11 delicious ideas and flavours for the best hot chocolate

9 Dec 2020

Hot Chocolate

There’s nothing better than a deliciously creamy and rich cup of cocoa. Hot chocolate is gently warming and mouthwateringly moreish, making it the perfect drink for those long and cold winter months. We like ours high in cocoa, which is why we make our hot chocolate from grated flakes of the real stuff. But did you know about the huge range of hot chocolate flavours we offer?

Although we love the classic taste of a cup of cocoa, sometimes it’s fun to experiment with new hot chocolate flavours. We’ve come up with some of our favourite hot chocolate ideas, ideal for those who consider themselves as a bit of a hot cocoa connoisseur. Grab your pan (or Velvetiser) – it’s time to put these hot chocolate ideas to the test!

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate flavours you can try

At Hotel Chocolat, we believe in using quality ingredients only. That’s why you’ll never find any nasty additives in our hot chocolates. We simply use shaved flakes of real chocolate to give you a cup of cocoa that is bold in chocolate notes, whilst being simultaneously smooth and creamy. 

We’ve already looked at how you can make the best hot chocolate – but what if you want to experiment with different hot chocolate flavours? Instead of spending hours in the kitchen, attempting to create your own cocoa culinary revolution, try our single-serve sachets. Enjoy the full-bodied taste without any hidden ingredients.

Our favourite hot chocolate flavours

Salted caramel

The sumptuousness of caramel, the subtle tang of salt. Salted caramel mixed with cocoa is a hot chocolate flavour invention fit for the gods. We use 50% cocoa in ours for a satisfyingly deep cocoa finish.

Maple and pecan

This hot chocolate idea is the perfect winter warmer. Enjoy on a chilly Autumn’s morning, or settle down to a mug of maple and pecan hot chocolate on a cold and dark winter’s eve. Roasted pecan notes give this hot chocolate a toasted edge. Undertones of maple syrup make this moreish, without being too sickly.


The history of mint dates all the way back to the Ancient Egyptian era, making it a worthy suitor for the cocoa bean, which the Mayans consumed back in 1500 BC. Although mint and cocoa might not have been introduced to each other until modern times, we think mint hot chocolate is a pairing destined to be. This hot chocolate flavour promises a deep cocoa flavour, with the refreshing lift of mint to cleanse the palette.

Hot chocolate with mint candy canes

Salted Caramel and Clementine

Is there anything more comforting and festive than aromatic hot chocolate in the run-up to Christmas? If you’re looking for a hot chocolate flavour to keep you warm and cosy in December, why not try our Salted Caramel and Clementine variety? The blend of rich caramel chocolate and refreshing clementine offer the perfect balance of subtle sweetness and uplifting citrus. And a touch of sea salt enhances all the ingredients, tying them together for a well-rounded, satisfying flavour.


And if you’re looking for even more of a citrus tang, our Supermilk hot chocolate is scarily irresistible. Nothing really beats the mixture of rich dark milk chocolate with the fragrant and uplifting notes of blood orange. Our revolutionary Supermilk hot chocolate contains more cocoa and less sugar than your typical milk, made from a staggering 65% cocoa. It doesn’t get more indulgent than this.

White chocolate and cardamom

A delicate and fragrant option to soothe the mind and body. The beauty of this hot chocolate flavour is that you can make it completely from scratch – gentle infuse cardamom pods into your milk, letting it stand, covered, for 20 minutes after it’s reached the right temperature.

In the meantime, finely grate a bar of white chocolate – make sure it’s high in cocoa butter for that effortlessly smooth melt and creamy finish. Reheat the milk if you need to, pour in the chocolate and whisk until everything has melted and you get a glossy sheen.

Still need a bit of help on making your hot chocolate from a bar? More guidance can be found here in our blog on how to make hot chocolate from a chocolate bar – although, with The Velvetiser, hot chocolate-making couldn’t be simpler! 

Toppings for your hot chocolate

This is where you can really get creative with your hot chocolate flavours! Make sure you used whipped cream (we like to whisk double cream for that extra smooth and indulgent finish) before you put your toppings on. We suggest 100ml double cream per mug. This gives you that light and snowy topping, whilst the part which meets hot chocolate melts gloriously.


What type of mood are you in? Dried fruits give that cosy, winter’s eve feels – we suggest dried cranberries or orange pieces for a wintry hot chocolate idea. Lovers of fruit and nut chocolate can also recreate the taste by scattering juicy raisins and crunchy chopped nuts on top of the cream.

For a subtle fruity fragrance, why not grate the zest of citrus fruits on top of the whipped cream? These hot chocolate flavours promise a subtle tangy undertone. Grate lemon to pair with a white hot chocolate, orange for milk and lime for dark.

orange as a hot chocolate flavour


Be as bold and adventurous as you wish when it comes to biscuit toppings! Whether you’re crumbling a cookie or sprinkling shortbread, feel free to use your favourite biscuit as a topping. We enjoy using a caramel biscuit to complement our hot chocolate flavours – you can never have too much indulgence, after all.


This one might sound a little strange, but we think it makes perfect sense. Rather than dunking a croissant into your hot chocolate, French style, dip a glazed donut into your cocoa instead. The sweet dough absorbs the creamy cocoa goodness, giving you a donut like no other, with something sweet, hot and chocolatey to wash it down with.


Crunchy, sweet, and moreish, you can’t say no to honeycomb which has been generously sprinkled over a hot chocolate. Don’t worry if you can’t eat all of the honeycomb bites before you reach the hot chocolate; let a few pieces melt into your cocoa to give it that delightful honeycomb backdrop.


Spices add a subtle fragrance to a hot chocolate which is like no other. Once you get the perfect mouthful of hot chocolate, cream and spice, reaching for the spice cupboard will be second nature in your hot chocolate making ritual. We suggest a light dusting of cinnamon, clove, or nutmeg for a hot chocolate flavour which leaves you feeling cosy and satisfied.

cinnamon sticks and star anise

Now you have a wealth of hot chocolate ideas, it’s time to put your inspiration to good use. Don’t worry if you’ve worked yourself into a bit of a dizzying hot chocolate tizz – our winter hot chocolate recipes are a great starting point for those who want to branch out in their hot chocolate flavours.

For the quickest, easiest and smoothest results, incorporate The Velvetiser into your hot chocolate routine. Designed to make the thickest hot chocolate, ready in a matter of minutes, The Velvetiser promises barista-grade hot chocolate, ready to be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. It doesn’t get more indulgent than that.