Homemade Valentine’s day gift ideas

27 Nov 2020


Whether you’re enjoying the passionate delights of the honeymoon period or feeling comfortable and cosy in an established relationship, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to reconnect with your significant other and remember why you fell in love in the first place. Make this February 14th extra special with a heartfelt homemade Valentine’s day gift that will show your loved one just how much you care.

Couple kissing on a bench for valentines

Valentine’s gift ideas for him

Sometimes gift-buying can be a bit nerve-wracking, especially at Valentine’s when so many presents available stem from courtship traditions primarily aimed at wooing women. So what do you get for the special man in your life?

No matter what his age or hobbies are, chocolate is a sure-fire Valentine’s winner for your beau. Our range of luxury chocolate gifts for him offers something to suit all tastes.

Chocolate’s reputation as an aphrodisiac dates as far back as 500BC. Drinks made from cocoa beans were an important part of Mayan wedding rituals. And the delicious cocoa confection was also heralded by the Aztecs, who associated it with feelings of love and desire. In the Victorian era, a box of elegantly-presented chocolates became a popular way of showing romantic interest. However, it was a big taboo for a woman to present the gift to a man — only the most daring of ladies would think of such a thing!

Fortunately, times have changed and, while chocolate still makes an excellent Valentine’s gift, anyone can be a grateful recipient. Take your chocolate gifting to the next level with a delectable Everything Luxe collection for a variety of our most iconic milk, dark and white chocolates.

For lovers of crunch, we have the Utterly Nutty Selectors collection, the perfect combination of melt-in-your-mouth praline and roasted almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios.

If he’s partial to a drink, artisanal ales can be a nice option. Or why not surprise him with a Beer and Chocolate Hamper for a refreshing twist on a traditional brew?

Romantic table setting with wine and candles

Valentine’s gift ideas for her

Flowers are another Valentine’s tradition that has historical ties to fertility, love, and marriage. Once again, it was the coy Victorians who took this symbolism into courtship. They would send flowers to deliver messages that couldn’t be spoken aloud, and every flower had a different meaning. Red roses proclaimed ‘I love you,’ and are still one of the most popular flowers used to express romance.

You could add a personal touch to the Valentine’s tradition of a flower bouquet by displaying them in a hand-painted mason jar vase.
If flowers aren’t her jam, make her day with some opulent chocolate gifts. Choose elegant Champagne Truffles and velvety Chocolat Cream Liqueur to captivate her tastebuds and give her that warm fuzzy feeling. Or go for cacao-infused beauty gifts that will pamper and nourish her skin, enveloping her in the heady scent of paradise.

Romantic homemade Valentine’s day gift ideas

Ah, romance: “a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.” How can you make sure your homemade Valentine’s day gift is truly romantic?

Make it personal — think about the things your partner really loves so that the gift is tailored to them. Putting together a gift hamper with all their favourite things is a lovely way to show how much you know and appreciate their tastes. And if your loved one is a chocolate fiend, you can build a personalised hamper filled to the brim with sumptuous cocoa treats they’ll love. Choose anything from boozy liqueurs for a tipsy treat to patisserie truffles for the cake connoisseur.

The most romantic gifts aren’t expensive and flashy; they’re thoughtful and have some meaning behind them. Think about special moments you’ve shared together and let these be reflected in your gift choices.

Make it an experience — use this special day to create new shared memories too. Make the most of an evening together with a Mini Chocolate Dipping Adventure. Slow down and savour both the sensation of irresistibly rich melted chocolate and quality time together.

Homemade Valentine’s day gifts don’t have to be limited to physical items. Invoke that sense of mystery with a creative surprise that will take their breath away. And it doesn’t have to be a big adventure to have that romantic impact. 

Show how much you care with sweet gestures like cooking their favourite meal or recreating a spa experience with a shared bubble bath. Enhance the mood and indulge the senses with scented candles and oils.

handwritten gift tag with the words I love you on it

Personalised homemade Valentine’s day gifts

Homemade Valentine’s day gifts are fun to make, as well as resulting in charming keepsakes. 

If you’re feeling especially creative, there’s a wealth of Valentine’s craft ideas at your fingertips, from heart coasters and word tile picture frames to flirty fortune cookies.

Your loved one is sure to appreciate the time and effort that goes into a homemade gift. And making something bespoke means you can really add that personal touch. You might even learn a new skill as you craft!

Putting together a Date Night Jar filled with activity ideas and prompts can be a fun way to spice up your evening and show your partner how thoughtful you are. Take out a prompt at random and see where the night takes you…

You can adapt the jar to suit yours and your partner’s interests. You could include fun activities to do, silly dares to complete, and meaningful questions to ask each other. Remove any distractions, reconnect, and focus on one another.

Have you always avoided homemade Valentine’s day gifts because crafting isn’t really your thing? Maybe an old-fashioned love letter or a personalised card can be a touching alternative. Print a photograph of the two of you together and stick it to a folded piece of card — et voila! Or you could even write straight onto the back of the picture. Speak from the heart and let the words flow, or find a poem that echoes how you feel. 

red rose

Unique homemade Valentine’s day gift ideas

If you want to really sweep your loved one off their feet, why not go for something totally unique? Booking a day out or getting vouchers for something your partner’s always wanted to do is certain to make them smile. It’s also a great way to spend some quality time together. Perhaps there’s a spa they’ve always wanted to visit or a class or workshop they’d like to enrol in.

You and your partner could deepen your knowledge and appreciation of chocolate with one of our Cocoa Vaults Gift Experiences. Captivate your senses as you learn about the art of the chocolatier. Let the sweet aroma of cocoa embrace you and the smooth taste of chocolate tantalise your tongue. You can even exclusively book a Private Tasting Adventure for something a little more cosy and intimate.

Why limit the love to one day? Set your romantic side free and show them how much you care on a regular basis with a gift subscription. Our Tasting Club subscriptions are the gifts that keep on giving. It might not be a completely homemade Valentine’s day gift idea, but you can enjoy each chocolate from the comfort of your own home!

Decide which type of treat your other half would adore the most, and we’ll send a selection of carefully curated items directly to their door each month. Every time that doorbell rings, bringing with it a deliciously dark high-cocoa collection, or a sweet and fruity sleekster, they’ll be sure to think of you.