What’s the best way to make coffee at home?

19 Mar 2021


Are you a cafetiere convert or a moka pot master? There’s a whole host of ways to make delicious coffee at home…

The year 2020 will always be remembered as the year of change. Luckily for many, coffee – one of the most popular beverages that we consume daily – has managed to withstand the test of (pandemic) time.

With the trials and tribulations of COVID-19 weighing on our minds, we could always count on our caffeine boost to see us through. Well, once the initial fear factor of not actually knowing how to make a decent cup of coffee at home eventually settled!

Morning runs to the local coffee shop or a quick brew at work with colleagues became a distant dream. Suddenly we had to try and pick up some pro-coffee-making skills, which has been a challenge in itself. It is normal to feel a little overwhelmed when we had always relied on a friendly barista to prepare our cup of java. Or when we have to accept that our coffee craving would need to be quenched by a scoop of the instant coffee that has been languishing at the back of the cupboard since time immemorial. We all know the one!

With so many new and progressive coffee brewing possibilities at our disposal, how can you decide which one will work for you? That’s where we come in.

As lovers of coffee ourselves, let’s run through some of the most popular methods to make coffee at home and how they work. Remember that your needs and preferences will have an impact as to which method you choose, but we’ll help guide you through!

How to use a cafetiere

coffee from a cafetiere being poured into a mug with milk

A cafetiere, also known as a French Press or “coffee press”, is a symbol of home-brewed coffee. Its simplistic design of a heatproof glass jug and strainer/plunger with a lid makes it one of the most recognisable coffee makers. Thanks to its affordability and ease of use, you can find these stashed away in kitchens across the world.

Steps to using a cafetiere

  • Before you begin, make sure it’s clean. Reusing a dirty cafetiere will give your coffee a stale flavour.
  • Boil some water
  • In the meantime, remove the plunger from the cafetiere and add 1 tbsp of ground coffee (for one mug full)
  • Once the water is boiled, leave it to stand for a minute or two before pouring it into the jug to avoid “burning” the coffee. Pour the boiled water about halfway up the heatproof jug, stir the coffee grounds, then top up to the top
  • Pop the plunger lid back on and let it sit for four minutes to get all the brewed goodness!
  • Then, plunge slowly to separate the coffee grounds from the liquid

Suitable for: Infrequent coffee drinkers who want a quick and easy option to make coffee at home that won’t break the bank!

How to use an Aeropress

close up of person using aeropress coffee machine

The gravity-defying Aeropress, with its futuristic, light-weight and sleek design is perfect for on-the-go coffee drinkers. The device has several components which can appear slightly daunting but there’s no reason to be put off. In fact, since its introduction in 2005, it rapidly grew in popularity due to its lightning-speed brewing possibilities. Brew your coffee in under 3 minutes – nothing could be more brew-tiful.

Steps to using an Aeropress

  • Boil the kettle and allow it to cool slightly
  • In the meantime, insert the circular filter into the Aeropress plastic cap and attach the cylinder
  • Pour over some of the boiled (and slightly cooled) water through to wet the filter. This step is done to help heat your brewing vessel and to keep the filter securely in place
  • Make sure your assembled Aeropress is completely dry and put one scoop of coffee
  • Next, pour in enough boiled water for one mug of coffee. Tip: Simply fill up your coffee mug with the water then pour that in! Leave this to seep for around 30 seconds
  • Stir the coffee and leave this again for around one minute
  • Take the plastic cap and place this over your Aeropress and place the device over your coffee mug
  • Steadily push the plunger down and watch the coffee goodness dive into your mug!

Suitable for: If you have no time to spare but want a compact, durable device, choose the Aeropress. Also ideal if you like your coffee smooth and rich without much acidity. If this sounds like you, take the plunge and go for it!

How to use a Moka Pot

moka pot pouring coffee into an espresso cup

The moka pot, also referred to as a stove-top espresso maker, is the quintessential coffee device of Italy. Invented almost 90 years ago, it soon became a staple of Italian culture. It became a standardised way of domestically making coffee in the second half of the twentieth century. Let’s face it, there’s a reason it’s lasted this long. Recognised worldwide for its iconic stainless steel design, the moka pot is portable, easy to clean, and makes a rich, thick and strong cup of coffee. There’s a reason why no espresso can match an Italian espresso!

Steps to using a Moka Pot

  • Pour freshly boiled water into the bottom half – also referred to as the bottom chamber – of your Moka Pot
  • Add ground coffee into the pot’s filter basket
  • Screw both the filter basket and the top chamber onto the bottom chamber. Be careful as the bottom will be very hot!
  • Put the Moka Pot on the stove on a low-to-medium heat
  • Water from the bottom chamber will slowly start to seep through the filter, pushing this up into the top chamber
  • Remove from the stove when the top chamber has filled with coffee

Suitable for: Those longing to be sat on a balcony under the Tuscan sun. Or, for those who simply want that extra punch to their cup of Joe.

How to use a coffee pod machine

unbranded silver coffee pods for a coffee machine

Did you know coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the UK behind water? With the closure of our local coffee shops in March 2020, we think it’s safe to say that most of us either researched or invested in a coffee machine at the beginning of lockdown. These types of coffee makers, like our specially-engineered Podster, can give you barista-grade coffee at the touch of a button. Very convenient when you’ve got back-to-back Zoom calls all day.

Steps to use a coffee pod machine

  • Load up the tank at the back of the machine with water
  • Choose a capsule from our four unique blends – Rocket, The One, The One Decaf, and Cashmere – and place it into the pod holder. Be sure to place it the right way round!
  • Turn on the coffee machine and make the ultimate decision: ristretto (short) or lungo (long)?
  • Place your desired coffee cup under the spout and press your button choice
  • Once finished, release the used pod into the empty capsule holder, ready to be used again. 

Suitable for: Regular coffee drinkers who desire premium quality coffee from the comfort of their own home. And for fans of George Clooney, of course.

How to make filter coffee

barista making filtered coffee on scales

Filter coffee is exactly what it says on the tin. Filtered coffee expertly extracts coffee directly from ground beans. This type of coffee brewing, as can be achieved by our specifically-designed Gravitator mechanism, helps accentuate the intricate flavours and brings back the joy of manually making your coffee!

Steps to make filter coffee

As there are several different methods, just be sure you have the following: ground coffee, a coffee filter, and a pour-over brewer.

  • Boil water in your kettle
  • Grab your filter and place it in the brewer. Rinse the filter with the freshly boiled water to get rid of that papery taste. Make sure to then dispose of the water used to wash the filter before moving on to the next step
  • Add your ground coffee to the filter
  • Slowly and in circular motions start to pour around ⅓ of the boiled water, and wait for 30 seconds. This allows all of the gasses to escape, resulting in a much tastier cup of coffee!
  • Pour another ⅓ of the water. Give it a little swirl and wait for around 20 seconds for it to draw down
  • Pour the remaining water in the same manner. Give it another swirl and wait for it all to filter through
  • Remove the filter and serve your freshly filtered coffee!

Suitable for: Those wanting to go back to basics. If you’re a fan of tasty, no-frills coffee, you’ll enjoy this hands-on approach.

There you have it, five different ways to make the coffee of your dreams. An eye-opening experience that could change the way you enjoy your favourite hot beverage. Who needs a barista when you’re now one in your own right?

If you feel peckish after all of your hard brewing work, add further delight to the experience with a sweet treat. We may be slightly biased, but we’re strong believers in coffee and chocolate being the ultimate match. Our Coffee Chocolate goes perfectly with any type of coffee, brewed any which way.