13 gifts to buy for coffee lovers

1 Sep 2021

Gift Ideas

Searching for a present for your favourite caffeine fiend? Look no further than our list of gifts for coffee lovers!

For some, coffee is functional; it’s the thing that gets us up and out of bed in the morning. For others, coffee is an experience. The aromas, the flavours, the caffeine kick — it all adds up to make a special moment, whether that’s quietly sipping over breakfast or sharing with a friend. If you’re wondering what to buy that special person in your life, take a look at our ideas on gifts for coffee lovers.

Gifts for coffee lovers

Birthday coffee gifts

Espresso purist or cappuccino connoisseur — these gifts are perfect for any coffee fan’s birthday.

Coffee machine

Forget instant and treat your loved one to a coffee machine, so they can wake to their favourite barista-grade beverage every morning. Whether you go for an espresso machine for coffee pods or a drip filter machine, there are lots of styles to choose from.

An espresso machine is ideal for creating deliciously rich short coffees with a layer of golden crema. Pair with steamed milk, and you get satisfying creamy drinks with an energising caffeine kick.

Alternatively, for those who enjoy their coffee black, a drip filter machine will offer a convenient way to prepare a batch and keep them going throughout the day. With a hot plate to keep the coffee at a good temperature, a filter machine is great for when you know one cup just won’t be enough.

Coffee subscription

Buying for someone adventurous? A coffee subscription is an ideal present for those who like trying new things. Sent straight to their door, they can experience samples of coffees from around the world, trying out a variety of flavours, aromas and acidities.

And for those who know exactly what they like, a Rabot Estate Coffee Subscription makes sure they’ll never run out! Each month, we’ll send enough coffee beans or pods to tide them over and keep the drinks flowing. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Does your coffee-loving friend enjoy mellow coffee with a delicate sweetness? Then we think they’d love our smooth Cashmere blend. Or perhaps they’d appreciate the bright, fruity notes of our Oh, Hello variety.

All you have to do is choose from our five delightful blends, decide between coffee pods and fresh whole beans, and set the frequency. Easy! We’ll send them regular parcels straight to their door.

Coffee mug

For a thoughtful birthday gift, you can look for a mug that your friend or loved one will cherish. Whether you go for something elegant, quirky, or a personalised photo mug, you can tailor your gift to the recipient.

And for something sophisticated and tactile, why not take a look at our Duo of Pod Cups? Inspired by the mighty cacao pods of Saint Lucia, these cups are a delight to cradle between your hands.

Milk frother

From handheld whisks to stainless steel plunger designs, a milk frother is the ultimate gadget for those who love cappuccinos. They create thick, foamy milk without the need for a steaming wand. And because many are compact, they’re ideal for taking on holiday. After all, we all need that frothy coffee fix when we’re camping.

Alternatively, if your giftee wants barista-grade milk at home, you could go all out with the Velvetiser. The Velvetiser whips up silky-smooth foamed milk for lattes, flat whites, and cappuccinos at the touch of a button (as well as irresistible hot chocolates, of course). Your loved one can get the full coffee shop experience in the comfort of their own kitchen.

A milk frother  makes the perfect gift for a coffee lover

Coffee body scrub

Coffee is delicious to drink, but did you know it’s great for skincare, too? You can reuse old coffee grounds to make a natural body scrub bursting with antioxidants. Mixing used coffee grounds with coconut oil makes a fragrant beauty product ideal for exfoliating. Present it in a glass jar for an eco-friendly, homemade gift.

And if getting crafty with coffee isn’t your thing, you can also pick up some of our Rabot 1745 Coffee Body Scrub for your coffee-loving friend. Combined with salt, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil and a touch of argan oil, this scrub exfoliates, soothes and hydrates.

Dinner party coffee gifts

Wondering how to thank a friend for a delicious meal? Coffee-related gifts are ideal for taking to a dinner party. If your recipient is feeling generous, they might even share at the table!

Coffee chocolates

If an evening cup of coffee is a little too intense, a coffee chocolate brings just the right balance of caffeine and sweet satisfaction to round off a meal.

Our Tiramisu Selector packs make an excellent dinner party gift. With layers of snappable milk chocolate, tangy whipped cream and a smooth coffee filling, this bitesize delight is a chocolatier’s take on the classic Italian dessert. Your host won’t even need to serve pudding!

Perhaps you could take along a combination of our Caffe Latte Selector and Salted Espresso Martini Chocolate Selector packs. The Caffe Latte offers the vanilla sweetness of high cocoa butter white chocolate alongside a roasted coffee kick, while the Salted Espresso Martini adds a boozy flair.

Stylish coasters

Keep the kitchen table in tip-top condition with some beautiful coasters. Ceramic and stoneware coasters make an elegant dinner party gift to set under hot mugs of coffee.

Coffee liqueur

It might be traditional to take a bottle of wine to a dinner party. However, we think coffee liqueur is an inventive and charming alternative for your coffee-loving host.

A traditional coffee liqueur is an excellent choice for a post-meal tipple. Or, for something a little more indulgent, your host can add a drop to their favourite coffee, cocktails and desserts.

Coffee scented candle

Give your loved one the gift of ambience with an aromatic candle. There’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. And now your cuppa-loving friend can enjoy the uplifting fragrance as it permeates through their home — all while casting a cosy glow.

Whether they burn it at the table or enjoy it as they soak in a comforting bubble bath, a coffee scented candle makes a sophisticated dinner party gift.

Coffee scented candle

Business coffee gifts

Got a coworker who can’t function without their morning coffee fix? No matter what the occasion, here are some gift ideas for coffee-loving colleagues.

Coffee beans

How could we compile a list of what to buy a coffee lover without including freshly roasted whole coffee beans?

Our Rabot Estate Coffee Collection boasts an array of five blends, ranging from mellow and soothing to a turbo-boosted Rocket blend that’s sure to pep anyone up on a Monday morning. We even have a decaf option for those moments when your coworker wants to limit their caffeine intake but still enjoy those satisfying coffee notes.

Sustainable, fair coffee production is at the heart of our Rabot Estate range, making it an excellent gift choice for those interested in being ethical coffee drinkers.

Coffee grinder

A coffee grinder is the perfect gift to go with those delicious coffee beans. Manual or electric, a coffee grinder will enable your work friend to get the ideal level of coarseness for their preferred coffee brewing method. You could even direct them to our article on grinding your own coffee for extra tips.

Manual coffee grinder

Coffee mug warmer

We’ve all been called away from our coffee to attend to an urgent task. Make cold cuppas a thing of the past with a handy coffee cup warmer. Perfect for setting up on a desk, your colleague is sure to appreciate your gift as they sip at their piping hot latte throughout the day.

Local coffee shop voucher

Does your giftee have a favourite cafe? Treat them to a voucher so they can get their coffee fix and support a local business.

Coffee gifts for every occasion

Whether you’re buying for a partner, friend, or colleague, we hope this list has given you some inspiration on what to buy a coffee lover. Don’t forget to check out our Rabot Estate Coffee collection for sustainable, ethically sourced coffee in a variety of flavour blends.