Gift guide for white chocolate lovers

28 Nov 2020

White Chocolate

Get your creative hat on for these delectable white chocolate gift ideas

Some people love it, some people hate it. Its sweet, indulgent flavour is a comforting treat for some, whereas others eschew it for being too sweet or too creamy. Some people even think that the humble white chocolate bar can’t even be labelled as chocolate, something we disagree with in detail here.

Whatever your opinion, you’re here because someone close to you is a true white chocolate lover. We take a look at the best white chocolate gifts you can give to your sweet-toothed friends and family.

Why do people love white chocolate?

Sweet and creamy, it’s little wonder that white chocolate has so many adoring fans. It’s light and delicate so you can eat lots of it without it getting too rich (a chocolate we can consume in copious amounts? The dream) and it goes really well with countless other treats, like strawberries, hazelnuts, and marshmallows.

Whilst it’s just as delicious as its milk and dark chocolate counterparts, it’s not quite as popular for gifting, so giving a white chocolate gift is bound to make your present stand out. Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, or any other special occasion, it’s the perfect treat when you want to spoil someone you love.

We have a lovely selection of white chocolate goodness, so head straight to our white chocolate collection or read on to find out all about choosing gifts for white chocolate lovers…

White chocolate gifts for her

Unique and luxurious, a white chocolate gift is a perfect treat when you have a special lady to buy for. Whether it’s Mother’s Day, your sister’s birthday, or a special date night, white chocolate is a thoughtful option that will show her how much you care.

Nothing says luxury like truffles, so if you want a really sumptuous gift, go for our simply white chocolate truffle selector. Filled with a whipped cream truffle and enrobed in creamy white chocolate that features a touch of vanilla, these truffles will melt in her mouth and make her taste buds sing – perfect for when you want to sweep a girl off her feet.

You could also treat a lovely woman in your life to a French-inspired gift with our passion fruit macarons. With citrusy passion fruit whip sandwiched between creamy white chocolate disks, these provide the perfect mix of tanginess and sweetness. Très délicieux.

If you’re shopping for a mum or granny who loves baking up a storm in the kitchen, our white chocolate drops would be ideal. As well as being tasty on their own, they’re delicious when baked in cakes and biscuits so any keen baker is sure to love them. You’ll be loving them too when you’re tucking into a white chocolate cookie straight from your mum’s oven!

White chocolate gifts for him

White chocolate is the perfect sweet gift for the sweet men in your life. Whether you’re shopping for a husband, a son, or a male friend, our white chocolate range has you covered.

Ever-so-creamy and perfect for melting into hot chocolate, coffee, or tea, our white chocolate batons are delightfully minimalistic treats that are guaranteed to perk up his day. Any man is also sure to love our white chocolate slab selector – creamy white chocolate goodness in the classic slab shape, it’s simplicity at its best. 

If you really want to wow his taste buds, go for our blondie selector. Everyone loves a good brownie, and these chocolates feature all the deliciousness of a white chocolate brownie wrapped in up a bite-sized chocolate. These certainly won’t be hanging around for long.

White hot chocolate gifts

Sweet and decadent, white hot chocolate is an underrated gem and the perfect pick-me-up on cold days. If you’ve never had the pleasure of trying a white hot chocolate, you’re missing out on one of life’s loveliest pleasures. 

We think that our range of hot chocolate is a great starting point, and our white hot chocolate will show you warm indulgence in its truest form. Featuring 36% white chocolate and a hint of Madagascan vanilla, this is an irresistibly delectable treat. It’s been designed for our hot chocolate machine, the Velvetiser, so for an especially luxe gesture, get them one of these gadgets so they can make white hot chocolate just as well as any barista. 

If you want to make your white hot chocolate gift even more thoughtful, you could use it to create a hot chocolate gift jar. Simply fill a jar with white hot chocolate, white chocolate shavings, sugar, crushed candy canes, and marshmallows and voilà – your loved one has everything they need to make a delicious white hot chocolate

What to put in a white chocolate hamper

If you’re putting together a hamper and want a theme, centring it around white chocolate is a unique and tasty idea. The best hampers are the ones that offer variety, so make sure to include a variety of white chocolate goodies as well as treats that go well with white chocolate.

Our White Chocolate Collection would be a great addition. Featuring a blondie chocolate, a strawberry cheesecake chocolate, and a white chocolate walnut chocolate, this selection will give your lucky recipient the chance to try our most popular white chocolate flavours. If you want to give a box of chocolates with an even bigger variety, go for our Fruity Chocolate Box Sleekster. We’ve filled it to bursting with deliciously fruity chocolates, many of which we’ve enrobed in creamy white chocolate. Highlights include our raspberry pannacotta chocolate, our mango smoothie chocolate, and our Eton mess chocolate.

What goes well with a white chocolate gift

One of the things we love most about white chocolate is its modesty – it never overshadows other foods or flavours, so the list of treats it goes well with is endless.

Fruit is a tasty addition to white chocolate (especially strawberries and raspberries), as the tart fruit creates a delicious contrast with the smooth creamy chocolate. So, if you want to make a lovely gesture, you could give a fresh fruit and white chocolate gift basket. You could also throw in a bottle of bubbly with any white chocolate treats to give your gift a truly luxurious feel.

When it comes to aesthetics, white chocolate goes wonderfully with anything pastel-coloured so pair it with marshmallows, bright sweets, and anything covered with sprinkles to make your gift especially eye-catching.


Choosing gifts can be tricky, but we hope this guide will help you pick out the perfect white chocolate gifts to delight and spoil your loved ones, or yourself. Go on – we all deserve a little white chocolate goodness in our lives.