5 special ways to surprise your loved one on valentines day

26 Jan 2017

Gift Ideas

Whether you’ve got a question to pop or you just want to see their face light up, make their February 14th with a gasp-worthy romantic gesture.

It’s the little things that count, but that doesn’t mean we won’t go above and beyond on the most romantic day of the year. Whether you’re staying in, going out or sweeping them off their feet this Valentine’s Day, these bolts from the blue will remind them how much they mean to you.

1. Hold the fort

You’re going to need all the cushions, pillows and blankets you own to transform your living room into a fort! Start with a duvet (or two) or futon for a comfy base, drape sheets from the ceiling or across sofas or chairs for the roof and prop or peg everything in place. Pad with pillows, cushions and blankets, string with fairy lights, stock with snacks, a laptop, a pack of cards and games and commence a night of movies, music and reconnecting over silly childhood fun.

Bonus points Make the first trailer before tonight’s movie a 3–5-minute video of your relationship, using photos and videos from your phone and social media and set to a song that holds special meaning for the two of you.

2. Bubble over

You’ve both had a long day – tonight, treat yourselves to a spa in your own home. Greet your other half in slippers and fluffy dressing gown, hand them theirs and offer them a shoulder massage with your fragrant new oil. Next, have some fun plastering each other with face masks and watching an episode of that programme you’ve been meaning to try while it gets to work. Finally, retire to a bath filled with bubbles and surrounded with rose petals and scented candles – a classic move that will never go out of style.

Bonus points Make the tub the focal point with a bottle of Champagne, glasses and a selection of cheeses and desserts arranged on a chair beside it to share as you soak.

3. Where have you been all my life?

Start your Valentine’s Day treasure hunt before they get home with the first of a series of romantic riddles slipped into their lunch! Each puzzle should relate to a fun memory or something you know about each other, leading your loved one through your home to small gifts and new clues. Finally, the crescendo: you reveal a showstopping present, get down one knee or simply lead them into your dining room, where fairy lights are twinkling and a bunch of flowers is the centrepiece to your three-course dinner.

Bonus points Fill one of the rooms with helium balloons, each of which is hung with photos, notes and ticket stubs from your relationship; the current clue has a pin attached and now they have to use the sentimental accoutrements to work out which to pop! (Top tip: Hide balled-up tissue paper and small objects in a few of the balloons to make it trickier!)

4. Love, actually, is all around

If you haven’t seen Richard Curtis’s Love Actually, watch the scene where Mark confesses his feelings for Juliet immediately. We’ll admit it’s more than a little awkward that she’s already married, but that doesn’t make the act of showing up announced on the doorstep of your own significant other and confessing your undying love any less romantic. Not sure what to say on your A3 posters? 10 things you love about them is romance at its most elegant, while quotes from films and books you both love could also work as long as they resonate with you.

Bonus points Instead of going indoors after your confession, lead them to the car for a night out – or even better, whisk them off to the airport for a surprise weekend away! (Top tip: Leave them a mysterious note telling them to dress for dinner, or pack a bag after they leave for work in the morning and have it stowed in the boot.)

5. Shout it from the rooftops

… Well, the windows anyway! If you have something to declare to the one you love in front of the whole world, do it with a love note in one of our windows. Simply stop by your nearest Hotel Chocolat, tell our staff your message and they’ll put it up ready for when you walk your sweetheart past!

Bonus points Reserve their perfect Valentine’s Day gift by Click & Collect and take them inside to pick it up after they’ve read your note!

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