sweet life

"The three-hour tour at Boucan by Hotel Chocolat – the best-known name among St Lucia's chocolate producers – is the perfect crash course in all things cacao."

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Life's Luxuries - Indulgence

"Hotel Chocolat do more than make delicious truffles and pralines, they also run a stylish boutique hotel from their sweet-smelling St Lucia plantation." 

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New York Times

DIY Candy

"Cacao farming on St. Lucia recently got a boost when the Britain-based chocolate maker Hotel Chocolat opened a six-room hotel and restaurant on its 140-acre cacao-growing Rabot Estate" 

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Sunday Times 

That's the way to do the Caribbean

Of several estates in St Lucia where you can stay...being the swish Hotel Chocolat, which is taking futuristic...

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National Geographic 

Caribbean Escapes

After spending years restoring the old plantation house and cocoa groves at Rabot Estate, a St. Lucia cocoa farm that dates to 1745,British chocolatiers opened...

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Daily Telegraph 

What's new in the Caribbean? 

The Hotel Chocolat, part of a company that runs chocolate shops in British high streets, opened this year on its own cocoa plantation...

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24-hour room service

Angus Thirlwell has a Willy Wonka twinkle in his eye – or at least that's the impression I get from the photograph in the brochure of his latest venture, a hotel in Saint Lucia...

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Fox News 

The World's Most Amazing Hotel Pools

Why It's Cool: The guest-only infinity pool at this five-month-old property is lined with black quartz tiles, a stroke of genius on the part of Hotel Chocolat's upscale English chocolatier owners; the resulting dark color reflects the iconic Pitons Read...

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