What can you do with coffee liqueur?

27 May 2021


There’s more than one way to enjoy this creamy and punchy tipple

Take deep, roasted coffee notes and combine them with a smooth and subtly sweet liqueur. The results? A gently warming tipple that can be enjoyed straight or stirred into other beverages for an indulgent cocktail.

At Hotel Chocolat, we believe there’s more to coffee than simply roasting some beans. We’ve carefully selected five different coffee blends to provide you with a variety of flavours and aromas to make that perfect cuppa. We believe that you should be able to make coffee in a way which is convenient to your lifestyle, which is why our coffee comes in a variety of forms, including our coffee pods. We love the nuanced notes of our coffee, powerful enough to hold its own against the heat of a liqueur.

What is coffee liqueur?

In simple terms, coffee liqueur is a spirit flavoured with coffee. A distilled spirit is combined with coffee and sugar to create a sweet tipple that is full of fresh coffee flavours. Typically, rum or vodka forms the base of coffee liqueur. As these fiery spirits do not have an overpowering flavour, they allow the delicate notes of coffee to shine through, whilst still providing some alcohol warmth. 

We’ve put our own spin on a classic coffee liqueur by adding cream. Our Velvetised Espresso Martini Cream Liqueur combines vodka, espresso, white chocolate and cream. To achieve the silkiest results we velvetised our mixture, creating a liqueur that goes down more smoothly than most.

Although you might be slightly concerned about the addition of white chocolate – coffee liqueur is, after all, a typically sweet spirit – we’ve added it to capture a subtly aromatic flavour. Instead of being too sweet, ours has a distinctive taste that has more depth than your average bottle.

Can you drink coffee liqueur straight?

Yes! Coffee liqueur is perfect for drinking both neat and stirred into other beverages. If you are drinking it straight, make sure you choose a high-quality bottle: cheaper brands may be overpoweringly sweet or carry an artificial coffee taste. You can either choose to shot it, pour it into a warm glass or splash it over ice.

Can you put it in coffee?

Again — yes! Try adding in a shot or two (or however much you fancy) to your coffee. We suggest stirring it into an Americano, latte or cappuccino. If you’re feeling extra indulgent, top with whipped cream and a swirl of caramel sauce.

Coffee liqueur for an Irish coffee

Other ideas

Indulgent, decadent flavours mean this drink is as delicious to eat as it is to drink.


Coffee liqueur is well suited to a cocktail. The most obvious option is a White Russian, made famous by the layabout Dude in The Big Lebowski. Coffee liqueur, cream and vodka are combined and mixed with ice. Our coffee liqueur already contains cream, but you may wish to add in a dash more to achieve that characteristically white colour.

For a tipple that’s slightly sweeter and lighter, combine coffee liqueur with amaretto and cream to create your own Toasted Almond. This nutty, fragrant drink can be made stronger with a dash of vodka.

If you’re a dessert devotee then try your hand at a Carrot Cake Shot. Irish cream, coffee liqueur and butterscotch schnapps combine to create a delightfully creamy shot. Cream cheese frosting and crushed walnuts adorn the rim of the shot glass to recreate that authentic carrot cake tang. Serve alongside our Carrot Cake Selectors for even more authenticity.


Cakes, bakes and puds can all benefit from a splash or two of coffee liqueur. For a simple dessert that goes one step further than an affogato, pour a generous amount into an espresso and serve alongside vanilla ice cream.

Tiramisu might be the most obvious dessert when it comes to making puds with coffee liqueur, but it also has its uses elsewhere. Pour over sponge fingers for a coffee and chocolate trifle, dash into a chocolate mousse, glug into a brownie mixture or drizzle into a chocolate and cream mix to create your very own tipsy truffles

You can even whip a shot or two into buttercream to decorate and fill cakes with – just make sure it’s for an adults-only gathering.

Hotel Chocolat alcohol

At Hotel Chocolat, we like to think that we know a thing or two about mixing our own tipsy concoctions. Although you might think of us as being chocolate connoisseurs only, we equally pride ourselves on our mixologist knowledge. We own two bars and regularly serve a selection of chocolate-inspired beverages for you to sip on. 

If you’re new to drinking coffee liqueur then we suggest trying our Velvetised Espresso Martini Cream Liqueur first. Sweet and creamy – but never sickly – this tipple boasts delicate coffee notes that will satisfy you without overpowering your tastebuds.